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    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    Wow, really??? Not like you to be negative.
  2. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

  3. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

  4. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    Red 2?
  5. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    Colours (or Colors as in the US)?
  6. nedflanders123

    Knife Crime

    Sadly, there are no real deterants to many crimes including carrying and using knives as a tool of violence. No respect from many of those committing crime and prisons not viewed by offenders as hardship. Will making the sentence for carrying and use of a knife more severe be more effective?
  7. nedflanders123

    Latest Scores

    Brutal game at Firhill. Jags poor but Hearts didn't come out in second half and had no pace. Yes they had a shot hit the post from Thistle keeper save but that was it. Harkins for Thistle was as slow as a week in jail.
  8. nedflanders123

    Oran Kearney Must Go

    It's more than just the manager. We have struggled since last summer to bring in the type and quality of player required to compete and stay in this league. Notwithstanding Stubbs wasting valuable money on players not good enough, we have struggled to compete financially with the majority of teams with a larger turnover and wage structure than us. Most players will naturally follow the £. There will always be a learning curve to determine the best tactics allied to our squad quality and weaknesses. OK has not always got that right and hopefully he has addressed this. Whatever league we are in I think he deserves a summer to clear out and bring in the players he believes will make us stronger.
  9. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    Debbie does Austria.
  10. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    Feck me. You'd need an IQ of 300 and wits of Sherlock Holmes to work that out but very clever.
  11. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    No, the one with the red 1 and noughts/zeros
  12. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    What is the answer?
  13. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    The Big Red One?
  14. nedflanders123

    BBC Scotland - The New Channel

    Was the news programme funnier than the not so funny comedian who had laughter tracks for every word he uttered? If that guys a comedian then I am an astronaut. Embarrassing and God only knows what the audience really thought?
  15. nedflanders123

    Speculation Thread

    Sorry, completely disagree. A superb servant and a bloody good player.
  16. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    If it's a laser then Goldfinger
  17. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    The Sting?
  18. nedflanders123

    Guess The Movie...............

    Domino? (Keira Knightly movie)
  19. nedflanders123

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Notwithstanding getting the actual facts in this alleged incident, why do we still accept the nauseating spitting and gobbing by players on the pitch? Even substitutes gob before going into the pitch. If I spat in the street I could get fined yet players can do it without any action taken. Many other sports take place where you don't witness this abhorrent behaviour e.g tennis.
  20. nedflanders123

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Aye, remind me of the score against QOS in the cup? Not saying they won't improve but time will tell.
  21. nedflanders123

    Oran Kearney Must Go

    Like we sacked Miller after Hammerby? or Smith after Clydebank (as cup holders) or Gus after losing to 9 man Rangers? Get over it FFS. It is a diddy cup and every dog has its day in cup football.
  22. nedflanders123

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Even if we win?
  23. nedflanders123

    Opposition January Signings

    Again, just because we were interested in a player does not guarantee we get them. We have no idea if we made bids for either and, if we did, why they never signed? As for Oakley, it appears a good buy but remember the Mike Conroy debut v Dunfermline when he scored and looked different class? After that he did nothing until moving down South.
  24. nedflanders123

    January Arrivals

    Agree mate. My post was in defence of our keeper who is being mentioned by you know who for losing 15 goals. I am not convinced OK has got tactics right and have to question the role Gus and Jimmy are playing here? Our midfield has been a huge problem since start of the season and has not been addressed. Injuries haven't helped of course. There is clearly a huge confidence issue but it appears some players are not sure what their role is? Perhaps some of that is down to so many new faces still settling in?
  25. nedflanders123

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    We have just played the bigot brothers away and in form Motherwell. Wonder how well Dundee and Hamilton would have fared. You need to give players a few games to get used to the pace up here. In an ideal world they would be scoring immediately but it will take time. Do we have that time? Not really but unlike summer signings we have to hope those newbies prove us wrong.