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  1. Like it. Better than those gray walls.
  2. I was a ball boy during Fergies time at St.Mirren. He visited me in Hawkhead hospital. Amazing exciting times at Love St. Great guy and one of my all time hero's.
  3. Why is this idiot talking to himself [emoji848]
  4. Don't agree bud. Allan is a good player going forward. But as the highlights show his defensive work is not so good. Don't think he's a luxury we can afford.
  5. Fine performance except for the first 15 mins of the 2nd half. A point was the least we deserved. Brophy his hard work was relentless and deserved his goal. Don't know what Millar was thinking about for their pen. We should have a pen when Main was tripped on the bye line right below us. Ref had a second half shocker. Like all who was there I thought McCarthy and Shaughnessy were excellent. Still think McCarthy is a far better player than Dunne. Again young Reid done really what a talent fir his age. Great game. Good point at a difficult venue. Coys. PS. Thank you to the St.Mirren fan who paid for my young cousins chips at the pie stall. He only had cash and it was card only. Top man.
  6. I'll beer it in mind [emoji38] sorry I'll get my coat [emoji849]
  7. I'll have a babysham [emoji38] [emoji1787] [emoji23]
  8. I've asked a lot of Saints fans what they think McCarthy done last season to be dropped this season and no one can give an answer. Conor is the best center back at the club. That's not to say I think the others are no good.
  9. Ticket office at SMP open between 5pm to 8pm tonight. Don't know if this is any good to anyone. Hope it is. Coys
  10. There is no etickets for this game that I've heard of bud. As far as I know it's only match day tickets. I'm lucky in one respect that I live 10mins from the stadium. But it's a rubbish situation if you don't live so close and want to attend.
  11. 16 team league I agree with. But SKY won't have that. Their paying the money for 4 old firm games. Their not interested in any other teams. Sad but true.
  12. That was never my point. I understand that. Was the fact fans could only get tickets if the go to the ticket office. Which closes at 2pm or what if your not from the Paisley area and struggle to get to the ticket office.
  13. Aye I know cos that effects tickets and phone lines [emoji848]
  14. Problems with getting tickets could see the worse away support at Easter Road in many a year. Utter shambles. Surely St.Mirren and Hibs must realise not everyone supporting the clubs come from Paisley and Edinburgh. Even our supporters bus is struggling to fill a bus. And that's never happened in recent years.
  15. The David McCallum off Scottish football [emoji38] [emoji1787]
  16. Think it was you who wasn't you at the game if you think Shaughnessy was a bomb scare. [emoji848] not saying hw was MOM. But he did well.
  17. Had no problems entering the stadium. Good 2nd half performance. Just can't stick the ball in the net. Dismal first half. And what about that ref. Its embarrassing to Scottish football that their so Incompetent [emoji15]. Absolutely shocking. Thought our two new signing were excellent. And congratulations to 16 year Dylan Reid. Promising young player.
  18. We were so poor people threw money into the car [emoji53][emoji16]
  19. There both full backs. I'm talking about forward wide players like we had with Ilkay and Dylan Connolly. Not saying Tanser is not a good crosser of the ball. But his job is to defend. Going by your statement both Brophy and Main have been prolific. They haven't
  20. Brophy or Main won't score without decent service from wide. Were that's going to come from who knows. Don't think Goody does.
  21. Season ticket arrived. Nice wee pouch for it as well. Looking to the game on Saturday. Might not feel like that after the game [emoji53] hope we get out first win. Coys
  22. Had a look at Matt on YouTube. Looks a decent player. Shrewsbury fans certainly wanted him to stay. So fingers crossed he does the business. Coys
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