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  1. Renfrew drew 0-0 at St Roch’s
  2. Puts a game of football into its proper perspective
  3. Hope not, still waiting on him picking me up
  4. I’ll go too if you can pick me up on the way
  5. Yeah, dodgy penalty (surprise surprise). Went to bed after that.
  6. 0-0 after 90 mins. 2nd half same pattern as 1st. Extra time coming up.
  7. 0-0 Half time. Almost all Mexico, no chances for the Duck. Putting in a good shift off the ball though.
  8. Full time Haiti 3 Canada 2. Well done to the Duck and the rest of the Haitian team. Will be Mexico or Costa Rica in the semis.
  9. Fantastic assist by the Duck. You tube it when you get up in the morning. 3-2 Haiti.
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