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  1. aReally cannot abide 'supporters ' that buy a season ticket and think it's their God given right to demand that the board (or a.n other) spunk millions into a football club! Or you another one that thinks Gilmour n co are siphoning billions into a retirement fund? They're spending what the club accumulates, the financially sound way to run a football club. Say they did hand the keys over to someone else, they'd either run it with the same resources or plunge us into debt again and I doubt we'd get another telco deal to bail us out
  2. I hate using this term as it makes me sound like a prick but a lot of people don't understand the economics of how a football club runs. More so during this transfer window, people in a blind panic for us to sign players before the window shut lol.
  3. Aye is a big loss, if youd told me at this scenario at the start of the season though id have taken it. Think I need to avoid reading the facebook saints pages, comments! Going by the pounding the board are taking on them I thought id gotten it wrong lol!
  4. The way im seeing it is that mclean clearly wanted a move away, though to stay in the uk. He was offered a new deal before the old one was done and never signed it, had a few suitors but none willing to pay the development fee. The BOD offered him another deal and an agreement that if the development fee was met hed be allowed to leave. The BOD seem to be taking pelters for this? Start of the season this was the options. Kenny stays, signs a 2 year deal, if he does well he gets a move and we get a few hundred thousand (or the development fee money) or we offer him f**k all, he goes abroad so not to be frozen out of football n we get f**k all. or have I got this completely wrong?
  5. Id say give them a couple of games. You've got to expect that if they promote GT n DL there will be another wage available come January, which we are in desperate need of. Then all we need to do is get a new youth team coach, have been reading online that tommy craig is out of work, hed be ideal.......
  6. So he shouldn't get the job due to him being drunk 15-20 years ago and being flung out a boozer? I do hope youre taking the piss here lol
  7. be nice to know how many commenting on here were actually there...... we are all jim Goodwin? anyone?
  8. a the fickle football fan, one minute youre a legend the next, not fit to wear the strip
  9. So basically you want high calibre players who have no aspirations above st mirren? loads of them knocking about........ As for the second division in England, pretty much every club in it would trounce any spfl club
  10. I thought it was January he left, none the less I thought him and scullion better players. Smith was also at Morton tail end of last season but released according to wiki
  11. sat afternoon partick game wasn't good for my liver or bank balance. left paisley at noon on the sat and got home at 5am on the sunday, hadn't phoned the mrs or f**k all. she asked where id been and wasn't to pleased when I replied 'eh the fitba' n looked at her funny.
  12. Aye id be surprised if he gets much game time with the strikers we have, even less if we sign ball. get him out on loan and see how he gets on
  13. no offence to reilly but having seen him in the reserves a fair bit last year he still wasn't even the best striker there! both smith and scullion were a lot better than him.
  14. I seen it is it actually him? He should be locked in his office staring at the phone, theres no way hell be able to keep in contact with the club from London, theyre still in the dark ages..........
  15. Im still convinced bahonken was a Nigerian internet scam that we fell for hook, line and sinker lol
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