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  1. Jules went as Elvira...........
  2. Yeah Jules became a regular in the LP after Paddy’s closed.
  3. A great friend of Farmer John...........who had the best thread on here I picked No60 and her friend up at the airport at 7 am and took them to the Bar Point for drinks 😂
  4. There was also Jules,can’t remember her user name, and was there not a Rowan popped in for a while?
  5. I’m guessing Firhill 🤔
  6. They boys are my Father in Laws neighbours I always tip my hat to them when I’m up there
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56250355
  8. Just had a 2nd look and there is a wee clue that it’s you 😎
  9. Whoever filmed that seriously needs to see a doctor about their breathing problem 😤
  10. Don’t think retail was ever part of the plan.If I remember correctly downstairs was earmarked for community use in a PACE sort of way. Upstairs was to be flats or offices,they applied for both in their planning application as they hadn’t decided what would be most profitable............but the whole thing has ground to a halt in last couple of years.
  11. The title could never be won against us,one of our more knowledgeable posters got it wrong again.
  12. It’s been like that for ages Was meant to be offices or flats upstairs but it has come to nothing
  13. Paper talk about Lambert going to sellic.I don’t think the,self proclaimed,greatest fans in the world would be too happy with that
  14. Nothing to do with performance..............., https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55820450
  15. Strange timing as after a poor start Ipswich are now a bawhair away from the play offs 🤔
  16. Did he no end up under the patio?
  17. I didn’t know that and,like FS,I’ve never heard of him ✂️
  18. I think Big Quaner will be getting a wee phone call from the compliance officer ☹️
  19. Check out his interview............ https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56135019
  20. Peter away to Ayr Utd on an emergency loan
  21. And the rest Tommy. I always laugh when I see your big mate in Gallowhill.......he used to have hair half way down his back but,like yours,it’s disappeared 😂
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