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  1. HSS

    Top 5 Soups

    Surprised none of our Greencock mates have been on singing the praises of Electric Soup
  2. HSS

    5 Crap Cars

    You must have bought it from Fatarse Bill
  3. HSS

    5 Crap Cars

    Silver Rovers are very poor starters on the cold mornings
  4. HSS


    What about Bonnie Langford Surely some sort of wind up with her Christian name
  5. HSS

    No Posts All Night

    I met him while dropping off at the Boolin Club.He's got a big day tomorrow with the annual presentation,the highlight of a Presidents term of office He's offered to make my(our)Wedding Cake but I think it'll end in tiers (Grabs slice of cake and fecks off to the bar)
  6. HSS


    I was wanting to see that but I don't like heights
  7. HSS


    Anybuddie know a joke about a coconut dug
  8. And who did the Manky,Chairmenless Diddy Team get in the FIRST Round of the Scottish Cup
  9. HSS

    Jazza On The Ball

    Time for Beer Cheers for the bottle Fergus
  10. HSS

    Jazza On The Ball

    Why should you,it's not as if you are employed by them
  11. HSS

    Jazza On The Ball

    Naw,was talking to someone who was at her celebration party tonight. She's selling the car for £5000
  12. HSS

    Jazza On The Ball

    My names not WYD...................... Clare won it
  13. Can't be much fun for Mrs BVB and the 2 little BVBs having to look at that all round the house
  14. Do you understand this one??
  15. Aye,good for you Joe.Award yourself a chocolate watch.
  16. HSS

    Oor Tv Is Deid...

    TV numbs the mind and I would stop it all together,except for the childrens programmes Get your old piano dusted down Ching. I SAID............................
  17. HSS

    Block Pop Ups

    Stop looking at porn
  18. The M*rt*n team had a night out in Cafe Borgia after that game. Let's just say it didn't last long
  19. I hear NSS does a fine version of "My Ding a Ling"
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