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  1. I agree. Perhaps its a confidence issue because he really does have a touch like an elephant. On the odd occasion his touch isn't rotten his hold up play can be half decent. He could be a decent player, he really could.......just couldn't trap a bag of cement. Perhaps he just needs a bit of confidence, hopefully he will score a hat trick the day and turn into a world beater.....I say perhaps!
  2. I did actually, it was a cathartic moment. It's amazing that I had never had a cathartic moment until 2013 when I and many others learned what cathartic meant. I love a bit of catharsis. Not too long ago I was at Spennymoor v Darlington and Darlington v Gloucester. Bloody guid fitba. Adam Campbell plays with Darlo now. That's not league 2 right enough but rather the national north I believe. But honestly, what level of stupid do you need to be to be pay in excess of £100 a MONTH (or whatever it is for Sky, BT and all the other pish)to watch an English team, managed by a German, packed with French, German, Italy, Spanish and Africans against an English team managed by a Norwegian and packed with players from Spain, Holland, Belgium, France and Africa. Give me the michty Mirren vs Ross County on a pishing wet afternoon any day!
  3. Aye I know..... Still not interested. The Rangers I don't care for at all. As for English football, its a pile of uninteresting pish. I genuinely don't care what team of hopelessly overpaid foreigners do against another team of hopelessly overpaid foreigners. English football is pish. Halfwits who pay far too much to companies like Sky and BT are brainwashed. These companies have to tell you then English football is the best in the world because that is what they are selling you...it's f**king shite and has been for about 30 years. Give me Johnstone Burgh V Renfrew Juniors of Kilwinning Rangers V Beith any day over that shite. Oh and Sam Allardyce is a fat criminal f**k who should probably be in the jail rather than "forgiven" and paid stupid amounts of money by stupid people promoting a pish product to even more stupid people.
  4. To be fair I couldn't help you....The Rangers are of no interest to me
  5. I would say it is quite appropriate as it could affect the game! Would you aye
  6. Connolly on...good Obika off....All hopes on Erwin...errrmmm
  7. Wee bit of quality with McAllister coming in, Erwin coming on to counter it
  8. This guy is utterly shit, however I am actually enjoying his shiteness
  9. That's my next question but lets not get ahead of ourselves
  10. We look tired Unlike me who actually is tired....nearly nodded off a couple of times. Away to watch the lassie De Foy, she's looking good the night.
  11. Would you not need to wipe my arse to be eligible for that? Trust me, whatever the allowance is, it is not enough
  12. I don't know who you are or what you are getting at.....however having just popped on to the old forum after watching a damned fine victory, followed by a bit of rugger I am somewhat disappointed to see someone acting the bellend. Why are you being a bellend? Another Saturday, another fine victory. Big Jon was outstanding, Ilkay was as usual silky and I am especially pleased for Dean Lyness.
  13. Brilliant.....Dennis has impressed me big time today. Well I am finding it difficult to calm myself down after that.......somehow a night in front of the telly seems so inappropriate!
  14. Please do. If I don't reply start to worry........
  15. I huvnae been on the thread aw day!!! Baw heids like Shull have scunnered me. Still what a result. Great goal from Connelly and that run from Flynn!!!!!
  16. I assumed this was a 1945hrs kick off!!!!!!! Anyway anyone got a link to the game? Hesgoal is being a buffering bastard
  17. Brandon Mason was shit, utter shit Our manager, in not replacing Mason MUCH earlier was shit, utter, utter shit We played like we were f**king scared...we created f**k all and as a result we got f**k all Utter, utter bastarding drivel.
  18. Yeah he has. He was able to write of 2.5 billion US dollars in tax against it!
  19. That reminds me of a song. Jim'll fix it for you, and you and you You don't hear it anymore. I wonder why?
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