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  1. I've looked back at the earlier posts and media speculation and the goalkeeper "exclusives" LS claims to have pronounced were "open secrets" well before he intimated signings were imminent. As indeed was Dillon. Novo and Langfield, however, appear to be pure LS territory. Well done Lovestreet!
  2. Doctor Dick's midnight surgery, (Richard Park), was a good show. Sounds like a porn film mind you
  3. Is it the girls who are bear or is it full of the other t!ts who call themselves bears?
  4. Well that's it then. No way they would get a non OF story wrong!
  5. If he comes to us on loan I'm sure there will be something in writing ensuring he gets game time.
  6. I woodent take it so lightly. There's probably a lot at stake but fangs for the comment!
  7. Must be looking for more red-dies! Bloodsucker!
  8. I think the bit highlighted is wrong Oaksoft. A player needs to be registered to a club but doesn't actually NEED an extended contract. Players want contracts to protect their earnings even if the fail in their chosen profession. Agents want contracts as it means they can convince players they can get them long term, lucrative deals. Top clubs want contracts to protect the player continuity through a given period. Smaller clubs want contracts to protect their investment in players. It works and I personally get annoyed when we, as a club, develop a young player only to lose that player with little or no compensation for the investment, both financially and in coaching time.
  9. Never. He hit the woodwork too easily!
  10. You are correct but, if I recall correctly, the issue was forced by Celtic and their then counterparts. The tail wagged the dog yet again.
  11. That would be a Pie'n Hot Drink I assume?
  12. Dundee have already lost their place so, as was the case last season, IF Hearts were liquidated, second in the second tier would be promoted.
  13. Got to say. That's some transformation!
  14. They would need to ensure that a CVA was possible or liquidation could happen. At that point they might not have a ground, a player, or a chance of a club to be allowed to reform and do a "newco"
  15. On the bright side. If you last a full year you'll be able to employ the "copy'npaste" method!
  16. Maybe he's been reading things wrong and someone had told him they had been offered "A FINE WA*K". for two years salary.
  17. You've spelt his name wrong. There's two "T"'s in Brittain!
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