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  1. Gentleman Jim Goodwin cup winning captain leader legend welcome home MON THE MIRREN [emoji1267][emoji1267][emoji1267][emoji1267][emoji1267]
  2. If on any of above wouldnt be able work phone this is a message for a friend 2 see dickhead hope ive cleared that up with you enjoy ur nite media policeman
  3. Goodwin deal is off his house lies 700 yrds outside the cant commute daily to your work place radius fcukin gutted [emoji24]
  4. If kearney goes and its the boards fault he will always be held in high reguard by us fans if hes tryin to act the cnut with club then he can feck off he done well hes no the be all and end allnif it is gus i agree densive football not great at times but took us up a league and kept us in it it wiznae all bad
  5. The media can fuk off tonys right st mirren are a top 4 club we all no this MON THE MIRREN #believe [emoji209]
  6. 2day is why we love this club we bleed black and white mon the mirren [emoji1267][emoji1267][emoji1267][emoji1267]
  7. Easy never in doubt big team won I fukin luv ST MIRREN[emoji1267][emoji209]
  8. What oran had achieved this season is better than winnin the championship we were dead and buried at xmas and stayed up on a 9 game unbeaten run legend[emoji1267][emoji209][emoji1267][emoji209][emoji1267][emoji209]
  9. What oran has done is bigger than what jack ross achieved he was left a total pile of shite by stubbs and managed to wheel and deal his way out of it fukin genius [emoji1267][emoji209][emoji1267][emoji209]SMTID FTOF
  10. Not selling any tickets to any of the bigot scum would improve stadium 1000%[emoji209]
  11. The signs are good we can do this special mention to greg tansey you are winning me over feckin great tackle just what we need put down a marker that teams cant piss over us anymore SMTID [emoji1267][emoji209][emoji1267][emoji209]
  12. Totally agree i'd send the lawyer with them aswell all very dangerous people
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