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  1. If I were Gordon Scott, I would not be getting into a bust up situation unless I had a credible plan B- especially at this critical time where the team needs rebuilding for the new season.
  2. Update St Mirren were not relegated. Hope, combined with intelligence and determination, flourished and St Mirren’s flame burns anew.
  3. Not the best analogy.... St Mirren were the lower division club. As a wee boy the press cuttings were on my wall for a long time after. So may St Mirren v Dundee United cuttings cover the walls of a new generation!
  4. Unfortunately United will have better pie queue banter thanks to Bob Servant: https://mobile.twitter.com/bobservant?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  5. Consensus on radio last night seemed to be that it’s St Mirren that will under more pressure on Sunday. Bollocks. United, with their sense of premiership entitlement are facing a 4th year in the championship if they fail on Sunday! I think their pride and supporters will hurt more than our’s. We’ve got what we hoped for- a chance- a fair one. They are certainly not where they want to be! edited- spelling
  6. BBC scotland all about United. Before and after the match. Seems to be a failure to understand St Mirren have got a result we are happy to take to New Love st.
  7. So remind us- how many of the starting 11 were Stubbs’ signings.
  8. Tell me more about this stamp collecting...? Ever heard of a guy called Phil Ately?
  9. On the topic of the actual matches, I don’t feel great about St Mirren’s prospects. I think I’m still hurting from the February result, and wasn’t impressed at the showing at Dundee at the weekend. I know the game on Saturday had its own dynamics, but a 3:2 win against a 10/9 man team does not inspire confidence. Yes we are on a solid streak - including matches against teams with little to play for. If the St Mirren that beat 10 man Hamilton show up, they have a chance. Won’t be surprised though if we go down on away goals... (PS- I have been a positive poster in general but this the way I see it)
  10. Non story. He said he’d be here next season when he signed his 3 year contract.
  11. Brilliant post. Replying so as reproduced in full.
  12. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/hamilton-boss-brian-rice-says-16214968 how about we all sing bus related songs: we’re all going on a summer holiday? the wheels on the bus go round and round?
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