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  1. My only worry is the mental toughness required at parkhead might just take its toll on the players fitness. Let's hope the boys can do us proud. Would a point be a disaster?
  2. Lennon quoted as saying his team were tired after beating hearts so let's hope we are fit enough to take advantage. Beating Ayr was a terrific result but if we win this the confidence levels will surely rise. We can stay up without the agony of a play off if we believe in ourselves and keep putting pressure on the team directly above us.
  3. Hiya Jimmy, I'm in town on St John's rd. I too was one of the buddies on the black and white easy jet special for the league cup final!
  4. Born in Glasgow, brought up in ibrox. Followed the buddies home and away from1976 until I came here in 1984. Always love the fact that I was saved from a miserable knuckle dragging existence. Actually I've no knuckles left, I've chewed them off following the buddies
  5. I remember the optimism Ally McLeod generated prior to the 1978 world cup and I was among the 30,000 plus eejits who went to hampden just to see the team off. Unrealistic? Maybe, but the feeling of optimism will stay with me forever. Who cares that we didn't win it, the journey was unforgettable. Go Tony Fitz !!!
  6. Asked by a Glaswegian interviewer if he would continue performing, Sir Cliff replied "I have to make a living doll".
  7. Thankfully I'm not subjected to this shite down here. However I have a nice solution to the contentious issue of marches; let them march wherever and wherever they want, but they are only allowed to play nursery rhymes.
  8. Some are using the excuse that Hibs had waited 114 yrs for the cup win hence the exuberance. I didn't see one 114 year old run onto the pitch to celebrate. It would have made interesting viewing if there had been.
  9. Everyone knows that Rangers cannot handle defeat. As soon as Hibs scored their winner there was always going to be casualties. Dopey Hibs fans running on the pitch played right into their hands. Condemnation of hooliganism should be a given. There can be no defence of either Hibs or Rangers fans. I felt very sad for our society that yet again we will be portrayed as an uncivilised and backward race. I was in Glasgow last week visiting Family and was walking through Glasgow green on a beautiful day. A pipe band was practicing as I walked along the Clyde and I admit I was moved by the beauty of the moment. I then walked out of the green right into a republican march and all my melancholia was shattered in an instant by the marchers and their followers who really were a race apart. A real blight on a beautiful day. Will it ever get better? I hope so but I won't hold my breath
  10. Probably been said before but the uptake would probably be greater if the team was performing better. Some good early signing news might boost things a bit. It's also time for Fitzy to do a Fergie and get out and sell the club to the masses. We have a huge fan base but few with enough enthusiasm to promote us. I bang on about us every day but that's not much use here as no one wants to invest in a proper team.
  11. (here we go) you certainly nailed that one
  12. Going by the highlights, if we had a bit more composure in our finishing we would have won comfortably. Confidence can take time to grow especially after our car crash of early season. There seemed to be a bit more urgency and purpose with the players understanding their respective roles. That in itself is an improvement. Ever the optimist, don't write off 4th place just yet! Sadly I won't get to a game this season, maybe that's a good thing. God I miss the fitba'!
  13. Down here the Shops/ bars taxis etc accept notes from anywhere in the uk and other channel islands. No questions no fuss no embarrassing situations. The reluctance/ refusal to take notes from Scotland etc in England has always been an opportunity to score a small political point. Thankfully the system here gives two fingers to such pettiness and recognises that sterling is sterling.
  14. Storm natikup would be novel
  15. Let's start taking bets on the next storms cringy name. "Jezebel", "Jeremy", " Jesus it's helluva windy"
  16. He tends to dash off his line and his last game in the capital was punctuated with mistakes. This will probably put him in a lower wage bracket.
  17. Loved the commentators comment on Mallans goal " that puts a gloss on the scoreboard". Now that's what you call a lovely finish.
  18. Heard that Tommy the groundsman brought his pet parrot when he was preparing the pitch to make sure it wasn't waterlogged. The parrot actually helped. As Tommy said " polyunsaturates the pitch for me"
  19. Never mind predicting the score, it's more fun watching predictive text!
  20. Hope they don't lurpak the defence or we'll never score
  21. Nearly greetin' listening to that! Brilliant bbbbbbbbbrilliant oh when the saints..................
  22. To have Fitzy as the public face for St Mirren is a great thing. This man knows how to relate to people and he is sure to attract attention to the club for all the right reasons. Crucially he understands the supporters of our great club and he will treat his role with dignity and care. Welcome home my Son, welcome home
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