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  1. We did blow a great chance, I was just suggesting that the away win against the Czechs wasn’t as good as it looks on paper. Anyway, if this time last week we were offered the scenario of qualifying for next year’s Euro’s and losing these 2 games I think most would have taken it.
  2. True, although the team we beat in the first game was mostly their under 21s and some not even that
  3. For me the best team in the group finished top I think we deserved to finish above Slovakia & Israel so fair table at the end.
  4. I would have kept Dykes on - give him a chance to play alongside another forward
  5. Had 3 decent chances in last 5 minutes,
  6. Jack and McGregor add next to nothing in midfield. I like McTominay but not sure he’s a central defender. Jack and McGregor off, Cooper and Griffiths on, stick McTominay with McGinn in the center of midfield Christie behind the front 2. Need 2 goals may as well go for it
  7. Game is live on ESPN+ over here [emoji846]
  8. Big tv for this one, iPad for the Glasgow bragging rights game
  9. First live Scottish game on ESPN+ tomorrow, no prizes for guessing which one.
  10. Looks like the Czechs will need to field a completely different team to the one that played yesterday. A new way to be humiliated awaits.
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