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  1. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    We were honking today. Against anyone else in league we would have lost. Morgan has not played that great for at least 5 games. I think he will be loaned back to us next year not good enough for Celtic. Yes it was 3 points but I hope the team work on a passing game we are at our best passing quickly.
  2. This league title is far from over. The result last week proves that. There are no easy games. It is important to take 3 points tomorrow. I hope the team chosen are mentally fit as Brechin altho not winning a game have only lost st by the odd goal
  3. Liam Miller

    I know Liam Miller never played for us however I think his passing at 36 of a horrible disease brings supporters and clubs together in remembering a young man taken to soon. I remember watching him for Celtic and Hibs. My thoughts are with his wife, young family and friends.
  4. We are playing a game on Tuesday 27th February then again on the Friday. I think that is quite a close. So I hope we can get the game won in the first half on the Tuesday and start to rest players for the Friday night

    If and only if we win the league with a few games to go can we lift the trophy at the last home game
  6. Dunfermline v Saints. (Friday 26/01/18)?

    Get Jack baird signed up on long contract. He is getting better and better. Good hard fought result but dunfermline looked strong. Glad we got 3 points
  7. Watching St Mirren today on TV and I am so glad I did not pay money to go to the game. St Mirren were ok first half and I would say only ok. The second half was awful. This is where i think st Mirren will at best be in the play off for promotion and not win the league. You cannot continually play well for only bits of games. Also they need to stop relying on Morgan. I think other teams have gotten wise to his style of play and the running by players for a whole game is not working now. I am not saying he is not an immense player for us and that he is not a gifted player but like Vardy 2 years ago other teams have studied him as a player and he does not get the reign he did have at the start of the season. Jack Baird deserves credit for his defending today. Made some game changing challenges today to earn us a draw. I love St Mirren but in my opinion we were lucky to get a draw. We play again on Saturday at home and i will be expecting the team to be firing on all cylinders from the off.
  8. I don't agree thought he was OK
  9. QoS Game

    Every game is a hard game. The team has to be at their best in every game. There has been 2 games this year below the players own standards (morton and dunfermline) and we know the outcome. The other matches the players were on top form. So if after every game the players can walk of the pitch knowing they did their best and played well I am happy but if they come of the pitch knowing they didn't like after morton which I left with 20 min to go as it was dire then they get beat fair and square. Today is going to be difficult, next week will be difficult, all games will difficult this season. But players must be up for every game
  10. Morton v Saints 12 August

    That was a disgrace today. Cannot pick out one player that was playing like they wanted to win. What happened to stellios did not make one run forward if that was his instructions it was shit. No desire. We cannot blame ref we deserved that today pure and simple better team won. Punting the ball up the park is not the answer once in a while le it will work. Their forward was really good won't be there long. We had 2 positives Samsons save and goal after 90 not good enough. I see mallen did not even make the bench loan him back to us Barnsley even short term till our injured players are ready to play 90 minutes
  11. Fixtures 2017/18

    Well I am gutted that the first game of the season is during the school holidays. This opening game is being played the last week of the holidays and is what is considered the paisley fair. Will miss the first game
  12. What makes you think any player will risk getting a ban for throwing a game. I dont think They will start against us. We have to win Saturday and draw against hibs at least but under our own merit not relying on others
  13. Playoffs

    Personally I think season tickets should be valid if we are in playoffs as still part of the season.