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  1. fan4ever

    Speculation Thread

    Who cares
  2. fan4ever

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Sorry this is a bit off topic I'm just glad the former player who wants to turn to management is not Chris Sutton. He is an arse. I hate it when he stands there looking like a dip stick giving his verdict on games with his doom and gloom face. You know he ran st mirren and other teams down last year when we were flying. Time he got punted off the TV. He is Mr negative. Can't stand him
  3. fan4ever

    Disappointed in it all

    Why the board or jack. What would any of us do? £60, 000 a year against £250,000a year. I don't know what Jack gets paid but a manager in England must start on at least above. I know what I would do. Only thing I will say is get going jack if you are this is important time for club
  4. fan4ever


    Well done Jim Goodwin and alloa. Over the 2 legs fully deserved
  5. I think giving rangers and celtic more seats will give them an advantage during game. Honestly one stand the usual away stand and no more. Up to the club to make sure we fill the other 3 stands with St mirren supporters. Would gladly pay a few pounds at gate to stop them getting more than 1 stand. I am season ticket holder
  6. fan4ever

    Jack Ross

    Thank you Largs buddies for getting this back to about Jack ross. What he has achieved in a year as a manager is worthy of manager of the year. This accolade is about all Scottish teams. Was st mirren the first team to win league- YES Has our manager been linked with numerous managerial vacancies- YES Has he taken a team in disarray at the bottom of the championship to the top of the league in 12 months- YES Does he deserve it - YES Are we lucky to have him as our manager- YES Have I thought about putting £5 on st mirren doing a Leicester City next year- YES Top 6 finish for us definitely next year - YES Lets sell out st mirren Park every week sell at least 5000 season tickets have a march to the stadium on opening game of the season In Jack Ross we trust - YES
  7. fan4ever

    Squad For Next Season

    I think we have a team that has just won the league for us. They have 3 more games to play lets not start saying who we think should stay or go. Lets enjoy the next 3 games and support the whole team who as a group have been together in support and have given us a lot to shout about. Once the season is over and the team have had their celebrations and a few days to recover then start with who is in or out.
  8. Does anyone else get fed up watching their team mine obviously being st mirren playing the same team 4 times in a season. I feel it is time to have 18 in Premier league and play everyone twice and doing away with the split. Make the championship more teams then just one more league. Make it 2 go down 2 come up then a playoff for 3 spot. In other words same as English football leagues. Would give some teams more of a chance to get money
  9. fan4ever

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    I am a positive fan but watching them play over the last few home games have been nervy. Against Brechin we were crap a d would have been beaten by a few goals against a better team. Look at the score the week before. I dont know what is going on as we are not dominating the way we were 2 months ago. Teams on their game will test us like livingston did and did it with ease.
  10. fan4ever

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    I think Livingston are in form just now. Lots of shots on goal with many on target. We need to up our performance and win our games a bit more comfortably and it doesn't matter what any other team is doing. But st mirren have been lucky in a few games recently and that worries me.
  11. fan4ever

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    Well st mirren will have to play better than they did Saturday to win at Dundee United. That is what I think anyway. I hope we can get at least a draw Sorry for negative but it is st mirren and we always do it the hard way
  12. fan4ever

    St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    We were honking today. Against anyone else in league we would have lost. Morgan has not played that great for at least 5 games. I think he will be loaned back to us next year not good enough for Celtic. Yes it was 3 points but I hope the team work on a passing game we are at our best passing quickly.
  13. This league title is far from over. The result last week proves that. There are no easy games. It is important to take 3 points tomorrow. I hope the team chosen are mentally fit as Brechin altho not winning a game have only lost st by the odd goal
  14. fan4ever

    Liam Miller

    I know Liam Miller never played for us however I think his passing at 36 of a horrible disease brings supporters and clubs together in remembering a young man taken to soon. I remember watching him for Celtic and Hibs. My thoughts are with his wife, young family and friends.
  15. We are playing a game on Tuesday 27th February then again on the Friday. I think that is quite a close. So I hope we can get the game won in the first half on the Tuesday and start to rest players for the Friday night