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  1. 2017 Annual Accounts

    Even though the parachute payments have stopped, salaries have gone up, on top of that there is a £30k directors salary line that was nil previously, and profits have halved. the peach though is in the Chairman's statement on how Smisa funding helped them afford things they otherwise would have to have gone without, like the sports scientist and presumably match balls...
  2. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    given, results so far this season showing any team in this league, bar Brechin (hope that continues) can turn any other over, I think this will be a very difficult game. Our league form of late has slumped, and you cant really suggest humping the Edinburgh pub team last week indicates we are turning that round. Would take a draw now, especially 0-0.
  3. W7 Fans & Banners

    Surely if the banner is deemed unacceptable and offensive, then just about every instruction bellowed by our management team from the bench is a more severe breach as they are serial offenders. Should Fowler & Ross be banned? One of them went into the stands last season to 'av it' with his detractors, if it was a fan invading the pitch then its an automatic lifetime ban. the club have made a rip roaring c**t of themselves... again.
  4. St. Mirren ladies team

    Just a taste of things to come! looking forward to the meltdowns if Smisa include a request to fund SMFC ladies from the £2 pot. Surely all the members who vote any spend on the club (no matter how ridiculous) through, will back the lassies..?
  5. W7 Fans & Banners

    Quick re-cap: Old people be like 'Ban Everything' No one has suggested a boycott, but that hasn't stopped several posters saying how awful,that would be. The club retain the right to act like fuds in any given scenario. And getting the Slo to do their dirty work.... poor form!
  6. W7 Fans & Banners

    Older people be like..."lets ban ever thing" Teeeeeuuuuune! if you want to rest in W7 when you die. you'll need pre-authorisation to wear your st mirren scarf and st mirren tie. if your trusty st mirren bonnet says f**k the morton on it...? you'll be kicked out W7 for giving it a try..!
  7. W7 Fans & Banners

    The propensity for the board to 'throw our support under a bus' whenever a situation arises that needs some measured thought and reaction astounds me. Perhaps there's one of them feeling vindicated now he's got saints fan, attacking saints fan over this? I wonder how the Fans Council will support their fellow fans in W7 on this issue... ha, ha, ... laugh...? I nearly bought a round. apparently, given the potential authorities sensitivity around this issue the board hired in a professional consultant to speak to the W7 crew...
  8. W7 Fans & Banners

    I heard the club thought that PR meant 'Piss them Right off'
  9. St. Mirren ladies team

    In my time at Smisa i highlighted the 'no-brainer' , that considering half the population of Renfrewshire is made up of women, wouldn't it make good business, inclusivity,community sense for the club to form a ladies team. Have to say never mind the wider support, their wasnt much appetite among committee members to get involved. so good to see Kenny & co bringing the interested parties together to get it off the ground. Looking forward to the 'debate' when/if Smisa put a funding request for the ladies team to the £2 pot vote! Its going to tie a few in knots that want to give the club any funds it asks for! Dont know if the ladies team will be looking for Matchballs funding, but somebody might need to grow a pair!
  10. Dunno why? But just got this feeling if the natural order of things remains intact after full,time tomorrow, we are going to have a decent cup run, visting Hampden at least once! wonder if Queens park are up to turning over the Dung..?
  11. Project Brave

    I think you need to take a stepback and see this for what it is. That being another ill conceived SFA journey of indulgence throwing money at something the likes of Celtic dont really agree with (they have already said they will carry on doing their own thing regardless) just so they can say.... "well we did something" at the moment the big clubs hoover up all the avaialbke talent they can anyway, the likes of us unearth a few gems, and scavenge on the young players the old firm etc reject, we dust them down, invest in them and we get an above average return. In all honesty the elite group would have been a burden we dont need, better to do our own thing, get the academy trust fully functioning and carry on doing what we do best. Project Brave like its predecessors will crash and burn in two years, then the handwringing will start again, then the inept SFA will throw whatever they have left at the next ill-conceived f**k up they dream up. I wonder if Skyview would fancy their name emblazoned all over our academy for the right deal..?
  12. saints fans survey 2017

    Funny... I was sure you said "the majority of voting members" wouldnt disagree with the chairman's ill conceived attempts at trying to run Smisa. But they did..! Lets see how many more vote to disagree with the insulting items put forward by the club. match balls ffs... would that mean if members voted no we would be asking visiting teams if they could "Bung-A-Baw" our way..?
  13. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    Just be careful with those MP types! Especially if he offers to let you use his Dick-Ta-Phone.
  14. saints fans survey 2017

    Re assuring to see, and contrary to what a few heavily suggested here that the Smisa membership do indeed have their own minds despite the SMFC chairmans demeaning attempts to prove otherwise. We can only hope he sees sense now, and refrains from interfering in the independent supporters association's business. its dissapointing that the opportunity to deliver a message, and vote no to the obscene funding of the Academy, and insulting pitch to fund match balls for the first team was passed up, but thats democracy and there will I am sure be plenty of other opportunities to shine a light on members funds being frittered away on items the club have akready budgeted for.
  15. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    I get it ok. Apparently the ref included in his match report, so why did he fail to deal with it there and then.. straight red..? the issue I am highlighting is an excessive 8 match ban for apparently calling someone regarding a physical condition. Not every overweight person is so because of lifestyle choices. Skinny, lanky people who even their own fans, and presumably some opponents call 'Freak' are not so because of a lifestyle choice so surely if an opponent abuses him its an 8 match ban, and if a fan shouts it, its a lifetime ban..? Would be intresting to hear Shiels take on it, given his father was/is not unknown to scream abuse at opponents and his own players regarding physical/mental/ emotional conditions, actual or not.