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  1. I have just posted an envelope full of shite to Dundee.... Just getting the retaliation in early doors.... Sample it mutha flockers.,
  2. So that's where Stevie Mallan got his tanning obssesion from? A childhood spent ODing on "to you, to me"... tippy tappy comedy shite!
  3. Sorry my bad.. and in the spirit of friendship lets put a big shout out for the Irish lad who is a Morton player in there Mr Tup 'O' Ware
  4. Good recognition for the lad making the SPFL team of the week, where he was up against Premier players. Kenny McLean in there too and a certain Mr K Hutton..!
  5. The only fly in your ointment is that relegation, promotion and league finishes are judged across a whole season, if we move up a place, or with Allah's blessing more than one place before the end of the season we can all rejoice. its not how we started, its how and where we finish!
  6. On form we are bottom of the league, i.e. The worst perfoming team in the league up until now. if we survive i will be over the moon, cant speak for Topcat, maybe officer Dibble can call by his trash can and ask?
  7. You could have just put your hands up, no shame in that.
  8. Well if a number of the new recruits aren't/werent good enough to get the jersey wouldnt it have been a more cost effective option just to get cardboard cut outs or holograms of them at Ralston. Surely that 'perceived' competition for places would have gee'd the lads up..?
  9. You are certainly wrong about me wishing bad things to happen to the team i have supported for fifty years. Nothing could be further from the truth. But you do underline the growing hatred/resentment being stirred up amongst saints fans against anyone who dares to point to the facts. We are bottom of the league becuse uptil now we are the worst team in the league. if you fail to acknowledge/admit your current state, how the hell can you plan to move towards your desired future state..? as regards winning games, no we are not going to win every game, but the ones we have failed to do so recently against teams around us are the ones that count most. We win, plus they get no points... a double whammy, a chance to move up a position. the real and present problem for us now is the fact we only have a couple of our last seven games against those around us. So our chances to hurt them are greatly reduced. Beating Hibs and Dundee Utd was great, without those points we may already have been doomed, however if we could have swapped those wins for the loss to Raith and draws to Dunfermline and Dumbarton, coupled with our win at Ayr we would already be off the bottom..! Think about that for a minute... winning against the teams around us hurts them that much, and helps us so much. Raith pressured us (playing on the same shitty pitch) and we folded, Celtic eventually pressured us and we folded, QoS pressured us and we folded, as did Falkirk. I do find it interesting you highlighting Irvine, McKenzie, Mallan, Magennis, Morgan and Sutton as contributing so much to our recent results and performances, I would add Baird when called upon to that group too... seven players who have kept or won postions from the ten who came in..! What does that tell us of the success of the January recruitment frenzy? I would say that by and large we had the players, quality and talent all along, with McGinn and Davis and to a lesser extent Smith adding to that. I do love the often big "I dont really have the courage of my convictions line" given in your post and several others where you say, myself and others who can actually read the team, performances and achievements will somehow be happy if we are relegated... what a load of shit... relegation would cripple us, I can see that and want to avoid it. I do believe though we have gone about avoiding it in the wrong way, hence we are still bottom and hoping whilst we are otherwise engaged this Saturday, Ayr dont beat Dumbarton or get a result against Dundee Utd. p.s. Dunno why you made it about Jack Ross, does he need defending?
  10. Its a funny old game! at the start of the season we had most posters including your truly believing that the squad assembled was good enough to compete for promotion in this league. One manager got his jotters for getting three points out of his first six games, the new manager lost six on the bounce with the squad we all believed could compete. in January there is a turnover of 20 players, most of the outgoing (the squad we liked pre season) went on to clubs in a better league, or league position to us and we are still the basement club, but some of us make the nonsensical statement .... " if Jack Ross was here at the start of the season with his current squad we would be fighting for promotion" how does that work? Other than it just isnt reality because it never happened, how does it make sense? A number of the January signings (through their own performances) are already proving to be surplus to requirements. Fyelde, Storey, Todd, Stelios and Loy (when he isnt getting a penalty that should have gone to Mallan or McGinn). add to that since its been 'Jack's Squad' we have lost to QoS, Raith, Falkirk and dropped points against Dunfermline twice, and Dumbarton. Not promotion form in anyones book surely? We have picked up more wins and clean sheets, but we are still inconsistent and vulnerable when pressured. Getting a relegation play off spot would now be a real achievement... how many predicted that back in early August?
  11. You are entitled to your opinion, i would only point out so far he hasnt, with the big increase in budget and players signed got us off the bottom! So i cant agree we would be fighting for the top spot on the evidence so far.
  12. Given the ticket office was shut yesterday are you suggesting you have nearly two thousand tickets in your possession now? Was it a jemmy job or ram raid?
  13. Just following on from the discussion on letting everyone have their opinion and say. Undoubtedly we are now picking up wins and keeping clean sheets that seemed beyond us for most of this season so far. With our cup final bringing us level on games played this weekend an Ayr victory, followed by a result for them in their midweek game will see us isolated again needing a minimum of two wins better than Ayr to pass them, with seven games left to achieve this. of those seven games there is only our last home game against Raith where the opposition might not have anything to play for, in other words we will be up against teams fighting for promotion, or like us against relegation in possibly all our games now. Our recent results of beating Hibs and Dundee Utd, whilst drawing at home to Dunfermline and losing easily to Raith show any team is capable of getting a result in any game in this league. Unfortunately that may work against us now with so few games left to play. if its your opinion we have improved, and that Ross should get the chance to manage us next season even if relegated? Think how you will feel if Morton, (who exist on a shoestring budget in comparison) exit this league at the same time, but in a different direction.,
  14. Naw.. in my opinion it is between us and Ayr for automatic drop, and between Dumbarton and Raith to see who may join either of us in avoiding the play offs.