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  1. sorry to be a bore and all that fellow what but your hashtag is somewhat ruined, You see the word queue is the one you seek and not the cue as in pool cue. My baws remain in a hammock, remain in a hammock indeed
  2. However in that time the possibilty exists that a large, muscly, ethnic minority man may take a wee fancy to Tommy
  3. The words of a Glasvegas song come to mind I wont be the lonely one Sitting on my own and sad a fifty year old reminiscing what I had Forget Oran he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone wooooahhh forget Oran he's gone! Oran has gone, gone he has indeed.
  4. Nice wee video At the risk of becoming a fun hoover like Shull I do have a complaint about the video Jamie Langfields shorts are too short, too short shorts indeed
  5. The faither is caller Youri The boy is called Oan So Jim Shall we sign the boy? Youri Oan or Youri aff
  6. Decent wee article, decent wee article indeed
  7. No Shull, I will not allow your depressing outlook on life to be bolstered by pishy fact grabbing without a modicum of intellect. You are one of those fun hoovers, devoid of joy and ambition. Purchasing a player of quality, whom we can afford at a time when we need him is NOT akin to the nonsense that nearly saw us go out of business in the early 1990's. I recall those days all too well. What should we use our income for? paying off managers every year or occasionally should we invest in the team when an opportunity like this presents itself. Teams around us occasionally "throw the dice" and teams around us occasionally break into the top six. Saint Johnstone, Motherwell and Kilmarnock all regularly out perform us whilst we are always left looking on. It is time that we redoubled our efforts and tried to match those who leave us behind every year. None of those three clubs are bigger than us but they DO deliver better league positions year on year.....this depressing fact shows that our club is NOT doing as well as it should be. With money coming in from players like Kenny McLean and John McGinn would it be reasonable to spend SOME of that cash on a quality player (who can always be sold on) or should we stay in the bargain basement having never tried? Selling players for profit (like the two above) is essential but if we cannot re-invest something in the team then what is the point? Big Mihai would in all likliehood generate a profit as players of his quality don't tend to stay in Scottish football long before an overly rich English club comes a calling!
  8. Thank you for that glimmer of hope. I see the "get real" brigade out in force with the usual negative nonsense that they seem to bathe themselves in. Fun hoovers who suck the joy from anything/everything. The fact is, the club does (for once) have a bit of money. The club has unearthed a player of real talent and he actually WANTS to play for us. So we CAN afford the asking price. What the negative band seem to overlook is that the player is worth every penny. If he is worth every penny to us just now he will be worth every penny in 2 years when we can look to sell him on. Of course that is discounting the fact that top league survival is all the easier with a good player like him in the centre of your defence. If we never try then Tony's top four talk is just that, mad ranting's indeed. If we are never going to "roll the dice" and make that attempt at improving our lot then what is the point?
  9. Right, I have just made a faux pas over on another thread. I was under the impression that Mr Popescu had signed. Have we let him go? Was the change in manager detrimental to the deal? Am I dreaming? As sure as my skidmarks are regular, he was a first class player........why oh why oh why?
  10. Ah FFS...... I was under the misapprehension we had signed the man. When did that go wrong? We are doomed, doomed indeed.
  11. Good post forum friend. I was nodding away as I read it (whilst avoiding the childish nonsense that was going on in other posts around it) and we agree on everything until that last line. That last line that I have conveniently highlighted in BOLD for the convenience of you and others. Being a fan of the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad for me requires some optimism, admittedly at times blind optimism but optimism nonetheless. If one considers where we were at this time last year I would say our squad is ahead in terms of playing staff. We have a damn good goal keep and a back up for said goal keep. With Mr Popescu having signed on we are starting the season with quality at the back and with the young Mr Baird and the hero that is Gary Mack committed to our cause the centre half positions are for once not giving cause for concern (of course we have thingmie Heaton as well, he can clean Popescu's boots or something). Paul McGinn appears to have "come of age" and I am sure he has a good season ahead. Young Kyle Magennis will be like a new signing such was his absence(s) last term, Danny Mullen has established himself as a hard working goal scorer fit to don the stripes (a cult hero in the making), Cody Cooke has went from lump of wood to "get Cody oan", Ryan Flynn has endeared himself to the West bank with some lovely displays, Cammy MacPherson and Ethan Erhahon are a year older and a year more experienced and are poised to saunter into the team with a swagger, Stephen McGinn has some recovery ahead but all in all we have the backbone of an exciting squad. What we don't have is Cole Kpekewa in the centre of defence illustrating that you do not need to be able to kick a football, head a football, position oneself properly and in essence be able to play football in order to bag a 2 year contract, we don't have Jeff King, Matty WiIllock, Hayden Coulson (to be fair he was half decent) and the others whose names now escape me. All in all, I am optimistic for the coming season. I agree we have to throw the dice to secure a successful season, survival no longer the issue, the challenge is building around this core of players and letting them flourish. Flourish boys, flourish indeed.
  12. Well said Sir, well said indeed. Now back to business...... Happy Monday Mr Goodwin, get that breakfast down you and get onto that operator and start getting put through to all those marvellous players you are about to sign. I want marquee, I want young starlet of tomorrow and I want experienced artisan. Get them signed, get them signed indeed.
  13. Well I see the news is now official...my what a surprise. Great news, one of our own is not only back in the fold but leading the flock. Once again welcome Jimmy, Jimster, Jimbob, James, Jamesy, Jeemy, the Jimster, the Jamester, the Goody, the Goody two shoes, the Goodmeister, the Goodmeister General, the Goody bag, the Good Gentleman, the Good yin, the Good win, the Goodster, the Goodster of heaven above, the Goodster of heaven and Paisley, Jimmy the Good bad and ugly and so on and so forth and what have you not eh. Welcome back James Goodwin, welcome back indeed,
  14. What is the expression you young hipsters use....facepalm is it? I am that forum user, I stood forward when no-one else did, I raised myself up above the crowd, I though "nah Shull ya bugger Im getting in tae it first for once"
  15. Welcome back Sir, you are very welcome, very welcome indeed. 3 year deal..
  16. I am not entering into any discussion with you, the reason being that the potato I plan to have as a mid morning snack would likely provide more intellectual conversation. The only "fact" is the existence of the Coleraine story for 6 weeks......everything else is speculative dribble.....hence my preference to converse with a potato over you! I wonder if the Alloa Chairman has received the phone call yet?
  17. Wooosh The story that Oran Keanrey would return to Coleraine did indeed appear 6 weeks ago in the press, having read it I can confirm that to be a fact. Your rant was one sided speculative nonsense. Now just to be absolutely clear, I find your last response to me to be rather stupid, stupid indeed.
  18. A lot of words, pure speculation of course, repetitive one-sided speculation Your rant does nothing to address the only real fact that we can be sure of. Six weeks ago (yes 6) speculation appeared in the press regarding our then manager returning to Coleraine. As out of the blue as it was the speculation did not disappear. Low and behold, with the job still open, Mr Kearney goes and falls out with our Mr Scott. Now I do not know what happened but that 6 week old story has left me bloody suspicious, bloody suspicious indeed.
  19. It has and this would appear to make the sudden fall out with Mr Gordon Scott somewhat suspicious. Could it perhaps be alledged that Mr Kearney has been "tapped up" and any subsequent breakdown in relations was manufactured? Suspicious goings on, suspicious goings on indeed.
  20. That it is forum friend, that it is indeed, With last season finishing on such a spectacular high and with Mr Kearney at the helm I was guilty of allowing myself some optimism with regard to the forthcoming season. Well it now appears everything has once again been Royally f**ked up. As the days trickle by and better run clubs are working the transfer market we are falling out with yet another manager. As fans are being asked to fork out hard earned money for season tickets the best the club can offer is yet more internal strife. Once again as things look to be taking an up turn our club turns everything to pish. Well done to all involved, well done indeed.
  21. Disagree Now move along, move along indeed
  22. No, neither Jeff King nor Heaton (I forgot his first name) could lace big Coles boots. Although both Jeff and thingmie Heaton were superb and each contributed so very much as was Hayden Coulson, big Nicolai Brock-Madsen, Matty Willock and that's it I cannae mind any more. We should re-vote for player of the year, Cole Kpekewa should have walked it Yes special thanks to Cole Kpekewa, thingmie Heaton, Hayden Coulson, Nicolai Brock-Madsen and Matty Willock for keeping us in the premier league, special thanks Cole Kpekewa, thingmie Heaton, Hayden Coulson, Nicolai Brock-Madsen and Matty Willock indeed.
  23. Is he the best signing of the season though? Cole Kpekewa takes some beating, takes come beating indeed
  24. Well they had to beat them ONCE to be able to beat them twice! I stand by my original point
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