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  1. My deepest condolences. I know both her and her husband and my heart goes out to him and the whole family. So tragic.
  2. Neither did I! Seems to have flown below the radar that one. Interesting proposal!
  3. Buddie stupid team selection and Buddie strange tactics
  4. Great post Fras. Its not very often we get sensible, reasoned arguement that doesnt decay into personal insult. You sound like the kind of chap that 10000hrs need standind tall at the turnstiles handing out leaflets and educating the supporters who lean more toward apathy!
  5. I will, if/when I find them. Tweeting is not part of my tinternet repertoire,
  6. Div, Any chance of a B & W army journalistic piece on the ins and outs of last night? I couldn't make the meeting and ive been trying to decipher the ins and outs on the various threads but im getting lost in the child like uninformed debate that is both the strength and downfall of free speech.
  7. either that or he was having a shit
  8. Correctomundo. That is why we need not pay attention to this Animal character and his numerous aliases.
  9. Someone say something interesting

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    2. Kendo


      But you promised ............ I've got it in writing. We could go for a pint tonight and celebrate our nations victory.

    3. shull


      Aye okay, when we win the Scottish Cup again.

      1926 prices

    4. Kendo


      Thanks shull, to think that there are some on here who think you are miserable. You have shown that you do have a kind heart.

  10. Getting involved is good, right anyone got anything else to talk about?
  11. Are we going over all this old ground again? The meeting on Thursday night was a "Members" meeting. If you wish to know what happened at the meeting then you should have joined and attended! The details of the cic need not be poured over on here again.....
  12. Very true Div, Furthermore if our team can keep up this fantastic form and the "feel good" factor remains for a while yet then that alone may add a few numbers. The difference in demand for seats on our supporters bus is an indicator that St Mirren fans are re-energised by this! Long may it continue!
  13. Well said. I really hope this is true, its already been a great start and this takeover being completed along with 3pts at Tannadice would be fantastic for our club.
  14. I can't wait for tonight now. Come on Ye Saints

  15. Why yes Bluto it would and if we ever do then I would vote for RA! RA FOR MAYOR!
  16. If Paisley ever needs a mayor then I would vote RA!
  17. Is the person who had the foresight and ingenuity to bring about the first cic football takeover in Scotland be the best person to be the first chairman and to steer the good ship St Mirren through those initial unchartered waters? Probably!
  18. To be fair, this poll won't really mean much. Many of those who will vote will never be members of the cic so they will never get to cast a vote in the real world. Bring on the first real cic vote. I can't wait to see it all unfold for real!
  19. I agree David, indeed as a cic member we NEED to know. But we don't need to know what the "conditions" are at this early stage. After the cic people have agreed to the conditions and its going to be accepted then the cic membership should (and im sure will) ne told. But we don't need to know what conditions smisa have attached to the offer just yet, as it stands that for smisa members.
  20. I notice Animal/Yul has failed to answer you Mr Zo. He probably doesnt have a proper answer! One of the huge positives about the cic is the democratic decision process (that Smisa also appear to have) that negates these lone "lunatic" voices. As ive said before Smisa are a great organisation run by very decent and capable people. The fact that Smisa have shown support for the cic after undoubtedly doing research is a huge indicator that the cic WILL be very good for St Mirren fc. Well done to Smisa, I am very interested to see what the conditions are (as a cic member) but as a non smisa member I don't deserve/need to know just yet. As a member of the cic (when it all starts up) im genuinely pleased that Smisa will be on board.
  21. Isnt it great how everyone just gets along on here?

    1. Otto Repoman

      Otto Repoman

      Indeed, f**kface......

    2. bluto


      EveryBuddie except Jenks, it seems...

  22. Is it just me or is Billyg the least popular poster on here?

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    2. billyg


      Is loitering no longer an offence ?

    3. scottd
    4. jimdickloyal


      Poor misunderstood Billyg!

  23. Is it just me or is Faraway the least popular chappie on here?

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    2. billyg


      My age , haw haw. You've got the brain of a 3 year old

    3. santaponsasaint


      a know stcks and stones

    4. jimdickloyal


      Ah Gray...there you go with the personal stuff again......unable to rise above it!

  24. AGM this evening in the BULL INN at 6pm follwed by some entertainment. Just in case you didnt know!

    1. Otto Repoman

      Otto Repoman

      Any restrictions regarding religion.......?

    2. jimdickloyal


      Now now Bill.....you stick to the jokes

    3. mabus marules

      mabus marules

      Couldn't make this as on the bus on the way up somebody left a jobbie in the back seat and we had to turn back. I wasn't bothered but the jobbie winked at me when I barred him from our bus, him a member tae.

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