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  1. Three seaon plan...? Jeez all the way to next spring!
  2. Working for the community benefit is not all,about writing cheques! smisa could invest in a Smisa community cafe, creating jobs and profit to reinvest in smisa and the community. Any fool can write cheques and give other peoples money away, what about making smisa members subscriptions actually work for the community, members, support and club..? Its embarrassing that the club wont entertain any of these ideas, but are never short of ideas to get a cheque signed.
  3. Suspending the vote would most certainly not! breach community benefit society rules. But lending £15k to the club without consulting the membership most certainly did. If the membership chose to suspend the vote then that is their right.
  4. Kenny I am sure Gordon was all for getting another £2.5k in the till. The point is even the guys running the Panda club know the funds arent being used effectively, but Smisa members are being asked to kerp throwing money at something which isnt fit for purpose. why cant Smisa say 'comeback with a proposal that is fit for purpose" instead of rolling over and putting an ineffective spending option to the members?
  5. Your position above is "the players Ross signed, are indeed not his signings" and you think I am putting myself up for further ridicule..?
  6. And the posts are still on here if you want to read them. If you are waiting for me to put them in a wee pile for you sir then it aint gonna happen. Have a good one!
  7. Yes they were, thats a fact. Their contracts however had, or were due to expire and the manager decided he wanted to offer them new ones. He wasnt obligated to do so by some clause in the expired contract, he chose to make them His signings. and for what its worth I cant for the life of me work out why this irks you and others? No one I have seen and cerainly not I have criticised him for this. I merely listed the players he has built into his squad since the turn of the year.
  8. How is it negative quoting how many players the manager has signed? Sorry but where is the negativity in that..? you taking that quote and in some bizarre way equating it to me believing 'we have lost every league game before a ball is kicked' is simething in your head, its not in mine. If we have improved as a team, we should be qualifying frim this league cup group. The manager believes so, and has said so. I agree with the manager, and captain!
  9. You'll be part of the debating society no doubt? Classy... if that makes you proud of yourself today crack on.
  10. 1. 'From me, to You..?' That made me chuckle... 2. 'These are not the droids you are looking for' the posts are on here, if you wanna read em'? 3. Yeah I am just overwhelmed with dudes wanting to 'debate' with me. I give opinions, alternatives, reasoned debate, and i get back "he's a lesser fan' or 'throbber', feck me these dudes could give the Oxbridge debating mob a run for their money. whats the point of having a view if you don't believe in it? I am not trying to change yours, or tell you you are right or wrong. Insaid Ross has signed/re-signed 26 players and all hell has broke loose.
  11. I have to thank and salute your indefatigability in combing through what must be thousands of posts to highlight my choice that as a rookie Ross needed an experienced man beside him in his first season with us. The two-thirds of a season when Ross couldnt buy a result, and avoiding potential relegation by one goal in the last game of the season just underline how feckin right I was. he relegated Alloa on his own, and damn nearly did for us too. With someone suitably experienced beside him to advise, support and guide we may well have been in the hunt for a play off place last season. thanks again LPM x
  12. Nope... youve lost me here.
  13. I had not stated you mentioned the "26" figure. But you kinda have now by mentioning it.. i had thought by listing all 26 signings/ re-signings I was stating 'Facts to back it up', however when stating these facts i get rounded on by the wee angry posse of the Usual Suspects somehow wishing to deflect, ignore or silence a poster stating a fact they don't like being stated.(why??? I have no idea) however many posts you or I see suggesting Ross hasnt got his full squad together is kinda moot. They are on here, and their number is what it is. Surely those are facts we can agree on?
  14. Sorry to but in on your insightful and educational debate, but if Ross didnt sign Baird, McKenzie, Langfield, Stelios, Smith, Eckersley and all the others then who did? are you suggesting someone else is forcing these players on to him?