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  1. Might not be ready for our fixture would love to get back in there
  2. Sorry in advance about starting another thread about Tony, but just wondering how the best way to contact him is regarding trying to get a season ticket for my youngest son next year with his walking issues for the West stand and how accomodating they would be within this matter. Any help would be greatful thanks.
  3. What a load off bull, its alcohol that causes trouble not the drum they just dont want an atmosphere at LEGOLAND or monoblock stadium, let the drums in build an atmosphere and lets turn it up.
  4. Will we see the crowd turn up for this game like they turned up for yesterday's final ? This is a must win for us like every other game let's just hope Dundee Utd turn up on Wednesday or that's our season
  5. Wondered why my taxi fare went up by a tenner
  6. Heard it was a good day. Maybe it could be a yearly event and have both clubs involved using the stadiums
  7. In agreement with shull here that's why we have an away stand. Its for away supporters not just give them a corner of home stand and we will put some fans in away stand
  8. Yep your right but truth be told your smelly mob has surprised everyone this year. Just need to hope they don't go to bookies lol
  9. Don't know bud I personally have never got the train to Motherwell. But I did a job at that pub and the land lady said all are welcome but her license doesn't allow kids.
  10. Land ladyvin horse shoe bar at Motherwell station is entertaining all buddies without kids on day off final
  11. What you being like this for DMC
  12. All we need is 5 wins and 3 draws and hope Raith Dumbarton and Ayr drop points
  13. By looking at the fixtures yes no one had us down for beating hibs we did no one had us down for going in 1-0 at parkhead but we did, so 6 wins n 3 draws are achievable in last nine games so the answer is yes I might be in fantasy land but for me we can win 6 and draw 3
  14. Just looking at the fixtures from now till last game and Dumbarton have a tough list and Raith even if they both win 1 n draw which looks reasonable then we could still jump them both but we need to not lose anymore games and only have 3 draws which I think could be achievable
  15. Wouldn't mind something made up using runrigs protect and survive
  16. Would you rather Mr Rogers come out and say that's why there at the bottom off the championship they are the worst team in Scotland ?. He came out and said what he said because he saw what we all saw a team fighting and working hard from first whistle to last
  17. Believe we are the only team this season to have went to the tattie bowl and attack them in first half believe it shocked them at first but as a few have said it was always going to be along second half but the boys played brilliant. The score doesn't do the justice played better than what the scoreline was
  18. Well done you have a PhD but Jr has a SMG
  19. We've got Stevie got Stevie got Stevie mcginn he's better than john and brother Paul too. To the tune of rocking all over the world
  20. So what your saying is you want a big drum instead of a flag lol
  21. I'm not faulting the effort or desire off the team but as everyone knows fatigue kicks in near the end off the season. And we have 10 days with 4 games so tiredness will be a battle in itself with the pkayers , but they are facing a uphill task that we the fans should be encouraging them but we have the usual boo boys when things don't go our way, I ain't having a dig at them but it only sames that the team prefer to play away with our support being in full voice
  22. Don't like predicting how the rest of the season points but looking at that list off fixtures starting with hibs n finishing with hibs I see a possible 21 points that's only if the team are up for it n up for the battle
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