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So long Bertie

faraway saint

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Bertie Auld, 83, passed away, a member of the historic Celtic team that won the European Cup in 1967.
All the best Bertie. 
Bertie Auld. RIP.
What a truly iconic man.

I grew up with Fergie as my hero... but genuinely respected Bertie Auld so much that in a parallel universe, I believe Bertie could have achieved as much and been that legend.
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I had plenty of time for Bertie , particularly in later life , but as a player he really  was a dirty wee b****r.  He broke two opponents legs (Provan , Fraser) with over the ball tackles , the Fraser one in particular provided a harrowing set of pictures , with Fraser biting into one of his team-mates shin pads because of the pain. I think he was the first "foreigner" to be sent off in the Bernabeu too , he was a nasty piece of work.  When it came to management he tried to go toe to toe with Fergie in the angry and controversial stakes in a Saints v Thistle rivalry , but in the end , Fergie won hands down. 


As I said earlier , he became a talisman for Celtic in his later life and can be commended for that , but some of us have long memories !

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