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  1. Just googled and saw an article that 4 clubs; 2 prem, one championship (utd) and an English club in for him.
  2. Carson rumours? Oh dear, we loosing our first choice keeper?
  3. New training gear is smashing so if it’s anything to go by, the kits could be crackers
  4. Shame, I quote liked the joma stuff and seems we had it bespoke also. Wonder if the new deal will be that also.
  5. After speaking to you yesterday @Callum Gilhooley- I’ve been searching but found nothing!
  6. A suicidal pass from Kiltie who then commits the fowl cost goal 1. We loose the ball and bad challenge for the red card. Poor attempt at clearance leads to second - really only ourselves to blame for this tonight - because Aberdeen are also looking shite (just a bit less shite)
  7. What a strange feeling. We get our best finish since 85, I can’t help but feel deflated after that performance. And Small, wtf was he thinking?! anyway - we achieved it, should be happy, I guess.
  8. Both nervous and excited for tomorrow. Feels like a cup final…. I believe in this squad and management team!
  9. Seen a lot of posters etc, from the OP, something seems really off. Hope he turns up safe.
  10. SR & his team have really transformed our club. There’s belief and a buzz around us that hasn’t been there in the top flight for many a year. im one he proved wrong and delighted he did! coys
  11. I had a shocker. 😂😂 didn’t realise until 12 that the games the following week. 😂
  12. With Dunne our, it fit, would like to see big Joe get the nod. The new fella is a bombscare. Will be watching but I think a draw is the most likely outcome. Maybe Watt will show something against his old club tomorrow?
  13. I’d imagine we need to go Carson Strain/Fraser/Gallagher/Small Flynn/Kiltie/Ball boy/a steward Watt/lassie from the pie stall
  14. Ok, so Dunne, Shaugnessey, Baccus, Gogic, Main, Ayunga, grieve and Tanser all out. so our defence, midfield and attackers - effectively first team, all out. Ffs. Glad I’m having a pint pre match for a change 😳
  15. Injuries are a real worry Dunne/Tait out much longer anyone know?
  16. That’s a real sore one and a huge blow. Saturday against county is a huge match if we realistically want to fight for top 6. key issues; Taylor - awful. Injuries to forwards leaving us short there.
  17. Stream decided to pie it - so maybe the universe telling me to stop watching
  18. I don’t know about staying on line but he should have done better - didn’t seem a great strike on goal, looked saveable
  19. Sorry I typed this before 2nd goal. I’m on a delay and only saw it was 2-0 before the actual goal looks like we have shat the bed ti go 4th again lol
  20. Said the same before the game, Taylor was a bomb scare at the weekend and he’s continued that again.
  21. Maybe he won’t…. One slice of humble pie I won’t be eating
  22. That’s my concern! Why is Joe (if fit) not getting the nod? Taylor doesn’t fill me with confidence…. However - I said the same about SR at the start of the season so happy to be proven wrong (again)!
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