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  1. Heard he had his contract paid up/terminated , he's been home in Langbank for a while.
  2. I'm not admitting it yet , still got a lot to prove !
  3. Who knows ? But he's got longer on his contract than both Main and Greive , and he's a high earner , so he won't be going anywhere !
  4. I , and a few others , were enraged when he was allowed to leave , he was nowhere near the finished article, it was JR who once called him "a project" ! Some of the comments on here ranged from "he'll never kick a ball in the Scottish Premiership" to " he'll be back junior soon" ! These were the same guys who called Jack Baird "a young central defender who'll end up with a big club in England" 😂 Here we are , still desperate for a 15-20 goal striker !
  5. Well he was claiming that not having his own players over a period of 10 games was the main reason for our dreadful form. So 11 games next season with his own side should tell us if he’s got it or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Absolutely , I didn't have much time for him either !
  7. The jury's still out until the end of the first quarter next season. By then , we will all know , one way or another.
  8. I can't watch his interviews , full of soundbites for the masses and the rest is tripe , the only other manager that I couldn't listen to was Tommy Craig.
  9. He's definitely a bullshitter , he always has been. He said there were signs last week , I must've blinked , and missed them. He's managed to scrape a performance together which virtually guarantees safety , after an horrendous run. If that run "with his own players" is replicated next season he'll be a goner !
  10. Always liked Arbroath , my first away game was at Gayfield , so I would like to see them promoted as long as we stay clear of the play-offs.
  11. Keanu Baccus to make St Mirren transfer as ambitious Stephen Robinson plans seal Australia youth cap's signing #smfc | @ScottBurns75
  12. Take Burnley as a current example. Heading for the drop under Dyche , revitalised under an unheard of backroom team. Dyche is a Burnley legend , but had to be jettisoned in an attempt to save the club's status, and it's working so far. The same may apply to us very shortly !
  13. That's the $1m dollar question. Is it a case of the BOD saying that the club simply can't be relegated, so get rid , or is it we've made our bed so we better lie in it ? IMO he should be gone already to give the interim manager a chance to revitalise the squad for the last four. As I said before , the club playing at the highest possible level comes way before any individual !
  14. I would hope that at least the Smisa BOD reps/members are voicing concerns about the teams current plight in the league. For the first time ever , my finger , and a few others , are hovering over the delete direct debit button !
  15. We can't risk relegation though , it's a long expensive way back if we go down , as has been proven before. If we lose at Perth , get him out and let McManus get us points from Dundee and Livingston !
  16. Surprise, surprise !!! We can't buy a win with this eejit in charge , he should have been gone weeks ago , but still we allow him to sign his pals on PCAs and offer his other pal the job of head of recruitment. Get them all to fcuk before it's too late !
  17. I'm not a Robinson fan , but if Morecambe stay up , it'll be with his team. Dylan Connolly was a bit part player with us and I was surprised SR signed him , but he looks to be doing OK under Adams !
  18. If Robinson hasn't sorted things out defensively then we'll lose , simple as that. We are haemorrhaging goals in a way that we haven't done in recent memory. Every team in the run in will fancy some goals against us.
  19. Porteous is suspended next week , two league match suspension and he's only served one so far !
  20. 😳Keith takes on the newly created role following the retirement of Chief Executive Officer Tony Fitzpatrick last month and will be responsible for managing all Club operations as well as assisting the board in setting the overall vision and strategy moving forward.
  21. Last time we lost by four goals at home v them in the league , John Greig , Ronnie McKinnon and Andy Penman were outstanding for them !
  22. Not necessarily , it could all be down to the order of the matches after the split . If we were to lose to St Johnstone , if it's the first game and the gap is three points he'll be under big pressure. Just like when Alec Smith was removed in '88 with a couple of games remaining and we won both to stay up , after 4 defeats and a draw in the previous five games ! ETA , a lot of folk taking a pop at the players , that season we lost 0-6 at home to Hearts in Feb , and under TF in May we won 1-0 at Tynecastle. In the end personalities don't matter , the welfare of the club matters.
  23. Lasley has a degree in business management. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Keith Lasley is the rumour on twitter !
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