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  1. Freaks me out using public transportation [emoji2] Been on a bus twice in last 18 years ( actually reached for my seatbelt ) [emoji2] Used the train for 2 weeks when doing jury service ( a subject actually worthy of a thread, it was a brilliant fortnight & great laugh ) but loads of people all hovering, shuffling about all seemed to know the script , I felt out of place [emoji2] weird but got used to in by second week So, I guess my car says , ‘Scott, you clearly enjoy travelling on your tod, listening to music & you don’t believe in global warming’ [emoji4] Oh, my car is a white 7 seat Ford C Max 2019 plate
  2. Now in Penrith , ipad connected - game on ( well, soon as it’s half time) Hopefully a good second half
  3. Indeed, Morton scored in 51st minute
  4. Hopefully wifi permitting to watch the Liverpool game tonight ( probably catch second half ) maybe part of first [emoji4] It’s been excellent watching Liverpool again this season as they head towards the title
  5. To be fair, you don’t start many threads, you’ll not be missed [emoji2] Only kidding, grateful that you provide this for us to ‘bond’ [emoji2] Cheers for keeping it going, now get yersel blocked [emoji2] I nominate St Ricky to take over ....... thoughts ?
  6. Correct thread - Just wanted to add , whoever Yorkshire Saint is who liked your post definitely isn’t me - I only have one username ( need to be consistent with my rubbish predictions ) [emoji2]
  7. Going to watch second half, so it’ll probably end 2-2 [emoji2]
  8. Nightmares count as dreams right ? [emoji2]
  9. Anyone would think you don’t like 2 particular clubs [emoji2]
  10. Boo St Johnstone 1-2 Sevco
  11. With the exception of 2 clubs, I’d be happy if we started sharing the family stand with other teams supporters. Parents & Children mixed, might finally set an example to the future generations that like rugby, fans can enjoy the game in the same stand.
  12. Apparently the pitch isn’t conducive to ‘The Rangers’ style of play and the added pressure of having support in 3 stands [emoji2]
  13. Ah well, more of them to greet live [emoji2]
  14. Just heard St Johnstone giving them 3 stands for today’s fixture [emoji15]
  15. Fear not, it’s just one of the rogue Dots W6er is counting [emoji2]
  16. Have you noticed, he immediately reported it Div who removed my post a few minutes ago ? [emoji2] Glad you quoted [emoji4]
  17. Ach well, least those who haven’t realised yet now know who the OP is ffs
  18. Such a good part of watching any live game is listening & watching the referee in full control & only the captains are allowed to speak to him. Football really could take a leaf out of the rugby book
  19. Oddly, as he forgot what username he was on the other day , he made the mistake of taking as Fricky on W6er username while replying to .., Yip, himself [emoji2] W6er is equivalent to Wanker
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