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  1. Darren Whyte promoted to first team squad on Official Site.
  2. That happens all the time on film posters.
  3. Speaking of McLaglen, this was no bad as well The Wild Geese
  4. And, although the programme was a bit guff, what a theme tune from John Barry.
  5. I liked that film too. He was also good in North Sea Hijack
  6. That's an extremely camp looking figure.
  7. 89? That raised an eyebrow.
  8. It was meant to be a link to Stelios"s tweet. The app on the iPhone is pish, I can see why Div is getting shot of it.
  9. Sounds a bit shite.
  10. Has already scored a goal for us.
  11. Felt sorry for Spence yesterday, tremendous hat trick including an overhead kick then he misses a penalty in the shoot-out.
  12. I'm in 50s. I can remember guys like McGarvey, Fittzpatrick, Stark, Somner, MacAvennie at their peak. Guys in their 70s will be able to remember Lapsley, Gemmell, Millar and Rodger. It's all subjective. Nothing is definitive.
  13. Indeed. Time to bring this back.
  14. The Saville twins? So called because, in the 70s one of them looked like the guy in the clunk-click advert (cue Frankie Boyle joke). I saw them at the Ayr away game in February.