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  1. What a pass to McGinn for the second. Loved his reaction when the ball hit the net too.
  2. It's the Car Club Day trip option. Leaves Cairnryan at 7:30 on the Saturday morning and leaves Belfast at 7:30 on Saturday night.
  3. https://www.stenaline.co.uk/book#booking/SailingsFaresByTripType
  4. I managed to get a crackin deal for the Coleraine game. Cairnryan to Belfast, car and 5 passengers for a total of £69 return. Less than £14 a heid.
  5. Like a lot of others, I used to post a fair bit on here, but thanks to your dull, unimaginative, repetitive shite, I don't. You're boring. As for your point about Cammy, I like the lad and he was my Player of The Year last season. I just don't think he was good enough to make the step up. Other people think differently and I absolutely respect that. But at least they don't all take 18 dull, repetitive posts to say it. Ya daft auld Borrheid duffer.
  6. Are you no a wee bit too auld for this daft shite?
  7. No but two trolls definitely make it shite (For everyone else on this forum)
  8. Alex bastard Rae and his "listen" at the beginning of every answer he gives.
  9. Like the young girl who was hit by a bottle at Ibrox? Or the bottle that was thrown at Pittodrie? Or the police in Maribor? Or the guy working in McDonald's? Or the 2 Croatian fans who were stabbed? All of them asking for it?
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