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  1. Outwith the gruesome twosome which other team has been above average? Strange times, no fans and new players and injured players to come into the team. I am simply grateful for any football at this time. 5 league games and 7 points to date. A long way to go. We are living with reduced income and far from being a top 6 side. I am not judging the team until the first quarter at least and when we have our best players on the pitch.
  2. You are making a statement based on where he came from, league wise, and promise to come on and gloat if it doesn't work? If you are wrong can you and your alias quietly go away?
  3. He hasn't kicked a ball yet you've already judged him against Morais? FFS at least give him a chance. There are examples of players coming out of the conference to succeed at a higher level. Only time will tell but I will back him 100% to succeed. As for Oli Shaw. He is so good Hibs let him go. Like our new man, every move is a gamble.
  4. Not convinced with Fraser? It's his first competitive game of the season and a new team for him. I won't judge any player until they are match fit and used to the players around them.
  5. Lovely guy. I recall him taking time out after the team were training at the racecourse to say hello and chat. We called him Chopper.
  6. How do you know Hamilton are utter pish, what team they put out or what team we put out? Remember where we finished and have, at this time, a much lighter squad. It was a match to get players fit and we have no divine right to win any football game - friendly or otherwise. The level of knickerwetting over this is hilarious. Once our squad is complete and competing in the league then I will judge our squad and competitive performances.
  7. Me too but I won't get too angst ridden over a closed door match.
  8. It's a friendly, match fitness and who knows what players were selected and how they performed?
  9. Closing in East Kilbride town centre (actually, not reopening after lockdown).
  10. Another who cannot respond without slagging. Sad.
  11. Bit of a slanderous blanket statement Shull. You are stating ALL fans condone sectarianism? Sectarianism is indeed evident in football and in other areas of society. It is a societal problem for centuries and not simply related to sport. You cannot, however, claim that because someone enjoys the sport and pays to attend that they condone sectarianism.
  12. What evidence or source do you have to claim it's a lie? Do you honestly believe that the Scottish Government received no written scientific data to support our public health strategy? You don't like Sturgeon/SNP but to claim it's a lie to suit your hatred?
  13. Seriously? Imposing a fascist police state 😂
  14. Shame we didn't hang onto Ross Stewart rather than sell him to Ross County. He's proved he can score goals at this level.
  15. Great, just make sure you have paid to get in before fecking off.
  16. Yes, if they cancel you get 100% refund but only 50% if you cancel first. We've just had our flight to London in July refunded after BA cancelled.
  17. What is also interesting is that the government has agreed a tri party deal with Glaxo Smith Kline and a French company to develop anti body or a vaccine. Guess where GSK are based? Yes, Barnard Castle. Coincidence?
  18. The one thing noone picked up on was that the family have relatives living in London. Why then did he not get them to watch the lad rather than driving all the way to Durham? Also, surely if there was a childminding issue, the chief advisor to the PM would have got support from from the PM and/or his team?
  19. Nope, life's too short. Another pointless thread.
  20. Nice attempt at fishing from an imbecile.
  21. How can the Government state "if you or any member of your family suspect you have Covid-19 stay at home and self isolate" allow or condone anyone within their own cabal to not follow that advice? Will be interesting to see what happens when anyone is fined for the same offence as all they have to do is cite Cummings's example. Otherwise, this demonstrates hypocrisy and evidenced the lack of clarity in the alleged mixed messaging. Let's hope some decent journalist pins those doing the daily briefing and demand an answer to what is clearly double standards.
  22. You live in Prague so, therefore, didn't watch him week by week. An outstanding goalkeeper who has made some tremendous performances out with the penalty shoot out. As for better than Samson? Nope.
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