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  1. Better known as Black who wrote and sang Wonderful Life
  2. A true legend, never got to see him play as it was before my time but was always aware of his name and stature. My Dad always spoke highly of him and even my Grandpa who was not a Saints fan was always mentioning Tommy Bryceland. R.I.P. Tommy
  3. 23rd September 1981 home match in league cup v Forfar Saints won 6-0
  4. Opened the champagne when I heard he had extended his contract
  5. Lord Pityme is just trying to be controversial, you just have to look at his racist avatar
  6. A good appointment, passionate about football with decent experience and seems very keen about the job. He has taken the job as he is confident in taking the club forward and climb up the league, if you remember back Ian Murray decided to take the job only because he and his family were offered a cup of tea
  7. Ian Murray made more appearances for Rangers than Alex Rae
  8. Alex Rae was spotted in The Record & Card Centre in the Piazza
  9. Chick Young was on wireless earlier he mentioned Alex Rae
  10. Chic Young on the wireless saying he thinks Murray could be gone if Dumbarton win
  11. A legend but if we were to bring back a former manager then it would be Tom Hendrie
  12. JC was sacked 14 league games into the 2003/4 campaign but his record is better than Ian Murray's first 15 league games JC - won 4, draws 4, defeats 6, goals for 11, goals against 19 pts 16 IM - won 2, draws 6, defeats 7, goals for 14, goals against 23 pts 14
  13. I wonder if Alex knew he would be coming back to St Mirren after the defeat to Falkirk last Saturday, as the very next day he was at the Hibernian v Sevco match, ok he does have connections to both clubs, but maybe he was there in to get the low down St Mirren's next opponents
  14. If John Hughes decides to quit at ICT then I think he would make a great St Mirren manager
  15. David Kid Jensen on TOTP wearing a St Mirren sweatshirt - I had schoolbag with same design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfZ3ewpfRjg
  16. They will be filming a Bollywood film today in Paisley Court, the film which is called Baar Dekho is based on time travel and the lead female role is the stunning Katrina Kaif.
  17. I will try to get to a home match next time I am in Warrington when I am visiting my in-laws, my wife is originally from Orford. Warrington is wonderful!
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