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  1. 1-1 penalty stupidly given away and should have been saved by the goalie
  2. BRLIVE showing the game for $2.99 - you will need to sign up though, all you need is an email address. Works on the web and by downloading the app.
  3. BRLIVE over here showing the game for a reasonable price of $2.99 - same for Sunday.
  4. Aye, but Killie apparently only won because the referee gave them a penalty that they needed. Like that’s never happened before.
  5. Before yesterday I would have said 2 from 6 but Petershill look gone and Cumnock now look just about safe.
  6. Petershill lost 4-0 to Pollok. Cambuslang 9-1 down to Talbot. Unfortunately Kilbirnie won 1-0 at Kilwinning.
  7. Whoever the hell Rendero are
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