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  1. To me, this a priority. The defence looks nowhere near as solid as it did last season. Getting McCarthy back alongside our Captain would improve the situation markedly IMO. like it or not, Fraser is not as good a defender as McCarthy. He doesn't have the presence or strength that McCarthy does. I know McCarthy went off the boil a wee bit to the end of last season, but I thought that most of our players did. For me he adds a bit of calmness to the defence that has been missing so far. I don't know whether we'll ever go to a back four. The manager seems pretty set in his mind that we're going 3-5-2. If we did, go back four it would have to be with Tait/Dunne at LB. Otherwise, if we stick with 3-5-2, then it would be Fraser or new RWB, with McCarthy/Shaugnessy/Dunne/Tanser. We'll see soon enough whether the manager is too stubborn to plug the gaps. I think that it's also quite noticeable that Power, who I think has done well, needs more help in the midfield, with either McPherson or Erhahon supporting him.
  2. Quite worrying that Goodwin was outthought by a dumpling like Neilson.
  3. Back from the Highlands. A lot drier where I was than it was down here by the sounds of it. Apparently getting staff is a huge problem. Everywhere is struggling. the hotel that I stayed in paid their staff full wages through lockdown. All the staff have continued to work, but the person I spoke to is contracted normally for 22 hours per week, but is currently working 45 hours. Big problem, apart from Covid, is no EU nationals to work in hotels. Level 2 restrictions in place, to reduce chances of staff getting Covid or any track and trace event. Hotel would probably be in danger of closing if either of these scenarios unfolded. Even with restrictions all but going tomorrow, the hotelier doesn't plan to change much, other than to scrap the one way system in the bogs and put bottles of condiments on tables. The good news is that they are booked solid for overnight stays and evening meals. If you're up that way, it's very unlikely, if you haven't booked ahead for evening meals, that you'll get a walk in. They turned away 30 people on Friday evening. The other Hotel in the village isn't taking any more evening meal bookings until next Friday, as they are booked solid too.
  4. No. They didn't. I'd be happy if we did this, as long as it didn't impact elsewhere. However, they had enough money to do so. As I said a great gesture. SMISA bought group tickets for the community and there were people moaning about it. I can just imagine the weeping and wailing from sections of our support if we did this at the cost of missing out on key players. You'd probably even get some clowns asking, " Why should work shy bastards scrounging from the benefits system get free season tickets?".
  5. Motherwell borrowed £3 million in government loans compared to our £1.7 million. They also spent £500K + on ground improvements and have paid out transfer fees for Kelly and Slattery, with the former becoming one their highest paid players , if the fans are to be believed. As outlined in the speculation thread they relatively recently brought in £3million for Turnbull and £1.5 million for Scott. Go figure................. A great gesture but not one that we could sustain or organise without making an arse of it.
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    The Aberdeen game is torture. Ramirez knows where the goal is, but otherwise they've been poor.
  7. Brophy and Main are a significant upgrade on the forwards we had last year. I also think that Power is a significant upgrade in midfield and Tanser has been impressive at wing back too. Defence wise I agree.
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    Good finish, but still pish.
  9. FTOF

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    Galatasaray are pish. The Fakes have just played their usual solid game. The 'keeper shat it.
  10. Why let the truth get in the way of errant nonsense?
  11. Looks like that "watched" space has been filled. But while he did approach Hull City for a loan in January, Goodwin says there’s nothing of substance in fresh reports: “I am a big admirer of James Scott. I did make enquiries about him in January. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, we couldn’t get him then. “We have moved in a different direction since. So there is no truth in the rumours that were out there a couple of days ago in the press. I have no idea where they came from to be honest.”
  12. FIFY. Now I can answer. On occasion I can be, but not in this instance.
  13. Maybe it's a typo and should be "Scot inbound". A fair chance of that being correct. There's a first time for everything.
  14. I got bored whilst watching the blue bigot game.
  15. Will just need to start earlier or drink faster. Got to drive the next day, so probably a good thing it closes earlier.
  16. We're off to a hotel in the Highlands for a couple of nights. They are following Covid level 2 measures. No mention of a £20 charge yet! Please rest assured that we are taking every step to provide a safe environment for our guests & staff. With this in mind we would ask you to note three important changes. Firstly, check in time is 3:00pm and check out is at 10:30am to enable deeper cleaning of the hotel & rooms. Whilst Scotland is subject to Covid Level 0 rules we, as the Hotel, will still be operating to Covid level 2 rules. Consequently, we will continue to call last orders at the bar at 9:45 pm so that the lounge bar and other public areas can be vacated by 10:30 pm each night. Finally, for those guests staying for more than one night, we are unable to allow housekeeping staff to enter the rooms during your stay. Fresh towels etc will be provided upon request . Please note it is still mandatory that face coverings be worn whilst moving around the public areas (corridors etc) of the hotel.
  17. I don't think we do. Other than Kenny McLean, players that have left us recently seem to have fetched pretty reasonable fees. Although the fees that they left for were never really officially disclosed, so we'll never really know exactly what they were sold for. Motherwell have hit a purple patch over the past couple of years with their youth players. Having had a search it would seem that there was considerable interest in some of the players and they were on long term contracts. The biggie was Turnbull where there was a very public tug of war between two very rich clubs, in Norwich and the green bigots. Hence the reported £3 million fee. Sold: 19/20: Hastie* (Rangers - summer)(£400K), McKinstry (Leeds - summer) ?), McAlear (Norwich - summer) (£250K), Scott (Hull - January)(£1.5 million) 20/21: Turnbull (Celtic - summer) (£3 million) * - Hastie wasn't really a sale it was a development fee. When we've sold players, we've not really had a bidding war, no real interest from "big" English clubs with money to burn, and most of the players have been nearing or at the end of their contracts. As you can see Hull City appear to have been in "silly season" mode when they paid £1.5 million for Scott, given his likely career path back to Scotland. Maybe with McGrath we might see a true bidding war, given the names of the clubs allegedly interested in him. However, given that he can sign a pre-contract in January we're probably not going to get what he's truly worth. The one that galls me is Erhahon, with a lot of our fans seemingly quite happy to accept £300K. If Josh Doig can entertain bids of several million then Erhahon is worth so much more. To be fair, the club are certainly not underselling Erhahon's value in the quotes that I've seen. I also believe that we'll eventually benefit even more from John McGinn's hugely profitable sell on clause. Just as well we didn't hold out for a bigger development fee at the cost of the sell on clause. I also, think that the self-inflicted fiasco of appointing that f**king useless clown, whose name doesn't deserve mentioning, cost us a fair whack of the McGinn money. £75K for that donkey of a CH was the tip of the iceberg. Otherwise we'd be in a stronger financial position.
  18. Motherwell have paid transfer fees for both Liam Kelly and Callum Slattery. They have also spent £500K on ground improvements. They've sold players, like Scott, for big transfer fees, and have plenty of money apparently.
  19. The facts is that Goodwin stated on TV that we were after an attacker who can play wide. It would seem that the chances of that player being Scott or Middleton seem unlikely, if you believe Douglas McNeil, who has been fairly reliable in the past concerning Saints. It just means that we can start renewed speculation on who it is.
  20. Ali DeFoy joins as Head of Brand Management and Sales (stmirren.com)
  21. Scott must be the player that JG was talking about last week, when he said this:
  22. Signing players that always score against us when in opposition. That usually works out well for us........................................
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