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Well, I never knew Shane McGowan was a slate off the roof .......


I always wondered how old shane was still alive what with his lifestyle and all but i didn't think he was a chutney ferret ! - surely that would reduce his life expectancy in the sort of places where shane does his hard drinkin ?

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News to me. The phrase, "I wouldnae shag him wi' yours", springs to mind.

Saw an interview with this alleged shirt-tail lifter on BBC4 last night. Seemed like quite a character.



Who him ? Looks a bit like a future Tony Fitzpatrick 20 years from now ..... :blink:

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Looks like Gilbert Harding of the erstwhile Brains Quiz.

Broke down in tears when in The Psychiatrist's Chair (or similar prog) when it skirted his penchant not-for-the-ladies...


:clapping The very chap. The programme was Face to Face - as shown last night on BBC4. He was also the first presenter of What's My Line?


I figured if anyone was old enough to remember him it'd be you, Chingford...

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Was going to do a top five lesbians,  but the only one I think of Sandi bloody Toksvig and I can't feckin' stand the wummin.........


Well, there’s Melissa Etheridge and k.d. lang for a kick off, then Samantha Fox ( :( ). Ellen De Generes, of course. Oh, and me. :rolleyes:

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