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  1. It's difficult to recommend one.However, I'll give it a go.Probably, the more recent books are easier to get. Try "Jarka Ruus"(2003) .It's the first of a trilogy which has typical elf/wraith/gnome stuff in it. "Running with the demon" is more modern and is part of the word and the void trilogy.It is ultimately linked to the very first "Shannara" books, which doesn't become obvious until you read his most recent trilogy "genesis of Shannara". FWIW I read books more as "bubble gum for the mind" and for straight out entertainment.I don't really like non-fiction [although I have read a few biographies/autobiographies for some of my favourite comedians] and literary "classics" don't do anything for me either. I just have this feeling that our respective expectations from reading a book might be a tad different.
  2. Fair enough. As much as I enjoyed the Lord of the rings films,I did try to read the books years before, but found them to be overly verbose and I hated the poem type verse things that interspersed the story. Out of interest CC,which of Brooks' novels have you read that has led you to the conclusion that his books are boring? P.S.former learning support pupils should feel free to ignore this post as the references to literature may short circuit their cerebral cortexes.
  3. Findo Gask appears in all of "The word and the void" trilogy and the "Genesis of Shannara" books. They may be pish in your opinion, but I've read all of Brook's books and IMO they are not pish.If you like fantasy type novels then you'll find his books enjoyable.However if you don't like fantasy type novels or you're a failed politician, then apparently you won't. Terry Brooks' books
  4. Much nearer the truth...............................
  5. Father Ted Green Wing Max and Paddy's road to nowhere My name is earl St.Elsewhere
  6. FTOF

    Paisley Pubs

    In the PDE today that a replacement for O'Neill's has been lined up already. Someone who is already involved in the licensed trade in Paisley apparently.
  7. William Orbit - Water from a vine leaf.
  8. If I wanted to be pedantic it's actually The album - Nobody's heroes. The song is titled Nobody's Hero. P.S.It was "At the edge" that was the song that was playing as I typed.
  9. Nobody's Heroes - Stiff Little Fingers
  10. Met Stirling yesterday.Was telling me that they're both in different bands now.
  11. Correction Lappin's delivery can be exceptional. Unfortunately of late the majority of his crosses have fallen short of the standard he is capable of. Wilbur is correct though.Generally our midfield is not supporting our strikers.
  12. I agree,but for me it was the start of their decline into "popular" music.
  13. Not a patch on "Inflammable material".
  14. I got the Damned's greatest hits for £4 in Asda today. I got The best of The Ruts last month for £5 from Amazon.
  15. FTOF

    Microsoft Hotmail

    I actually fired off an e-mail to their help site(?) and got couple of replies telling me that they were working with AOL to sort out some sort of problem. Didn't hear anything after that though. Might contact them again to see if they've sorted anything out.Highly unlikely I'd imagine.
  16. FTOF

    Microsoft Hotmail

    Anybody else with Hotmail have problems sending e-mails to AOL addresses? Problems = not being able to send e-mails to AOL addresses.
  17. FTOF

    Paisley Pubs

    The Bob Inn/Stringfellows (Demolished- Now petrol station on Gr**n%ck Road) There was also a pub next to the bridge at the corner of Harbour Lane in the late eighties.Can't remember its name, but it became a club called Threads then subsequently a Mexican restaurant.It was/is a nursery callede CoCo's?
  18. 1. Pizza (usually chicken and mushroom) 2.Pakora (Veg or Chicken) 3.Crisps and dips 4.Asda mini pies (Chicken curry and the ordinary ones) 5.Asda spicy mini sausages
  19. 1.Coronation street 2.Lost 3.24 4.Frasier 5.Heartbeat
  20. FTOF


    It appears to be down.
  21. Last five- The Crystal gorge - David Eddings A Stroke of midnight - Laurell K. Hamilton The Da Vinci code - Dan Brown The Grey man - Graham Masterton All fun and games until somebody loses an eye - Christopher Brookmyre
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