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  1. Harry Davis

    You a fan of Boaby?
  2. Harry Davis

    Boaby slid in earlier
  3. Harry Davis

    Naw... Naw...
  4. Harry Davis

    Could have swore Davis signed a one year deal, not two???
  5. Harry Davis

    I would say that depriving ourselves of one of our fit centre backs for over a quarter of the season has contributed to our two losses. Lets hope that it doesn't cost us anymore as this league is there for the winning, the team/manager that makes the least mistakes will lift the title. We are capable of that if we can field a decent defence.
  6. Harry Davis

    I dont think anyone is questioning his ability, the issue is are we now such a big club we have extra resources to spend on players who wont kick a ball in nine months, or should we not have gone for the centre back "in the hand" rather than two in in the bush?
  7. Harry Davis

    The "right time" was about seven weeks ago in Greenock.
  8. Harry Davis

    "Has something happened"? err.. yeah he said he wont be at full training till next month, which means it will be mid to late November at the very earliest before he is able to kick a ball that counts for the first time in nine months. Thats If he doesnt have a reaction. You may not be aware but we are having to make emergency loan signings to cover the position we signed a seriously injured player for. Was that a risk worth taking???
  9. Harry Davis

    Surely most can now agree this was a stupid idea to sign a player with such a serious knee injury? why couldn't the club simply have offered him his rehab, training etc till he could pass a full match fitness test, then backdate his wages to the season start.
  10. QoS Game

    Asked them to come back from last weeks clusterf**k with a win and the team delivered. Scrappy game till we got our first goal, dominated the first half after that, got the third, Samson made a few good saves in tricky conditions, then the strangest substitutions hand them the momentum. dont know why he takes Reilly off (unless carrying a knock) as although not scoring he unsettles their defence and denies them the opportunity to pass out from the back. To replace him and Todd with Kirkpartrick and Stewart was just repeating last weeks mistake of not getting Irvine on to help manage the game out. We were instantly vulnerable in the middle with only McGinn showing anything, and McShane posted missing again. Ross needs to learn when its time to shut a game down, and who to bring on to do that. thought Todd looked like a completely different player, he tied their left side up and nothing came down that side till his injury, hopefully hes back soon as hevwas a real bonus helping us to push on quickly and less predictably. great result, but someone needs to tell Ross how to shut a game down, last week we lost another goal, and all shape when he subbed Stelios, but brought on a forward, this week he repeated it when the situation cried out for thenlikes of Irvine who will chase everything and deny the opposition time or composure.
  11. Disgrace

    Then I am sure you wont mind if we decline the opportunity to stand outside your stadium whilst the game is on, and queue for non existant food at you snack bar. Might be better if we just put that £25000 of visiting fan gate money into our own club?
  12. Disgrace

    Can only echo that sentiment. In addition to last weekend's complete meltdown in organisation at East End Park, our second game there last season was equally ill-conceived and ill prepared for the visiting support. shoe-horned into the stand shared with the home support, not enough seats available as numpties at the club greatly under estimated the visiting support, blocks of seating taped off, and stewards removing people who stepped over the tape, or wouldnt take a seat they could see hee-haw from. Not only did they take money for seats fans couldnt get, they also had the cheek to throw people out who had paid, who couldnt access a decent seat. best action is to not give them the admission money! Imagine if on Saturday we had decided en masse at seeing the complete farce they were performing, to decide to not accept their poor attempt at organising a football match and head back to cars, buses, pubs etc to listen in to open all mics... 1400 X £18 = £25200.00 fine for being unable to stage a football match, and host visiting fans. I bet that would get their attention.
  13. Injury Updates

    Whats the problem if Harry only chips in with half a season on a seasons wages..? Jack told us all signings are a risk... just seems some are a bit more bleedin obvious than others..!
  14. Couldn't see it from away end or on the highlights but apparently Eckersley has his hands round the guys throat and/or face as he pulls him back, so no surprise it was rejected, probably waste of time/money if that was in the ref/linesmans report.
  15. saints fans survey 2017

    I get that perhaps not many want to be seen as being hoodwinked, and admit it, but surely the youth academy have a moral duty to offer to pay back the thousands Smisa have given them, since they just got £15k from a sponsor, and the money they got from Smisa meant we would no lo longer be funding the Panda club.... doesnt anyone else feel uncomfortable with being guided to vote to fund the academy when they are cash rich, and the Panda club is left out..?