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NAW :unsure: thought you where going to say feeder are boring, you say about all over bands :lol:

Feeder I quite like actually. :)

Starsailor on the other hand are mince.Noel Gallagher had the right idea...telling them to cheer the f**k up. :P

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“Now he’s a poof/He’s got spunk all over his gob!â€

“Goin’ down Blackpool AWRIGHT!/Goin’ down Blackpool for a pint/Goin’ down Blackpool AWRIGHT!/To see the lightsâ€

“Does anyone know his weight?/That’s his fifteenth plate/The fat bastard!â€

Beer and Sex and Chips and Gravy. :lol:

Classics everyone Howard...... :lol:

the zutons - why won't you give me your love

Seen them last night with Mrs. Albrecht. Pretty good.

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