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  1. As long as we beat Raith on Saturday, i'd like /Ayr to get a draw vs Hibs. We'd be guaranteed no lower than 8th and an Ayr win on the final day would see Raith relegated with Ayr hopefully staying up via the playoffs for 2 cracking days out again next season. ETA...grrrrr Not quite, if we lost to Hibs and Raith won v Ayr we'd be 9th. C'mon Saints v Raith, Ayr 1 point v Hibs and 3 points v Raith.
  2. Even a one goal victory over them on Saturday means a draw against Hibs guarantees us 8th place.
  3. FT 3-2
  5. Geez a goal for Hibs
  6. 2-2...FFS Hardie clean through scores
  7. You're watching the game live and yet i'm posting updates faster than you.. WTF
  8. 2-1 Hibs Grant Holt with the goal on 85 minutes
  9. Wait until the ball's up the Raith end before you go for your next one.
  10. Raith hit the inside of the post and it bounces straight into Hibs keeper's hands.
  11. 1-1 McMamus 66 mins
  12. That was the expected response, you didn't disappoint
  13. you could be periscoping this so we all can watch
  14. 1-0 to the Hobos, Keatings 41 mins