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  1. Another great result, as far as I can see still 4 points adrift. Yet to belief OK, GMS, GMCPH AND JN have faith to turn it round. Win next week v Livi still bottom amazing,
  2. Enough is enough please just book your one way ticket to Belfast and go Oran. God knows why you were ever appointed, clearly not up to the job and woefully out of your depth, the board really have a lot to answer to with 2 dreadful managerial appointments in a row.I really don't see where our next league win is coming from, given that we have Aberdeen and Hearts away in next 2 games, not exactly happy hunting grounds for us even with a half decent team unlike this bunch of amatuers.. Footnote to this is who the hell is scouting for Saints at present, on recent showing what we have brought in is even worse than what we had before if that's possible. Neil Lennon for Manager until end of season??? Highly unlikely and probably not too popular with some fans but I bet he would boot a few backsides in that hopeless bunch of imposters we have guising as 1st team players at present.
  3. OK is doing OK and that's OK. OK fecks of to Northern Ireland every weekend and that OK OK is yet another imposter Manager and thats OK OK does not have a clue how set the team out and thats OK OK doesn't know his best starting 11 and thats OK OK has been a complete and utter failure at St Mirren and thats OK i am imbecile apparently and that OK. C u all in the championship if thats OK. Disgrace
  4. Because Hendo is a total dick i can't comment fully on my reply. Needless to say we r now bottom of the league, i rest my case,
  5. Thanx hendo or your idiotic comments that really helps the club in our present our of need,
  6. It is evidently clear that OK is not up to the job he should be relieved of his duties forthwith. January transfer window really?? I wouldn't allow him any more time to make an even bigger mess of things than he's doing at present. As ever the predictable board would place Great Uncle Gus in charge until the end of the season with negative football the norm. Better get the Cineworld passes out folks looks like that'll be the place to spend Saturday afternoon's very soon as Gus has previously told us, I mean Livi, a team with a lesser budget and players who are in the main championship level are now 16 points ahead of us and have NO CHANCE OF BEING RELEGATED have taken 6 points from us so far. The board really have some explaining to do with this disastrous appointment.
  7. Ye great reply BUDDIE 1877 see in the championship wi idiotic comments like that.
  8. Jimmy Nichol has done the some total of bugger all since the halcyon days of Raith Rovers in the mid 1990's when a certain Danny Lennon scored in the Olympic Stadium v Bayern Munich amongest a League Cup Triumph v Celtic. Other than that I can re-collect sod all of any note so yet another wage thief appointment along with Great Uncle Gus and Judas Mendes which no doubt SMISA are paying for, What a club.
  9. Yet again our inability to deal with set pieces adds to our downfall today. I mean Dougie Imrie (one of the smallest players in Accies team wins a header fir 1st goal) scores is basic football. But the happy clappers at the end of the game continue to clap away at the players and the manager for yet another inept performance. I was questioned by one of the happy clappers as to my question to Oran Mor at the end of the game about our inability to defend set pieces and what was being done to rectify it in training Monday to Friday (obviously sod all). The happy clapper then told me I was a tube (not quite what he said) to dare to ask Oran Mor what was being done to address said set piece failures. as he was clapping the happy clappers. So pleasing to see the happy clappers applaud the players and manager no matter the result (even one of our closest rivals who'll be in the mix and who've taken 6 points from us so far) Let's see how many happy clappers continue to applaud the team as the season progresses I mean we are REALLY going to sort it all out in the January transfer window as no other in the league will strengthen. God help us as for Oran Mor the jury remains firmly out, why don't any of the happy clappers open their eyes and really see what progress if any is being made at our club., maybe it's just me bur we are a bigger club than Accies, Livingston and St Johnstone and are frankly not even near their calibre at present which is frankly an embarrassment. But hey we have SMISA.
  10. More coaches than Dodds of Troon at the club now. We'll need to set up a coaches 1877 club in the Main Stand soon!!!
  11. Jack Baird best centre half at club and Paul McGinn an attacking threat, god help us . Jack's sister Shona would be a better option as for Paul McGinn have a chat with some Thistle fans. A win is a win though can we build on it next week against Accies???
  12. Big thanks to Great Uncle Gus and Judas Mendes obviously don't need Oran Mor to get a result. ẃ
  13. Yet another predictable 2 0 defeat me reckons. At this moment in time i have no faith in either the players or the Manager to get any positive results I'm afraid.
  14. Are we Saints fans still expected to pay into yet another pre-season so called glamour friendly with Sunderland??? So in fact we've paid for Sammy's compensation deal, sounds like yet another crackpot scheme from our illustrious board. Jack Ross should be dipping into his well lined pockets to pay for all of us to attend this dross, even then I'd probably find a better way to spend my time.
  15. At this rate we'll have more coaches at St Mirren than Dodds of Troon lol
  16. Reminds of the season Ludovic Roy went to St Johnstone in a strange move and we ended up signing John Hillcoat as his replacement. Hillcoat was nowhere near as good as Ludo but did an adequate job. Can we not offload Ryan Flynn, Ian McShane, Danny Mullan, Paul McGinn, Ryan Edwards etc to Sunderland that would reeeaaaaallllly help us out Mr Ross.
  17. The chairman should be paying us to go and watch this dross.
  18. Due to work commitments wasn't at game tonight, sounds like another dire performance. The whole sorry mess lies fairly and squarely at the feet of Messrs Scott and Fitzpatrick. God only knows what interview techniques or background checks they do on potential managerial candidates but they sure as hell can pick them. Oran Mor (as i call him) is clearly way out of his depth at this level and bringing in yet another coach in Jimmy Nicholl is unlikely to solve our problems. Far too many below par players who are not SPL standard are the route cause of our poor run of form and the manager has no idea how to grind out results even with his limited resources. Gus back as manager ??? if so i'm off to the cinema as he so nicely advised the fans. Oran Mor makes John Coughlin look like Pep Guardiola.
  19. You can't say anything bad about Jackie Baird the fans love him and even make up wee songs in his honour for goodness sake. I've got a wee song for the beloved Jackie 'he's black, he's white, his general play is shite, Jackie Baird, Jackie Baird' Albion Rovers on look out for new centre half, any volunteers to drive him to Coatbridge ?? That's about his level along with the big Danish imposter up front. Sorry Albion Rovers fans to inflict such misery on you we'll even through in Stubbs as manager.
  20. Does the following article sound all to familiar for comfort, came across it tonight, very worrying.Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/rotherham-united/rotherham-united-how-defeat-after-defeat-and-distancing-the-fans-led-to-millers-boss-alan-stubbs-downfall-1-8189965
  21. Is Jack Ross still the manager??? So it means diddly squat at this moment in time.
  22. What about Jack Ross, he seems to apply for any vacancy just now lol.
  23. Spoke to a few Thistle fans regarding Paul McGinn. They all state he is at best bang average and certainly not their first choice left back., which says a lot about a club that's just been relegated and was hovering around the bottom end of the table all season. Footnote to this, what if the new Manager doesn't rate him?? Potentially a complete and utter waste of a wage, not to mention messing the boy about. Only time will tell,
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