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  2. We might well HAVE a scorer in our midst and not realise it. NO forward can score without service and for most of this season, our forwards have been so isolated, it's no wonder they have struggled. Higdon was labelled lazy by our support. Turns out he can score for fun when given the service. Mehmet was a dud... Forced onto the subs bench by the very same people who went on to idolise him. More recently, Shankland... I wanted to keep him as I thought he had ability and could have learned from Thommo. Aye... "Just" Ayr... But he's scoring for fun and now out of our price league! Many factors combine to make sure that it is far from an exact science. Tactics. Supply. Confidence. Fitness. Injuries. Ability! Who's to say that with a confidence boost and the right supply, ANY of our current forwards couldn't raise their game and BE that forward? We are quick to criticise and slow to support when it comes to players struggling for form... Yet still praise ourselves for our great support!
  3. You find it too difficult holding back when you keep getting put in the sin bin - so you re-emerge, but the old bile keeps welling up and the hatred spews out to give you away again and again as you stalk those you hate the most. Will you ever get help - it cannot be much fun being you... Only a matter of time before Div bins you with this alias too... The main forum is far better without your imbecilic attempts at ALL the attention - better talking to yourself in the Sin bin and save the rest of us . . . but when did you ever do the right thing????
  4. If only we’d signed Liam Smith! [emoji23]
  5. Sweeper thinks he IS everyone and everyone else is the same alias! [emoji23] He’s a deluded buffoon of the highest order! [emoji1]
  6. Do you really think I read such drivel? [emoji23]
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  8. I am not too sure that He foresaw this one . . . Now I am not sure if I or you are more blasphemous . . .
  9. It is ok to be pedantic but we both know that this is highly unlikely on the back of Dee's 8 straight defeats and lack of goals (4 wins all season long etc., and the 10 goal deficit in goal difference) - Then Hamilton are not scoring many goals either - that is even before we look at how well we are performing... defensively and offensively. For me Dee have gone - we just need to finish the job and pass Hamilton and stay ahead of them . . .
  10. If they lose Saturday and we pick up 3 points we will want them to beat Accies Too many ifs to know what we really want. For now I just want both of them to drop as many as possible, and us to gain as many as possible
  11. Thanks, that is interesting . . . do you know why he shed tears?
  12. That is one way of looking at it. The other is that we need to grow more or capture better goal scorers when they are younger. It has always been a Scottish Problem. English League 1 has 12 scorers with 15 or more Championship has 12 with 15 or more ( 1 with 28, 1 with 25, 1 with 24, 2 with 23, 1 with 22 and 2 with 21 So there is 24 of them at a decent level - our not very high standard league managed just 2 with 15 or more goals in the league this season. Wonder why we are donkey's in Europe . . .
  13. Why you in here Mrs Shull - visiting time ?
  14. If they lose Saturday and we pick up 3 points we will want them to beat Accies
  15. He was far from the only one, there's a good dozen fans that have went off the social media radar
  16. Win every game and who cares what happens elsewhere (simple).
  17. Shocking they're refusing to change it. Had one similar before where my travel plans changed and although it's technically in their t's and c's that you can't change the booking once it's locked in , the booking.com staff usually ask the hotel manager if they're happy to change it for you - and they usually do. I'd write to the hotel management and explain what happened - pretty sure it's a Milton hotel so maybe even send them a tweet and tag a few St Mirren pages. They won't want the bad publicity
  18. Thank you for the information Living in Leeds , can’t get to midweek games due to work
  19. There is no doubt this forum would be in complete meltdown if we had 8 defeats in a row at this time of the season.
  20. Having endured their last 8 games I am not surprised Lost all 8, scored 3 against 18.................. And why did McIntyre stop with Nelson and Wright up top ? Not that I am that bothered he did ............... Imagine this forum if we were in their position Adding Fire that United might ( big might) come up
  21. But top cat says he should be sacked. Top Cat talks shite.
  22. I would prefer to be above them, even if it is on goal difference. This would force them to try and win and not sit in wasting every minute they can.
  23. A bit pedantic but if we beat Well and Saintees and lose heavily to both Hamilton and Dundee then we could finish level on points with Dundee and go down on goal difference or goals scored.
  24. Interesting points on that, it is well known for being the shortest verse in the King James version of the bible but it isn't the shortest in any of the original languages. Nor is it considered to be the most accurate translation with 'Jesus shed tears' or 'Jesus gave way to tears' being thought by many language historians to be closer.
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