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  1. 10165 excellent...but who is the half a person?
  2. Robert Plant - Dreamland The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute Kings X - Out Of The Silent Planet John Mellencamp - Scarecrow It Bites - Eat Me In St Louis
  3. "The Wonders Of Viagra" by Hugh G Rection
  4. whey would have got bigger had Andrew Wood not overdosed!! selfish bassa, i suppose Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard went on to bigger things
  5. staying in the " seattle bands that should have been bigger" vibe.... Mother Love Bone - Stardog Champion
  6. Franics Dunnery - Welcome To The Wild Country Rory Gallacher - Defender Magnum - On A Storytellers Night Jethro Tull - Broadsword And The Beast Ace Frehley - Trouble Walkin'
  7. Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy Biffy Clyro - Puzzle Prong - Cleansing Mother Love Bone - Apple The Dragons - Here Are The Roses ( if you have £5 to spare and have nothing to do on thursday night, pop along to king tuts and see dragons live )
  8. 1. Billy Joel - Storm Front 2. Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone Cherry 3. D.A.D - No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims 4. Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero 5. John Mellencamp - Scarecrow
  9. listening to chipmonk techno with their windows wide open so everyone can hear the pish they listen to
  10. Speckled_Jim

    Top Five

    my fave 5 toys My first proper football, Atari 2600, grifter, race and chase, super flight deck
  11. Speckled_Jim

    Xbox Live

    if you wanna add me to... BeastieThumper
  12. 1. Platoon 2. M*A*S*H 3. Saving Private Ryan 4. Cross Of Iron 5. Kellys Heros
  13. Ayreon - Into The Electric Castle ...cheesy prog from holland....top class
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