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  2. Ethan

    Stevie May

    Which is why we need to make sure we sign players who are better than the teams around us.
  3. https://www.soccerbase.com/teams/head_to_head.sd?team_id=2475&team2_id=871
  4. slapsalmon

    David Riley Q&A

    Interesting to note he said the old firm getting the family stand was worth 2 players in January. Were those 2 players (for 5 months ish each} worth 10% of the seasons playing budget?
  5. St. Johnstone chairman effectively ruling out any more major signings as they have 'exceeded their budget' despite only having 13 players and one striker. And we thought we had issues.
  6. Hendo

    Thomas Verheydt

    Aye, a left back from fecking Airdrie. Imagine if we'd signed someone deemed surplus to requirements by Ian Murray. I think IOBS head would explode.
  7. pod

    Thomas Verheydt

    But they did. Gus didn't sign him for us.
  8. Fitzy tried to sign Tommy Coyne and Keith Wright from Dundee
  9. Kemp

    Thomas Verheydt

    Good lord........have I just been patronised by IOBS? 😂
  10. I’m sorry but is it just me, I get the feeling we just piss about and at the last minute grab anybody available (usually nobody else wants).
  11. Mate not sure you are grasping budget. Quite a few of our best players have come from our own youth set up. Budget has been our problem for years now. We are not yet able to compete with Motherwell's or the St Johnstone's can pay more than we can. I get it you might not. Frustrating yes.
  12. The Pars did even more business tiday buying a Left Back! Imagine that actually buying a recognised left back? How do they manage it without Gus?
  13. Dundee are in pole position to sign Stevie May according to the Daily Record. Thomas Verheydt is apparently not impressed with what is on offer at St Mirren. Popescu - ditto Muzek - ditto Hodson - ditto The options for JG are quickly diminishing as each day/week passes. No wonder most of us are becoming decidedly fidgety as the start of the SPL season approaches.
  14. I know at least two posters on here who WILL argue just that!
  15. Ozzie Ardiles, David Platt, Oleg Blokhin To a lesser extent: Owen Coyle, Kevin McAllister
  16. One of many posts which seem to show amnesia for how the forum reacted to Goodwin when he was a St Mirren player. Wasn't there unrest when he signed that he was yet another journeyman centre midfielder (when Hugh Murray and Steven Thomson were still with us). I seem to remember plenty of posts about his discipline costing us games or saying he didn't fit in with the way football was evolving or suggesting he was too slow. I was a Goodwin fan but I remember him getting plenty of stick as a player and a coach (prior to being stripped of his coaching - joint assistant manager role).
  17. I'm fairly encouraged if Goodwin is thinking along the lines of adding 5 quality players to what we have already. Last season *&^%$£ signed 11 low-budget (we hope) duds with the possible exception of Lee Hodson and where did that get us? If Goodwin is wanting to sign 5 players with premiership experience (or a similar level) and signs them in key positions then I see no reason why we shouldn't be looking at improving and finishing somewhere 8th - 10th this season - not where we want to be in the long run but making progress and beginning to get established as a premeirship team again.
  18. shull

    Latest Scores

    Full Time wait for it ...... MONTROSE 1 ST JOHNSTONE 0
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