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  1. St Mirren v Falkirk 24/3/2018 (mibbaes)

    I can just hear the laughter on the other end of the phone if the call the SPfl to ask for a re, re-schedule.
  2. Can't resist an open goal!
  3. St Mirren v Falkirk 27th February

    Just a thought do Falkirk have any players in contention for a call up too? edit: naw just checked. it would just be our luck for two to be picked leaving us light. Like a few suggest... 'You had One job'
  4. St Mirren v Falkirk 27th February

    Then like you say hopefully the club have consider this and perhaps been given a wink over selection by Scot Gemmill, otherwise its going to be feckin embarrassing if our three lads are called up and we need to postpone again?
  5. St Mirren v Falkirk 27th February

    Credit where credit is dûe, good move by the club, just the Scotland U20 lads to consider now. If three are called incl Morgan who aint our player will we have to call off our rearranged fixture?
  6. Massimo Donati

    Did ye...aye? Your on the naughty step now, tattie bye!
  7. Massimo Donati

    Perhaps you are reading too much into my post Scott, I merely said it was Ironic we end up with an older version of what some of us feel we lack. I am sure Massimo will become a legend.... lets face it by definition he has a head start over his colleagues! and news of him making his mark on a contract has already generated excitement amongst some of the support.
  8. Massimo Donati

    Its on his wiki page. edit: and here https://www.football-italia.net/116411/donati-retires-football
  9. Massimo Donati

    Dunno...errgh? Because he is older than the guy mentioned who retired two seasons ago, and apparently Donati retired from playing last month? (Or was that just a ruse to get a Mutual out of Hamilton?)
  10. Massimo Donati

    Again as i am sure you read, i never said he was THAT injury prone, but indeed hoped he wasnt going to turn out like our last Senior Signing Djembi, Djembi who had the acceleration of a snail.
  11. Massimo Donati

    As i am sure you read Scott i did say 'in the Goodwin mould' not the actual guy himself! Hopefully Donati doesnt suffer from similar 'Senior Moments'....
  12. Massimo Donati

    A 12 week contract though i dont think the risk is there. If he gets injured or doesnt make the grade then he doesnt play. If it works out then great. If not then a 3 month wage isnt a disaster. Even injured id like to think tbe experience and input would be an asset to the young guys going through this title chasing for the first time. Maybe even good for tbe captain to learn a bit from him. Yip get all that, cant help but see the irony in a lot of us calling for a naturally defensive midfielder/enforcer in the Goodwin mould, and then sign someone older than Goody! lets see your style Massimo.
  13. Massimo Donati

    Fair enough, just the obvious concern like DD a few years ago, will he be up to the pace, and stay fit/injury free?
  14. Massimo Donati

    Is he being signed as a player? at 37..? Someone to keep the physios and sposrts scientist busy perhaps? Should we look out the Djembi Djembi bunnets for a one game run? maybe he is the find of the season? Maybe he will anchor a couple of results for us in this run in? But given we have something like nine players on loan, and the likes of Sutton not making the bench is this the best use of funds?
  15. Jack Talks Tactics

    Agree with a fair bit of what you say. But, turning it on its head, does anyone think we were set up right to play Livi, and that we adapted/responded as quick as we could when they were rampaging through us..? We could have started with JS and Hippo knowing their backs were going for the throat, we could have had the fullbacks doubling up to help the centres and we could have brought on Reilly, C Smith or Mullan to change it, and make them run around more. If i've seen it, and youve seen it, and most everyone else has seen us undone against Livi, Utd, Morton & Dunfermline, and squeaked it against lowly Brechin who play the same way. Then why doesnt the manager trust the talent he has in the squad and adapt his team to beat the opposition? Until we get to a mathematical title clinching position, we need to win whatever way it takes. Get the points on the board, make other teams uncomfortable knowing we can switch around. The style that suits, is the one that gets the job done! If youve got a dirty big sledgehammer in the tool shed, you use that to smash a rock, not a shiny new ball pin hammer because its your favourite!