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  1. Tickets still available for £30!!!! If you stay beside Hampden why not save yourself the postage. I got my tickets for the South stand for £37. £30 for a competitive Scotland game at Hampden versus £20 for St Mirren v Dumbarton, i know which one i would consider better value for money but don't let that stop you moaning about the ticket prices.
  2. I realise you never mentioned midweek games but my point was that surely its better for kids or people in general to go to hampden for a saturday evening kick-off than a tuesday or wednesday evening when people have school and work the next day, especially if you are travelling from Aberdeen or Dundee. The first game of the last campaign was a 5pm kick off at Ibrox and there were 10-15k empty seats. I can see the point more with St Mirren when we are playing every week and folk can't be bothered with the inconvenience of the later time but if there is only one home game at hampden this year is it really that big a deal for the kick off to be later, especially when its uefa/fifa that dictate and nothing to do with sfa. If the team has a successful campaign then folk will be on complaining when they can't get a ticket, no matter what the kick off time is. (Scotland that is not St Mirren)
  3. Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not. The grounds not exactly in the city centre. Mount Florida on a Saturday night is hardly Beirut
  4. But they would go if it was a midweek game kicking off at the same time? It wasn't that long ago that international games were played on Wednesday nights and it was unusual when there was a Saturday 3pm kick off. Even now with the week of football it'll be rare for the games to be on at the weekend. I'm sure if it was a "big" team the same folk would attend. I guess it's a matter of choice and priorities but i think blaming the kick off time when its the only home competitive game in 2016 is a bit crap.
  5. Fraser, i am a structural engineer and do "homers" for extensions if you need any input into getting a building warrant.

    I have worked with Andy McGrath in the past, mobile no. 07899 875681, email [email protected]

    He stays in at the Old John Neilson school.

    Brian (from B&W Army 8 asides)

  6. Brian h was in your team Brian r ha ha. Think it was Brian c who scored the winner
  7. First three would be the same; 1. Slavia Prague, i was only 8, big game, big night, big crowd 2. Ayr, i was missing the Raith game the next week (best man at a wedding) after having been to nearly every game that season. That was my excuse for participating in the pitch invasion. 3. Motherwell, took my step son and my daughter, £5 entry, again a big crowd. St Mirren never do comebacks like that 4. Raith Rovers away in the Tom Hendrie season. Two late goals to snatch a victory. It was the day i realised we were actually gonna win the league. 5. Hearts semi-final in 87. We were in with the Hearts fans in the North terracing cause my dad though it was a family area. A good place to be when you comeback to score a late winner.
  8. Wales top would be good for an away top. Looks like our 87 away shirt
  9. I've got about 5 or 6 of those in the house at my mums, including this one. £5 a pop, get the holiday booked.
  10. Not of me, but a pic of my eldest daughter after my dad had managed to steal the cup off George Campbell for a few days
  11. " took 40,000 fans to Athens with a ticket allocation of only 17,000 " Really???? So f**k, how many Celtic fans went to Seville? I was in Paris in 1998, among about 30-40,000 Scotland fans for a game where we had less than 5k tickets for the opening game of the world cup. It was the champions league final. Was there any crowd trouble, not sure what point you were trying to make. I have my doubts that you are actually a real person with the shite you spout. You really are a fanny of the highest order!!!
  12. I wonder if dicks on here would have thought it was a waste of taxpayers money if it was their 16 year old son who had been killed going to a football game, due to the incompetence and mistakes of others and then had to read lies about it, for years later, made up by Police and Governments who are supposed to serve the public. I wonder if they would then continue to argue against the legal outcome of the longest running legal case in British history because obviously, they know best. How do you put dicks on ignore?
  13. 100 games big man! well done!! you must be in double figures by now for goals scored too!!
  14. Is the difference in prize money between fifth and eighth not approximately the same as the extra money we're getting from giving the **** more tickets. Just saying
  15. On what basis do i come across as "pretty stupid"? Do want a list of my Higher results, my University Qualifications or my Professional Qualifications? You come across as a c**t. I didn't go to the game today but you spent your Saturday afternoon watching "the third best team in the Championship" playing St Mirren, a team you claim to not support, in a meaningless game and you think i come across as stupid??
  16. Negative condescending pish as usual!! So John McGinn has went backwards since leaving St Mirren and hasn't improved as a player. Maybe he should have went to Sheffield Wednesday like Stevie May or West Brom like Scott Allan. He's 21 and has made his debut for Scotland and outshone Scott Brown and Christian Eriksen in the middle of the park. I never said he was a superstar. I trust Gordon Strachan's opinion of a player over yours. He will get plenty more caps, maybe not in the next World Cup campaign. I'm also sure he will onwards and upwards steadily. B comes after A by the way.
  17. Man of the match on his international debut? Playing every week for Scotland's second best team? Yeah they're both pish eh?
  18. Just in from game. Well played john mcginn, cracking game, tackling, passing, shooting, even picked up a booking in a friendly. Good drive. Re the thread, it's frustrating and a common problem but i don't think there's a debate that he's improved as a player.
  19. Same teams, especially if the bigger goals are back, Nicky and Mark might be able to hit the target
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