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  1. When watching Scotland why does it remind me of watching St Mirren.
  2. That was the first thing that stood out for me.
  3. Computer guff though if we dont score goals we will be relegated.
  4. No wonder that journey is etched in your head how long did the journey to Newquay take and was it worth
  5. Thank God parliament voted down the vote to support the US on a invasion. What a mess that would have been.
  6. Jack Ross was special to us times like he had do not come along often. Love Jack Ross / Love Goody.
  7. Sunderland has been a basket case of a club for years now. Ross will have made a lot of money. Can see him poping up in the championship before getting the bigger deal. Might even go assistant till he gets a gig.
  8. Suppose it being a Monday has influenced your post. Shit weather will have added to it no doubt.
  9. What a load of nonsense. When Jim came in there was a list of players . Goodwin made it clear it was who he wanted in on buddie vision. He said a few times it will take time and patience go get the right player my players he said. Goodwin has in my understanding set up talent spotters in Ireland and England.
  10. Donald Hunter? Spot on. I did not recognise him first.
  11. I would say on paper 1990 should have been successful but it was the opposite. Today's team has fight it just needs the right format. There needs to be some changes in the team. At least that is my hope.
  12. He was part of Alex Ferguson's team. There is a wee clue.
  13. Not our greatest ever player. My daughter and her boyfriend were in the company of this guy. See if any of you can name him
  14. Massive game get beat the panic button will be pressed. Midfield needs to be changed`.
  15. I remember JG a few weeks ago saying if by this time ( today ) We would need to take a serious look at things if we did not win games. Should have added
  16. Oh dear kick your own while they are down. Nothing to do with his on going injury problem.
  17. Does not matter if you like Tommy Roberson or not the fact he brought down Panorama with his panadrama getting Panorama top journalist sacked by the BBC is astonishing yet not one news paper coverd the story which is huge. Now panadrama has been taken off the internet. Yes the great democratic United Kingdom my ass.
  18. When are you getting out of here ?
  19. Have watched quite a few of his videos. It is the main media who tell the masses he is a racist the masses then believe it.
  20. These are the days that came back to bite us back in the bum financially and nearly put us out of business. What about a player that won a Scottish cup medal aged 17 and went on to win a champions league medal. Probably the most successful player to come out of St Mirren but not one of our best players picked by a fan so far.
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