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  1. Was going to fly up for this match if it were on the Saturday. Ah well, will just have to console myself with an evening of heavy drinking with some fellow London based Buddies at the Famous 3 Kings...
  2. Had my head in my hands expecting a late winner for Hibs. Glad to hear that final whistle. Onwards and upwards!
  3. Sad as it seems, there will be a good few of us at the Famous Three Kings (right at West Kensington Tube) watching the the Renfrewshire Derby in Gaelic on BBC Alba this Friday. Feel free to pop along if you're in or around London.
  4. Really really sorry to hear about Graham's passing SMFCOK. My thoughts will be with you and the rest of the family tomorrow. Actually, seeing that picture reminded me that Graham gave my sister and I our first Saints scarves back in around '86 I'd guess. I certainly had mine on at the '87 Cup Final - and it's still my favourite scarf almost 30 years on.
  5. Getting married on the 1st August - so hopefully not then!
  6. Selfishly I'll be gutted if we go down because it'll mean fewer (if any) trips to the Famous Three Kings to watch Saints' televised games. Our promotion in the 2005-6 season coincided with me actually enjoying being down in London - and I've made a number of right good Buddie mates watching the games down here over the years.
  7. Just phoned Mary D's and they're open tomorrow night. Will head there then.
  8. My train from London gets in about 4.30, so was planning on a few pre-match refreshments. Is there a particular boozer that everyone's heading for? If not, any suggestions?
  9. Well, if you fancy watching him closer to home, the London St Mirren Supporters Club normally watch our live matches at the Famous Three Kings in West Kensington. In saying that, driving the 450 miles will probably be easier than trying to cross London by public transport...
  10. At least 2 of us coming up from London. A few beers in the afternoon but then the last train back down in the evening at 9.15 though...
  11. Nah - still not registered on Companies House http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//companysearch?disp=1&frfsh=1421082053result
  12. I wonder if the financial standing of these guys was a factor too. A quick search on Companies House shows there's no registered company called "Aspiration Holding Inc,". A "Holding" company is normally one which sits on top of a group - so odd to use that if not even a registered company...
  13. It would ruin the pitch, and the going rate is £250 for 5 mins, duh...
  14. Raging! Booked my flight to come up for the Saturday. Pish.
  15. I don't like the sound of this. The Chilean club investigated by the equivalent of the HMRC it seems... I'm struggling to work out why they want to buy St Mirren. What's in it for them..? http://www.latercera.com/noticia/deportes/2012/08/656-480282-9-triangulaciones-los-nexos-que-unieron-a-duenos-de-rangers-y-san-felipe-con.shtml Union San Felipe and Rangers are the two Chilean teams, according to the Treasury of Argentina, are considered "sports tax havens". For the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP, trans-simile of the Internal Revenue Service of Chile), both sporting institutions are looking for possible tax evasion stemming from the "triangulation" in the transfer of footballers. In this context, come to the fore the names of Richard Pini (Chairman of Talca) and Raul Delgado (helmsman of aconcagüinos), owners of Chilean casts Argentine citizens involved. And although from the beginning have said that among them there are no commercial ties, in the past did have contacts. Indeed, Pini lawyer Delgado wasestablished in 2005 when the corporation that administers Union San Felipe today. This was corroborated by Eduardo Olivares, president of the commission football albirrojo club, in a note to La Tercera in 2010 . "When the company was established, the advisers were here the Pini study, which is an important study of Buenos Aires and I became good friends with them (...). San Felipe has nothing to do. The relationship between Raul Delgado and Pini concluded last year and half. " However, this story appears linked the Argentinean Vicente Celio, current club president Uruguay South America, other clubs investigated by the AFIP in Argentina. Before assuming in South America, Celio was a controversial president of Chacarita Juniors of Argentina. As an example, it is said that his resignation "funebrera" directive consummated through the mail. While leading the Argentine club, Vicente Celio received professional services as a lawyer Richard Pini. The latter, in a interview on Radio La Gloriosa Tricolor (supporter of Chacarita) Splendid said "I was a lawyer, together with the family study that integrates my father and brother, Chacarita club and other clubs." Nevertheless, in the same interview with Celio today maintains that "we only have a friendly relationship." "Many times you ask Vicente consultation because he is a connoisseur of football Argentina and the rise," he added. Moreover, Vicente Celio is remembered in Chacarita Juniors for two major transfers under management: Ignacio Piatti to Saint Ettiene of France and Facundo Parra at Larissa in Greece. The unusual of these operations is that previously his passes were placed in Union San Felipe, institution "triangulated" to both players. And according to the daily profile Argentina , in the transfer of Parra's "joined uni" and was managed by Delgado . In this way, and while currently ensures that there are no ties, it is certain that these past relationships do see more closely the outcome of the research carried out in Argentina related to such transfers.
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