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  1. Great comeback from the Conservative party over the last few days with revelations about Boris and Carrie in the FO for BJ,s and the Deputy Chief Whip doing a double groping session with fellow MPs At least he resigned tonight What a time to be alive….. Parrrttttaaayyy PS some suggestions the MP who caught BJ was Gavin Williamson now a Sir 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  2. I will wait a second email with bated breath then
  3. Not stressed about it Over a month to go before first use.
  4. Just checked the email I received and the attachment is of a Barcode and a Thank you letter
  5. Seems the deal maybe back on according to the Sun wont put link up as it’s the sun
  6. Played league snooker many times in there as a visitor, remember one time a match was postponed due to home team members being away in Europe supporting their big team.
  7. Read on Twitter recently when someone asked for opinions on the club prior to possibly joining... Expensive for what you get ie limited availability Lacking in atmosphere ie harsh bright lighting, no music, all a bit sterile Post match slow service and understocked Seems main man somewhat deaf when ideas suggested Again wasted potential but possibly too much hassle
  8. Matchday Mascots (stmirren.com) Maybe a missed opportunity to raise cash. As the link shows it is possible for more that one mascot,indeed have seen games with more than 2. Seen some teams walk out with a mascot per player,so if demand is there,club could facilitate to meet that demand. May be down to a lack of supervision of the kids if numbers too many or too much a hassle to make easy money and someone happy
  9. Probably sold out before the fixtures were announced Your best chance to get CH would be a cup tie and send an email right away (allegedly) or get to be a guest/invitee
  10. Always first to sell out Repeat customers and auction winners from the POTY dinner and at the price their welcome. On a side note,having attended previously,a gentle reminder was issued as to where the seats were located (Home) for the benefit of the visiting fans. Dont think that happens anymore as recently getting more vocal and obviously had a wee dram or too Sitting close by have seen some incidents and the disappearance (Steward assisted) of a home fan who attended every week.
  11. St Mirren sign Ryan Strain on two-year deal
  12. So getting a hair transplant is criminal ??
  13. alanb

    Paisley Pubs

    Campbeltown and Islay
  14. I'm sure our new found professionalism will ensure a smooth transition
  15. I read somewhere that it is of a different format to aid scanning process, with barcode and QR code also, whether that helps who knows.
  16. Suppose it all depends on what his immediate future is, going to college or university ? then proof of being a student or a trip to the jobcentre plus/Website and register as a job seeker and paperwork should be proof enough.
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