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  1. Good thread David. Played in the period when i went to Love Street the most during my lifetime supporting the Saints. He was an exciting, edge of the seat player. Would have been great if he'd still being there in the Championship winning Tom Hendrie team. Kind of player that would probably have made the difference between staying up and being relegated from the Premier League the following season.
  2. I enjoyed the bigger park and thought the surface was better. It was also good having a couple of extra bodies playing and being outside in the fresh air and rain but i hear what Brian is saying and...one of the reasons i was wanting to play at the dome was the thought that i was contributing to the finances of my local team.
  3. Yas. Called it. If I knew how to cut and paste my quote on my phone then I would. But I don't so I won't
  4. Watching the goals and the football played by the under 13's and 14's was impressive. Guardiolas big thing when he took over at barca was that all ages groups, up to the first team should play the same formation, the same style. To me that makes sense. If boys of 13 can pass an move and control a ball then why can a full time player, who trains every day of the week (on ball control?) not do the same. Of course, in the short term, results are the priority but it would seem a shame to be preaching and practising, successfully, one thing at a young age and then changing to "clearing your lines" and "don't Fanny about at the back" for first team full team highly skilled?? Players
  5. We could have a Mark, a Cameron, a David, a Kevin, a Fraser and a Ian in either team...just for the confusion it could cause.
  6. With Gordon Strachan set to name an experimental squad for the March friendlies v Denmark and Czech Republic, there must be an outside chance of ex-Saint John McGinn being named in the full Scotland squad. Would be pleased to see him breakthrough
  7. 26 pages of negative pish written about a game called off due to snow. Mr st mirren rejoins the club and we're sitting at 5 pages. People love a moan eh? The most enthusiastic positive guy in the world. Welcome home tony!!
  8. any chance of a late switch to Pitz? I realise its late in the day
  9. Jamie Fullarton won 18 Scotland under 21 caps in the mid 90's when we (Scotland) had a decent team. He was captain of this team. As a point of reference Kenny McLean has 11 under 21 caps and John McGinn has 6, Martin Baker got 12 and Barry Lavety got 9. Zero Ability??? i don't think so.
  10. Aged 6 First game i remember was the Feyenoord game at love Street in 83?? Gullit and Cruff in same team or at least squad. Stood near the bottom of the North back with my Morton supporting dad, pissin rain. Memory of that one was hazy but i can remember the Slavia Prague and McGarvey's back heel. For some reason we went to the corner beside the main stand. Is that Cairters corner?? I wasn't a big fan of Love Street but it was brilliant on European nights under the lights, seemed more glamorous, good team around the mid 80's and a bigger crowd (5 figures, or at least it seemed)
  11. How about a night out for the second leg of our end of season play-off versus The Rangers???
  12. Normally by this time of year all the saints gear in JD Sports has been reduced by 50%. Is this them trying to recoup losses from last years monstrosity?? I was hoping to get some poorly manufactured St Mirren kit for B&W Army 8's.
  13. I've only seen him 3 times this season but he's strolled through them all and stands out as having a bit of class. Pretty sure he'll bring on Baird playing alongside him every week
  14. First game I've been to since the last game in Greenock; langfields kicking is horrendous, does he practice?? You would think as a coach and someone of 20 years experience he should be able to kick a football in a straight line. I thought Watson, Baird and Webster all had good games. Webster sometimes looks like he's strolling through the game. Carswell played well, breaking up play, harrying and getting an importa foot in often. From the groans around me, it sounds like Agnew isn't that appreciated. To me, he looks like a footballer, he can control and pass the ball but until the end, when the game was stretched, there was little on ahead of him and people seemed to object to a square and backwards pass to feet rather long hopeful punts into the corners. Mcmullan has quick feet but looks like one of those frustrating players who prob has more talent than he shows.
  15. I went to the derby game at cappielow earlier in the season and bought a ticket. At the last minute they changed it to pay at the gate. Given the ticket office is shit today and tomorrow, what's the chances of this being changed to pay at gate also. I don't currently have a ticket
  16. Brian, I'm up for a game we'd nt, if there's space. Brian Hanley. Sorry I tried to text u twice but I'm having difficulties with my phone
  17. I wasn't actually promoting him, but i consider that his years of experience playing and captaining his country at various age groups, playing abroad and at a high level in England, as well as his obvious link with St Mirren and his recent roles in youth development would make him infinitely more suitable for the position than you...and no, i don't want you to name any names, i'm not remotely interested.
  18. With all due respect, I don't really care what you think
  19. Fullarton moved to Spain where he set up his own football academy, running teams from u8 to u19, playing against Spanish lower league professional club's academies. 7 years on the academy is still running with over 200 players in the system and a number having graduated to sign for professional clubs in both Spain and England.
  20. Nothing to do with religion!!! I fail to see the logic behind the comment? I support St Mirren and that wee shit can piss off!!
  21. Can't make it next week (family Xmas commitments), I would agree the handballs and deliberate kicking the ball away is a pain in the Arse. Welcome back David, see you next year
  22. The chump in question has been going to see St Mirren with me since he was 10 (the last 12 years). He has had a season ticket for 2 of the last 3 years. I am unsure as to why you are always on this forum and go and watch St Mirren when you continually state you are not a St Mirren supporter. You go to see Sunderland 4 or 5 times a season, why don't you go and live on their forum and annoy people on there seeing as you're such a big supporter!!
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