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  1. Gutted, would have strolled the Premiership in my opinion, quite a rebuild job ahead for Jack (or another) Defence needs completely overhauled.
  2. Agree with LPM, Hopkin would be a completely uninspired appointment. Some mentioned names Like Neilson, Stubbs and McCall on another thread. Would hope that would be the calibre of name we could potentially attract.
  3. Always live games obviously as I imagine 99.99% of folk will agree. I absolutely hate watching saints on tv. Can’t stand it. Just don’t enjoy it. Have zero time for any international games other than World cups and Euros. And (if allowed....) will watch any EPL or Scottish Premiership game on sky or BT or any Champions league game with English or Scottish teams...
  4. Stelios was rightly nicknamed Maverick last season. The two goals against Hibs were a massive step towards survival last season. Definitely a cult hero in that he was defensively shakey but generally given an easier time than others. A great character to have at the club, it was my sons first year as a regular and Stelios was one of his favourites, same could probably be said for a lot of the younger fans. Hope he gets sorted somewhere decent, no doubt he’s in a better spot now than he was when we signed him 18 months ago!
  5. Gavin Reilly is 24.....25 next month if you want to be pedantic Danny Mullen is 23 I like both, and think its wrong to try and downplay Reillys achievements this year. Both have done well for us this year in different ways. criticising Reilly with things like mentioning the 11 goals scored against lower league teams as well as talking rubbish regarding the age of both players is frankly a piss poor attempt at down playing the superb job Reilly has done for us this year
  6. Not too bad, and Morton bottom of the league. Was this the last time they were in the top league??
  7. Will be going to this with my 9 year old for his first away game. Can anyone tell me what it’s like for parking up at their stadium? And where’s good to stop on the way/back home. Cheers
  8. Brechin and Dumbarton games off
  9. Deflection deflection He brought on Hippolyte...I’m sure you could have googled that mind you Then he took Cammy smith off to change the shape. Had he done nothing and we conceded you would have loved it anyway. Since that never happened your focusing on some absolute drivel. I know I shouldn’t have bit in the first place, you and TC are as transparent as can be looking for attention trying to defend your OTT criticism of Jack Ross last year This season must be absolutely killing the both you, unlucky you can’t enjoy it like the rest of us
  10. No he never! But don’t let facts get in the way of some petty wee score you are trying to settle as Ross has had you look like a clown this year
  11. 2nd half shout was “Jack you need to start taking this seriously” and then after he looked over the guy shouted “get these guys to take it seriously” Jack looks intense generally during games but you could tell he was absolutely raging at this Some of the shouts from older guys around me are just unbelievable.
  12. Reilly was absolutely furious when his number went up to be subbed. I actually have some sympathy for him, every single week he gets hooked on 60mins, usually for Mullen but today big Hippolyte Anyway, as nervy a game as I can remember, McGinn who is usually so reliable was so poor on the ball. Gary Mack was really poor today, I would have Jack straight back in for Friday Wins a win and all that Also, JR looked absolutely furious as he left the pitch at the end, don’t think he will be holding back
  13. Jack Ross turned and glared at the guy and he shat himself and didn’t say any other word all day. Typical loudmouth On that, seems like Hippolyte will be a favourite for the boo boys. Guy behind me was slagging him after about 40 seconds of him coming on. Also as soon as the final whistle went he stood up in a rage shouting where is John Sutton.....fud
  14. Few changes Baird and Flynn out Gary Mac and MacShane in
  15. Nice hit by Hardie but the DU defenders had a shocker, both backed away and let him shoot. That’s Dundee United gone now.
  16. Thanks So the only quote from him says he wanted to keep playing... Anyway, think he will be signed as an old head to be used to see out close games so hopefully he can make an impact
  17. Where did you see he retired? I’ve only seen the following interview with him which states he wanted to keep playing
  18. Didn’t appear on my unread threads.... mods feel free to delete
  19. Signing until end of season according to Twitter 37 year old was released by accies in January. Not sure where that leaves Mark Hill..
  20. But we got the Morgan money... maybe that’s what is being used?
  21. Unfortunately I would say the exact same I remember Billy Reid knocked back the Swansea job....how did that work out for him. there’s no guarantee a bigger job is around the corner
  22. Stephen has been a massive player for us the past year I remember on his home debut (2nd time) I think he came off the bench and right away looked a level above everyone else on the pitch Hopefully the next mention of him on the official site will be details of a new contract
  23. Mentioned on the Jack Baird contract thread about current contract status for the squad. As far as I'm aware: Samson – Summer 2019 Stewart – Summer 2019 Langfield – Summer 2018 Stelios – Summer 2018 Irvine – Summer 2018 MacKenzie – Summer 2018 Davis – Summer 2018 (1year option) Baird – Summer 2019 L Smith – Summer 2018 (Loan) Eckersley – Summer 2019 McGinn – Summer 2018 McShane – Summer 2019 Magennis – Summer 2020 Todd – Summer 2018 Kirkpatrick – Summer 2019 Flynn – Summer 2020 Flanagan – Summer 2018 Hill – Summer 2018 (Loan) Morgan – Summer 2018 Hippolyte – Summer 2019 C Smith – Summer 2019 Reilly – Summer 2018 Mullen – Summer 2020 Sutton – Summer 2018 Duffy – Summer 2018 Stewart – Summer 2019 Ill update as more extensions are signed...
  24. Too slow for us, he’s an absolute plodder. Dundee Utd just signed a defensive midfielder today. Not convinced they need another
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