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  1. I'm sure John young had to take over the gloves at Love Street in a game late 70's.
  2. A player manager or a playing assistant manager would make financial sense for us, like when Gus and Andy Millen managed.
  3. The marketing of St Mirren is so poor which why we have so little income for players compared to our rivals.I see this lack of any marketing awareness applies to the 1877 club as well!. I enjoyed my visit to the club but thought someone might have taken more than my name at the door so that they could contact me to see if I wanted to join the 1877 club, be put on a reserve list or obtain some feedback on the visit. All in all a good day until 3pm.
  4. I've had a car park ticket since we moved. Unable to get one this year as they are all sold. After seeing how full the car park was last night with only a small crowd I guess they must have allocated at least 50% or more to the airport parking scheme. Cars were getting turned away prior to kick off. So it looks like we as a clu would rather take the money from the airport scheme than the £50 of a loyal supporter. i was all for using the car park for airport parking but only the overcapacity that was not being used not the whole carpark, We do not now have enough room for the club supporters cars anymore which is going to lead to more problems on the roads around the stadium. I wonder how many car park tickets are actually issued by the club, because its clearly not enough and at any big games I suspect its going to be chaotic around the stadium. I noticed supporters parking on the roads behind the family stand which had 'no parking' cones and signs saying no parking between 6 and 10, Does anyone know if anyone was booked for parking?
  5. Would he get a start with Sutton now signed up as No 1 striker? He's too similar to Sutton. Aberdeen might prefer him to go to the likes of Dunfermline or bottom end of Spl rather than warm our bench.
  6. Things looking good. A team with pace height strength and experience this year. Perhaps without any stars or flair though. Last years team was far too lightweight, small and inexperienced. It's like Gus's teams on steroids strong and solid but hopefully not as boring. We do also have some good youngsters who I'm sure Rae will use. Still some to come and would be good to see some loanees in too preferably with foreign impossible to pronounce names just to add to the fun.
  7. To have a good experienced spine to the team we still require the big experienced centre back we have been wishing for for years. We have no experience at the back once again. .. Whats Carlos Puyol doing now?
  8. Don't see how he would win a case against St mirren How would they foresee a player throwing a post like a spear. What workplace regs have they breached. Not telling staff it is unacceptable to spear their colleagues? Have you been told this at work? No. He would have to sue Thompson!
  9. Tesselar best and most consistent player ...... at the club
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