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  1. Full time Brentford 1 West Brom 0 - no updates on other big game of the day as yet
  2. 1-0 Brentford, don’t know about FS and Yflab
  3. Win today and they’re right back in it especially if Fulham can win at Leeds tomorrow.
  4. Brentford Vs West Brom? Having suffered the West Brom Birmingham game last week it can’t be any worse than that.
  5. Haven’t really paid attention to it, do they stop the clock when they do the cooling break? Thought they must do as only added 3 minutes but not certain.
  6. As I said hope I’m wrong but if Sky/BT or whoever offer enough money it may happen.
  7. Hope I’m wrong but have a feeling we’d better get used to it. There’ll be a couple of thirty second “messages from our sponsors” to watch rather than seeing the players having a drink.
  8. Early goal for Everton to make it interesting to see how Liverpool react.
  9. Not asking for it back but am asking you not to speak unless spoken to
  10. just as well you didn’t tell me where to find it, poor first half. Can only get better
  11. Have to record this one as I’ve a meeting from 3.30 to 4.30 - City should win especially looking at the Arsenal team. 3-1
  12. It doesn’t hold anywhere near 17,000.
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