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  1. Not selling any tickets to any of the bigot scum would improve stadium 1000%[emoji209]
  2. The signs are good we can do this special mention to greg tansey you are winning me over feckin great tackle just what we need put down a marker that teams cant piss over us anymore SMTID [emoji1267][emoji209][emoji1267][emoji209]
  3. Totally agree i'd send the lawyer with them aswell all very dangerous people
  4. Great result we can turn this round MON THE MIRREN [emoji209][emoji1267][emoji209][emoji1267]KTF
  5. No chance i sit there they are fine were they are 🤪[emoji1267]
  6. We all said we needed massive changes to the squad we are slowly getting there get behind the team and enjoy the ride its the st mirren way MON THE MIRREN [emoji209][emoji1267]
  7. Win 1 of the cups to stop the treble treble take points off sevco and septik in the league beat morton in the play off yeehaa [emoji1267][emoji209][emoji1267][emoji209]
  8. Wasn't my 1st choice but he now the manager of the best team in the world so welcome to Paisley Alan all the best MON THE MIRREN [emoji209] Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Black & White Army mobile app
  9. Scotlands #1 the ginga ninja is a ST MIRREN LEGEND[emoji1267][emoji471][emoji1267][emoji209][emoji870][emoji112]
  10. Best team in the league by a distance ross and fowler legends[emoji209][emoji898][emoji1267][emoji209][emoji898][emoji1267]
  11. I really think we do have a good talent here the loan spell will do him good [emoji106]
  12. Not posted on here for a while today's result was massive even bigger than 2 1 at raith when the legend Yardley and mendes dug us out the shit that day #believe [emoji209]
  13. not going to slag gus were he picked us up from and took us to was magic but the way it ended with the fans he was never going to get every one behind him
  14. great appointment COYS welcome back jack bring goody home aswell
  15. ultra legend the greatest inspiration of our lifetime RUMBLE YOUNG MAN RUMBLE
  16. hibs should be hammered for there fans behaviour at the end theres no arguing with that but newco should be mullered for setting off smoke bombs sectarian singing and the behaviour of there fans at the end funny they missed the first 2 parts of there wrong doing off there bonkers statement
  17. my dads favourite saint met him in the wee barrel a total gent R I P legend
  18. don't no why folk are upset by this that's the best i've felt walking out of that stadium in fcuking months
  19. welcome to paisley rocco he may not be the saviour but he is streets ahead of some of the shite in our squad just now
  20. hopefully bono will be on the list soon
  21. feckin legend how the fcuk did he make to 70 one of the best live bands I seen RIP as the great man said he lived the life he loved and loved the life he lived jack daniels sales will plummet
  22. this pish should never have been near our stadium if the boy who is getting married finds out that the bheggars signs are still up on Friday night send out a message I am available for wrecking duties no saint should have to worry about bigot branding ruining there big day
  23. great appointment a season too late but its all part of the fun the job he has done with a part time team has been brilliant welcome to the home of football ian mon the Mirren believe
  24. Well done danny great manager and a great man at least we 'll get a chance to say cheerio thanks for the trophy properly when you come back to paisley next season
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