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2 hours ago, Julian Banjos said:

That was at the Caley end and pretty sure it was Combe. There were hundreds of schoolkids in there in on freebies. He hurled it back into the stand I seem to remember!


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On 12/18/2016 at 6:54 PM, billyg said:

Hi Ian , Fergie only used two youngsters on a regular basis in his first season ,Fitzpatrick and Reid , who were both already in the team before he arrived. He used/signed experienced players to steady the ship , and if we're to stay up this season , I would expect more experience to come into the squad in January ! If Ross lumps the responsibility for keeping us up on the youngsters shoulders , I would fear the worst !

Agree and think the signs are it will happen.  Langfield, Hutton and Clarkson were all given chances and found wanting. Quinn has either been out or unable to do 90 minutes but is still in the team. Webster started ahead of Baird on Saturday.  I take from that JR wanted a more experienced team but had no real choice except to field a load of young players.  Credit to him for managing what he has.  Could be four or five in if Naismith does go.  Be utterly unsurprised if we don't have couple lined up already.

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Did he not save a penalty in one of those games as well?
Barry Lavety keeping goal at Cappielow is another.
There was also a cup game at Dens where we had two outfield players who took a shot in goal. I want to say Mark Yardley and Tommy Turner, but that could be shite. 

You're right, TT and Yards.
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