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  1. Remember the ban means Rangers can't sign players under contract. Their £10Million war chest will have to wait till next season. They have been punished enough.
  2. For me Newton has the best potential.........Can see him in a top 4 club in England in a few years.....Staying with us can help him achieve that I think by allowing him to play first team football and learn from his mistakes.
  3. As Frankie Boyle says......Imagine how good Murray's service would be If he didn't have to spend 6 months practicing in the kitchen ....Win Wimbledon as a Scot makes him the greatest ever sportsman from our small rain soaked Nation where the posh eat Strawberries and cream.
  4. Djock (rubber man) looking great.....Only Andy will get those serves back!.......Final already in play .....Could be a classic ....Novak is fantastic ...May the best man win.
  5. Yep...lets solve global warming(It doesn't exist) by paying 5p for a plastic bag......Fansupermarketfantasic!...Capital result!
  6. Nicky Law says "It's like playing against Man U"....Mark Hateley says "It's like a new signing"....Keith Jackson says "More important than the SPL or Europe".....Reg Varney says "I'll drive the bus"
  7. Ffs.....And people like you say they have not been punished enough?!........Is there a Bus running to the game?
  8. 3 gone ...4 to go.......Hope and pray Djokovic gets to the final.....The new Murray is already there!
  9. If you look at Guy's scoring record before joining us you will see It's the same. Never been anywhere close to a goal scorer and never will be. I think he was a poor signing from my hero Danny Lennon but a club our size can't always get what we want. A few more will disappoint me next season but hey ho! ...Paul McGowan, John McGinn, Stevie Thompson, Gary Teale and hopefully Kenny McLean can get us in the top six.
  10. A good man but SA is still fcuked...Who's next?
  11. Good on him....Hope he does well....The guy is a fud.....Poor player ....Junior at best .....Biggest mistake of Danny's signings....£30,000 down the swanny ...He will live and learn ......Danny= special.
  12. Don't know what the fuss is about.....It's clear we're playing 7's next season with a backy in keeper .....COYS
  13. Nadal is clearly injured.....Never uses it as an excuse in his press conference .....Top guy for that.......I wonder if his blood tests were part of the Lance Armstrong Spanish case though?......Never know now as the Judge demanded all evidence destroyed .....That's the world of sport today with Andy 100% clean.
  14. We're holding hands here to the end......You are the biggest Murray fan on here other than me. We will take his petulance and brilliance as one and the same....Andy WILL win Wimbledon this year ....One bet only 4/1 £50 is a big bet for me!
  15. I remember the cadillac story .......How much for six return?
  16. What will be will be .....and as much as I want Hearts to survive they must pay the penalty they are given. 15 points and a cull in the playing squad is fair for me .....I once thought another club would do the same and that would have been enough for me but hey ho It never happened. I was never a Rangers hater on here until ....Well you know.
  17. First time ever the sponsor takes over the shirt.....It's a bottle of Magners top and anyone with a brain ...including the Celtic support can see it. If the money was right for us then why not ?....Doesn't take away from the fact there will be 11 bottle tops running around Darkheid next season....Hoops my arse!
  18. HaHa ....I knew I was right Perth......Faraway thought you were Tracey but now I know!....take care good buddie!
  19. I'll have a date if you are willing?....3some if you want?...name the time and place....dying to meet you
  20. Is that just like being alive in Greenock?
  21. Hearts will be in he SPL next season with a 15 point penalty.....The only question is will they still have Tynecastle ?
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