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  1. Whilst part of me agree,s I would rather St Mirren were further up the league , and playing the game in the same spirit as the rest of the league than see us isolated at the bottom , because of gentlemanly ideals that other clubs chose to ignore.
  2. thanks for sharing research lads . Bit that confuses me though is groups owning two teams, Romanaov had Hearts and Kaunus , and Dundee United are actively trying to buy a team in Austrailia ,
  3. That should be the case , but I,m tired of seeing us get players sent off for nothing , and players booked for their first offence , whilst opposition players seem to be able to commit a number of bookable tackles against us , before one of them actually gets booked.
  4. I thought that too , also for the sending off offence , the camera focusses on a different angle , with the crowd in the background ( who had the best view ) , not one of them got off their seat and shouted at Arquin after the challenge.
  5. Mallans goal against Dundee was exceptional and probably attracted a lot of Scouts to watch him , but his goal against Ross County was also exceptional , in so much that it was the dying minutes of the game , he the the youngest player on the park , had been playing in a team a man down for the previous hour , and he still had the energy to burst forward into a goalscoring position , and score the winner . Must have a fantastic attitude , which might be the thing the seperates those that get the big money move and those that don,t
  6. I,m wondering if the Spanish club are in a wee bit of debt , and there is very little cost involved , and its just a matter of taking over the running of the club at very little cost . I,m being very optimistic here , but we have a very decent set up , and with modest investment and the right contacts , we could be playing in Europe , which would create a wider audience for the youngster the Argentinians hope to bring to our club.
  7. Its not about them wanting Ross County to stay up . They just hate us . And there are several more names that should be on that list.
  8. Its not cheating , its being streetwise , its not diving , its about exaggerating the pain caused by a foul tackle , and trying to get the opposition players booked , we are terrible at it , but every team uses that tactic against us.
  9. Noticed they never put the microphone on the ball for McLeans " goal " against Motherwell , or try and use it on the Aerquin sending off , when it looked like Arrquin may have played the ball . Perhaps , St Mirren as a team , should start this play acting lark , and try to get others sent off.
  10. I think that too Mark , but whats interesting is that when you see it for the second time from the angle with the stand in the background , you don,t see one Ross County supporter get off his seat and shout at Arquin fot the bad challenge or try and encourage the ref to book Arquin
  11. Of all the things that's happened re the club takeover , the person that has impressed me most is the person who asked Div to put his statement on this site , he gave us his name , shared his vision for the club , and come across as a genuine football person , it would seem that most of that consortium were from the North East of England , and there was a wee bit of logic for them wanting to be involved with St Mirren . ( what involvement does £1.5 get you in a football club in England ) . Desperate for something to happen soon , and also disappointed that a very hard working BofD , might be remembered for stuttering over the sale of the club , and relegation , rather than transforming a debt ridden club , into a saleable product.
  12. McAvennie on his full league debut v Airdrie
  13. Googled Graeme Redpath , and if its the guy who owns Bedlington Terriers FC , he actually sounds a right football minded person , who has done a good job at Bedlington . ( might not be him though )
  14. Argentinian footballers and third party ownership seems quite common , seem to remember West Ham getting into a lot of trouble with having Mascherano and Tevez , so I hope our perspective new owners know what they are doing , a lot to be exited about , a lot to be nervous about , but please something happen , so we can get enthusiastic about following the Saints
  15. A Ted McMinnesque type player who sometimes doesn,t know what he,s doing himself , works hard and is often the loan striker , but has a bit of muscle about him and will be hard to play against , and who also might create the spaces for our midfielders to get scoring chances , thinking he,s the type of player who might respond from the crowd getting behind him , Good Luck Yoann
  16. Thinking of planning a wee away day
  17. Don,t know what position he plays but if he,s a fast left winger he,ll do nicely
  18. Probably 21,000,000 if it takes more than a day to count
  19. Very much my thoughts , also it could be likely that one or two new board members would take on responsibility for contracts , and maybe another for scouting players in England . The club badly needs a Board of Directors and a five year plan , otherwise we could end up losing a lot of fans
  20. Well done Graeme Redpath for sharing this, and some of his ideas , and also making us aware of some of the parties wishing to be involved in purchasing the group. With regards to , New Manager , Assistant Manager , Director of Football , European scouting facility , whats wrong with that ? Why shouldn,t a club like ours have these ? Though I suspect , some of these jobs would have been carried out by members of the new board. Hoping a deal can be done soon so we can progress .
  21. Wondering if its the Graeme Redpath involved in Bedlington Terriers ?
  22. I,d take him , as he would allow us to get the best out of McLean and McGinn , big awkward player who can beat a man , and who might enjoy playing for us., would be offering him a massive salry though.
  23. Think you called it spot on Just read the statement from the English based group hopefully goodtimes ahead but reckon the English group were moved from plan A to plan B , and played like a fiddle , whilst the Argentinians , expressed an interest , looked elsewhere and then came back.
  24. So how will your bet go if Amada is appointed Director of football or Head Coach or something , and Teale is appointed manager ?
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