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  1. Only if you find Cancer funny too. I don’t.
  2. It’s ok cause the compensation budget was increased by 10%
  3. Well said. Should email the club with this.
  4. Of the 12 players, 9 were loanees returning to their parent clubs and the other 3 are now out of contract, so hardly evicted. Gus brought in to sort out the Stubbs clusterf-ck and will be thanked for doing so. He will now be judged on avoiding a repeat of last year's mistakes and hopefully manages to reduce the number of loan players we need to depend on. It will be difficult unless we get the right type in and some of the 9 may well return.
  5. Same symptoms as I had on PC using Edge and IE browsers, then later tried on laptop using Edge and it worked ok. Your case highlights the inconsistencies in the system and it should be fully investigated and repaired or replaced ASAP.
  6. Earlier issues regarding quick renewal button now seem repaired. Just renewed tickets for next season without issue. Still think whole system requires a rethink and major overhaul
  7. It was once said that success for teams like ours was staying in the premier league. It now seems we can no longer celebrate that success no matter the circumstances
  8. I hope Mr 10% listened to Steve Clarke after today’s Killie game and should we stay up .... take note some things are worth more than money
  9. Not too impressed with Tomorrow's referee pick , Andrew Dallas. Need to keep the head in our penalty area (and just outside it).
  10. I note from the SMiSA AGM minutes item 1 that the Saints fans are rated as the 5th most difficult to police according to Police Scotland. Wonder how that is quantified, not having heard of numerous arrests and banning orders.
  11. https://www.mctears.co.uk/news/Tommy-Gemmell-cup-winning-medal-And-jersey-sell-for-9900-at-auction-/?i=578
  12. The club bought some if not all items. Seen a tweet from someone retweeting Alan Wardrop who was at auction. In fact , read end of original thread which has some details of what happened
  13. However much the players budget benefited,how much was wasted on severance packages? If we survive this season then big lessons need learned from to which he alluded to in his statement. Time will tell on his tenure soon enough!
  14. Maybe the significant income helped move on two players
  15. I am suggesting our average crowds are up this season due to the teams in the league now compared to the last time in the top league Hibs and Hearts bring more than Caley or County did so more than giving away family seats account for the increased average. We will certainly have made more money overall but also wasted a lot of it sadly.
  16. The last season we spent in the top league included Inverness, Ross County, Hamilton and St Johnstone. Teams who brought 4 men and a dog to our ground, no Hibs or Hearts then either so no wonder our crowds this season are up. Sitting in the main stand and been surrounded by "THEM" this season either from the corporate lounge or "sneaky ins", even some using season tickets of non attenders. Any benefit of a few extra bums in the Family stand is lost due to extra costs of policing and stewarding, along with a poor take up of the Special relocation offers available to family standards ( even allowing for the increases in ticket prices). Interesting to see how many attend our next two home games featuring Accies and St Johnstone affect our increased Ave attendance for the season.
  17. These Idiots as you call them still sit among us and uncontrolled, such as it is, in their own allocated areas.
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