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  1. What is the big deal here..? its a forum, i give a throwaway one liner, people waiting to be upset, get upset??? If you have a different opinion fine, the guys who feel the need to get personal/insulting about having a different opinion... thats become boring now. to me its no biggie, wont get me cutting up my ST or starting a dirty protest in the W3 bogs, and i will be able to live with everyone elses opinion. On a different note! How about the board leading off the next march to tne ground..? They missed out on that one
  2. One Team.... aye thanks for making my point.
  3. Fitzy is a legend and has earned the right to be at the centre of all things St Mirren. Trophy presentations, open top buses, Bridge St gathering etc.. aye yes if the board want to get involved fair enough. But c'mon what clubs winning trophies have their entire board doing a lap of honour with the team? the pitch is for the legends... current, past etc. If the board are prepared to do a lap if we should get horsed as well, fair enough. Its the players and management team who are 'out there' every week and taking pelters as much as praise that deserve 'their' time in the limelight. If we have a poor game the board file straight into their lounge, the players always acknowledge the support.
  4. No... i would, as the many people i spoke to who were of the same mind believed thats where they should be. In their box. i wonder if they will come onto the pitch to show their appreciation if we get horsed in a game next season..? Guess we all know the answer to that. Theres little chance of them becoming "detached" from the fans whilst Smisa still has a penny in the bank.
  5. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Naw it isnae! It happened, it was widely witnessed, the meeting was closed down to stop me asking any other/follow up questions. Poor show proving how undemocratic, and club influenced the whole set up is. Despite whatever you may think my motives are, the biggest concern for me is if this type of behaviour, including the £50k for Ralston if repeated then it will take only a very small turn in fortunes for large parts of the membership to stop paying in, and that will leave the door open for others to take control of our club. its a precious thing we have created, as with any popular movement their are groups within the origination who seek to further their agenda at the expense of the majority. It is more important than ever to continue to challenge, otherwise we will end up with something we barely recognise compared to what we were originally promised or envisaged.
  6. Had a chance to reflect on what was a brilliant weekend for the team and the town. Expected a really difficult game and thats what we got. Would imagine Duffy drummed it into his morons how much they would hate giving st mirren a derby win, on top of the championship and have to see/hear all the celebrations. He put his team out a lot like how Lazlo set his side up at Tannadice... to kick, foul, frustrate and try to stop us playing football. Our team had to dig deep to keep their nerve and get it back down on the deck, and i felt proud watching them ignore Morton's negative tactics and keep resetting to actually play! Felt for a few weeks Mullen wasnt justifying his starts, but hearing Reilly has been nursing an injury so not capable of a full ninety. Mullen took his goal well, as did our boy Lewis getting it roon the great unwashed. Brave boy, getting that close the smell must have been giving him the dry boak? Josh and his crew in W7 deserve massive credit for lifting the whole atmosphere all season, and showed with an amazing march how everyone wants to get involved, given a chance. Maybe one for the first home game in the Prem? It was important to get back to winning again, regardless of who will/wont be in the squad next season, the all deserve to play for a decent club, and showing they could deal with being champs and a feisty derby will help whoever moves on get a decent gig. next stop Grangemouth, could be another emotional one with some players making a final bow in the stripes, pretty sure we will be too much for Falkirk this time and the team will send us off with another game to shout about. Have to say the board doing a lap of honour... wtf..!
  7. The 3 Monthly Spend

    In light of the recent furore over Smisa and Scott being too close the Smisa committee have stated: " let us be clear.... we arent here to be doormats, or indeed YES men. If Gordon says NO..! We will be saying NO with him" Just a wee bit if light on a beautiful sunny day where we put the Ton to the sword.
  8. Now who was it thought Dundee Utd would win the league, and we would be in the play offs..? couldnt have been me as i said early doors no one could live with us when we played football! That leaves...?
  9. Given your advancing years it was pretty straightforward to set up a distraction. Those lads who chapped your door offering to fix your slates werent the real deal. Put it back before you even knew it was gone!
  10. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Being a Smisa member is a bit like being in a Top Cashback commercial..... it seems too good to be true, you're sure you're gettin screwed, but they seem so nice..!
  11. Dont know what all the concern is about..? Hibs v Sevco cup final had 10,000 fighting/vandalising on the pitch and neither club were punished save replacing the advertising hoardings their fans were beating the shit out of each other with on global TV.
  12. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Yeah ok, i'll accept you submit on this. When i was on the smisa board i made them acutely aware what they intended to do was wrong, voted against it and made sure it was all recorded fot future reference. The whistle blew over a year ago. If you can show me what inhave said that isn't evidently backed up i'd like to see that! not in your opinion, or indeed mine. Just quote me what isn't irrefutable evidence.
  13. The 3 Monthly Spend

    And right there is the reason why it's pointless debating anything with you. Who's spat the dummy now?
  14. The 3 Monthly Spend

    The members cant vote to disapply the asset lock (theres a clue in the name there). To spend the ring fenced funds on anything other than share purchase, as has been explained, a special resolution would need to be drafted, presented and voted on, BEFORE any vote can take place to decide what the other thing to spend it is the membership want to spend the funds on! That brings you back to the asset lock which prohibits the Society from transferring its assets to a private company, especially in this instance where the primary reason is to buy advertising & sponsorship rights. I know you and others have said the astroturfing will indirectly benefit the community, however as we know the primary objective of the club is to lay a rinky-dink 4g surface as Ross has said he wont let the first team train on anything else. So whete is the community benefit? Where are the numbers, key measurables, how many more, less, better..? How will this enable the community to become more resilient..? How will this affect youth crime and anti social behaviour... in numbers? i could ask smisa to fund a new shop in paisley as it could directly benefit the community, i could give you a swathe of facts and figures to back it up. The club & smisa haven't offered one stat on how a new 4g pitch for Jack & the boys would benefit the community. And shot themselves in the foot saying the justification is that we would appear to be paying an inflated fee for a service (advertising/sponsorship) which is again an offence in its own right..!