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  1. Our own manager should be getting our SUPPORT right now , we all have our memories just leave it at that
  2. Was good last night his run for the goal was superb, we have not had speed like that in the team for years
  3. Someone seen him on x scape on crutches hopefully a good Sign he's out and about and not in the hospital
  4. I that would be easier , I'm just posting what his brother wanted I'm sure if we acknowledged it in some way he will be delighted
  5. On the 52nd minute could we all sing this as a tribute to the passing of one of our own
  6. Hes the guy we need to teach our young defenders
  7. Heard it through the grapevine. Few reliable sources
  8. I think if we sign langfield and Webster which both look very likely now we will be getting the experience the youngsters need, if we get shankland as well that will be extra help for thommo ,
  9. Says theyre are coos running up and Doon the aisles
  10. In asda as we speak (apparently)
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