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  1. That's our fans for you. Kenny McLean got booed of our support for a few games, then when he leaves it's the end of the world. John is a fantastic player and if he leaves I wish him all the best
  2. Saturday could spell the last time we see any of our cup winning heroes at St Mirren park. I don't expect any of Teale, Goodwin, McGinn or Thommo to be at St Mirren next season so I will be giving them the send off they deserve regardless of performances this season. LEGENDS
  3. I think everyone is avoiding the real question here. Why was he struck by a training pole in the first place? Regardless of how he has played this season. Very unprofessional
  4. To be fair to John it might not be directed at the bod but infact to Nigel clough who froze Stephen out for a number of months
  5. - @jmcginn7: Brilliant from Stephen and Paul tonight, and to think they still weren't good enough for some. A dig or reality?
  6. Was at the game yesterday. Aberdeen are a good side but you would think it was Barcelona we were playing by the way we set up. Let them have wave after wave of attack and we can't do that when our defence is so poor. All 4 of them had nightmares yesterday, especially kelly who is so weak in the air. Agree with Teale re McGinn I thought he was our best player yesterday and looked back to his dogged self, although that wasn't hard as everyone else was as weak as piss. Big one next week
  7. That's fine if we had someone nearly half as good as him to replace him with. But we don't. We are in no position To drop our best players
  8. I sat in the stand today and listened to some of the abuse hurled at John McGinn. Not disputing the fact that he had possibly his worst game in the stripes but the service he has given this club is nothing short of exceptional. It reminds me of the time kenny McLean went through a spell when he wasn't playing as well as he can and he got terrorised. Us as supporters need to rally round these youngsters in times like this, because mallan will hit this point at some stage of his St mirren career. Keep the faith!
  9. Anyone got the normal two tits and a camcorder highlights link?
  10. Mallan very poor today. First time I have thought that with him. Lewis mclear also poor. Thought Sean Kelly had a great game right enough
  11. It's a scary thought that in just over two weeks time john is free to talk to other clubs. Need to try and get him signed up
  12. Anyone know how long he is out for? Missed him today
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