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  1. Still think this is where we will end up. Then its tin hats on and over the top on the whistle......
  2. Agree with the Disabled platform, as you say no brainer, the transfer kitty option was wrong imo, when i stopped working with the smisa committee a few weeks ago I, and most of the committee still didnt know either if the USH had been fixed..! It wasnt at the start of March, and given the smisa committee broke their constitution, and breached the legislation governing their organisation by lending that money to the club (the committee exceeded their authority as laid out in the constitution where they must seek approval from the membership for spending above £500. They failed to fully inform the membership of the detail, loan, term, interest, security, risk etc... in advance. They also failed to consult the membership i.e. Allow a vote based on full information) all in response to a last minute request by the club, to fix something they knew was broken in July, to prevent the Morton Hogmanay game getting called off. the loan is being paid back, but given the USH as far as we know certainly wasnt fixed last month, what was the money used for? You dont pay repair bills in advance, and if it aint been fixed presumably you still have the money? another reason why the Smisa compass needs a reset to ascertain its independence, that way it will serve the club, community and its members much better than being seen as in the clubs pocket. Unfortunately not everyone agrees on that. there was no mention in the Buy the Buds campaign of continually loaning for whatever the club asks, the funds you thought were ringfenced to buy the majority shareholding, if there were would we have got 1300 sign ups?
  3. So there is a middle ground? A desire to have properly thought out alternatives like the OP's and Melmac's where the smisa membership decide the options they want to consider funding with their money, rather than the club presenting smisa with a list of bills to pay. the club will always have something they could spend the money on, and they may also disagree with what the smisa members decide to fund, and whether the funding is invested, saved or spent outwith the walls of the 2021. If those options proposed by members can deliver a potential revenue stream that sees a return, or be ring fenced for the appropriate time to fund a bigger ticket option then that is an absolutely correct, and sustainable outcome of why we all signed up to this project. it is something I am passionate about, that being the potential smisa members have to transform the club, and the community one step at a time. It does however require bold, fresh and sustainable ideas, and the people willing to back them to achieve their aims. I am sure if you sat down with Gordon and said, yeah we can give you £1500 for the Hof boards now, or..? Or as an example, Looking at the business plan in front of you we can see Next year we wish to sign a lease on taking over the club shop to turn it into the smisa run Cafe Club Shop returning £xxxx per month in rent and merchandise sales to the club he would bite your hand off for the latter? It is just an example, and yes i know they have plans for the shop etc... but there is still a lot of potential to develop,commercial units inside/outside the stadium. This is where the independence of smisa is so important to be seen, heard and acknowledged as an equal business partner, not a source of easy funding. People will in not too long a time frame become "cause weary" if the same old, same old is offered up and stop subscribing. Time I believe to reset the compass.
  4. And here is where because of my experience over decades i cut you some slack on what you may, or may not understand about the type of organisation Smisa is. it is an organisation that is run for the benefit of the community, (The FCA expects community benefit societies to be run on a democratic one-member-one-vote basis. Application of profits: Any profit made by a community benefit society must be used for the benefit of the community. Unlike a co-operative society, profits cannot be distributed to members of a community benefit society.) it is an independent orginisation. So it doesnt have to ask the club in every instance "what can we give you money for". It can research, investigate seek counsel on how best it can INVEST monies like the £2 pot in an enterprise that would be supported by members, community and supporters, and be able to provide a sustainable return on investment that its members can chose to fund club, community and member needs from. What would a simple example of that be? something that one quarterly £2 pot would be able to actually get off the ground??? what about the Smisa Snack Shack van outside the ground, and around the town? Think bigger two quarters payments could get the Smisa Cafe up and running.... instead Hof boards that only need a few quid spent to produce decal oveverlays are getting thousands spent on them. Is that where the smart money is?
  5. Oh you are so wrong, and really make yourself look petty. Barring the very exceptional option (youth club sponsorship) the club tell smisa what they want funded, smisa dont tell the club. So in effect the membership are being asked to vote on options that in the main they did not choose. they may still agree those are the best options, or if the comments on this forum are anything to go by they may becoming round to the view that its these options or no options??? On your last smisa committee comment.... at least its here for all to see.
  6. Do you right the Daily Mail headlines too..? "Crush The Saboteurs".... the fact you seem happy to avoid is that, the club picks almost all the options on what the discretionary fund is spent on, and barring a couple of choices they are just plain lazy, unispiring bill payment options, that will never generate a return, or indeed a renewed interest in the community. but hey i get that is easy to attack/smear the alternative voice, than it is to properly debate as Melmac is trying to do. Some of us would like to see bigger, better actual investments made with the fund, that have the potential to grow and generate a return. Sadly the club just want the spondulas.
  7. As mentioned above, all but the very cheap options put to the vote are simply the clubs wishlist. Things they could afford and should fund themselves, but given their control of smisa and its members subscriptions its just too dam tempting, and lazy to continually milk a fund that we all thought would see investment like you mention that generates a return. the discretionary fund has in the main failed to deliver what it said on the tin! Why is theirbno option for the members to use their descretion, save the majority of quartely pot up to finance something The Members choose??? It is after all the members money, not Gordon's loose change bottle.
  8. Just another stream of money into the club. I think most smisa members may be unaware this is just a big game of "Gordon Says". surprised the £2.50 youth team sponsorship made it to the vote, but then again it at least looks like its balanced.
  9. You keep bangin oan aboot chips, i got the pan on so feeling well fed thanks. p.s. /
  10. Thats the spirit' luvin your positive mindset there. You should could make a living on the corporate scene with that stuff.
  11. Its not like you to comment on one of my posts and totally mistepresent what i have said so you can justify having a pop. Oops sorry my bad, I thought it was another Callum. Dundee Utd are fighting to finish second and avoid an extra two game play off battle. If they are as bad as you say how come they are top end, and cup winners? Re: our last run of games you raise a valid point, losing at Raith, dropping points against, Dunfermline and Dumbarton at home, and arguably passing up an opportunity to take full points at Falkirk are all balanced against the great wins against Hibs, Dundee utd and Morton, with the exception of the Falkirk game where I and most i suspect would have taken a point, not beating all those around us is keeping us where we are. there is nothing wrong in being positive, and the cheap shot suggesting I am against that does not serve you well. Have a nice day.
  12. Sorry for giving a realistic opinion. I do hope i am wrong and its eigth, but there it is.
  13. Maybe some of the buds attacking your view havent realised we are fighting relegation, and Dun Utd are heading to the play offs? had a good long think about these last three games and I think they will continue to play out as recent games have with the bottom clubs all losing and perhaps winning in their last three games. Big question will be can Ayr rally and swap places, or are they consigned to the basement? our games are against three teams all fighting for something, Hibs wont want to lose on their title celebration day, they will be looking for exhibition football. all things considered I think we will end up in the play off place.
  14. Bottom end Scottish championship I class that as struggling Next season maybe New hope. Sponsorship buys the obvious or the insidious, or both. Will we see a spate of invest in Skyview Boards around the stadium? C'mon you get nowt, for nowt.
  15. No idea, but acquiring businesses, distressed or investment opportunities that they can sell on is what they do. They aren't in the business of giving struggling football clubs around the world money for nothing.