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  1. Thought the penalty was cheesys fault. He was standing off the attacker far too much.
  2. she`s certainly an old f**kin crow !
  3. Near enough ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRi8MYrtKYk
  4. What , like a f**kin monday ? yeh thats a great idea , why did no one think of that before ?
  5. I was going to respond to that previous post but yours sums up just about everything i wanted to say. btw, fwiw, i dont think thommo has been half as good this season,he looks tired & jaded at times but think how much shit we`d be in if we didnt have him !
  6. the full backs did not perform to their usual high standards defensively on sunday, but i feel that they were left isolated on far too many occasions, the right & left midfield were anonymous at times, leaving the speedy utd wingers lots of space to run at our defence.
  7. FFS !! Are you serious ?? Kello, outside of lurch @ septic Kello is IMO the best keeper in scotland & McGinn ?!?! away & have a word wi yersel`
  8. He probably chose not to play for them coz he didnt like that daft wee dance they do Just a f**kin daftie !
  9. Was snowing pretty hard when i drove past earlier tonight. Should we get the St.Bernards ready just in case ?
  10. Dont worry , help is on the way ! http://www.foxnews.com/science/slideshow/2012/12/12/man-builds-life-sized-replica-noah-ark/#slide=1
  11. 2nd bottom of the league now. So we dont seem keen to sign enough players & our supply of young players would appear to have stalled somewhat !
  12. This would be the Kiwi Cammy Mather who retired from international rugby because he couldn`t get motivated to play for Scotland ? As shull would say .............. f**kEM !!
  13. Yep the wettest january since 1852. Must be global warming !
  14. Does the Daily Record count ? btw , i dont read it, was just wondering if it counted as a comic ?
  15. Cant agree on that at all. Both have off days , but overall they have been really good this season.
  16. I really dont know much about ruggers, but even i could see we were pish.
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