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  1. Some interesting comments on Rory Loy from this Dundee forum: https://www.thedarkblues.co.uk/forums/topic/11932-rory-loy/?page=2#comment-206046 Hopefully JR is trying to bring him back.
  2. Can't make today's game and apparently faraway is in NY so I can't watch at his either, however, I will be there in spirit in not in person. hopefully div will be streaming on periscope - worked wonders last week. 2-1 Saints (Mallan, MacKenzie) COYS
  3. Yesssssss. Thank goodness for periscope !
  4. Sorry, not going to make it. Still to far away.. I know, I know, really bad - the pressure is getting to me
  5. It is good, unfortunately north Aberdeenshire doesn't count as overseas. Not sure why as it is a different world
  6. Totally gutted that I can't be there today - had to forego this match in order to go to Tannadice last week. Is someone doing periscope ? It will be a real nervous occasion for both teams but wilth a huge crowd backing the team, along with the drum, I believe we'll come out on top. Early goal to settle those nerves and we run out winners. 3-1 (Loy, Mallan, Stelio) Hardie with a late consolation for them COYS !!
  7. Home from AMS 11pm tomorrow night, plenty time for the trip to Dundee on Saturday - almost a home game from Aberdeenshire.
  8. That's how I see it too, meaning we need at least a point against United on Saturday.
  9. Sorry, it's just pre-match excitement. Agree, may not even get a slot on the bench.
  10. Good luck to all the Buddies fans who'll be at Falkirk this afternoon. After 9-hour round trips on consecutive Saturdays for the Ayr and Dumbarton matches I have to give this one a miss, however, look forward to joining a huge away support at Tannadice next weekend. 3-1 win (Mallan, Roy, Stellios), +2,000 visiting fans COYS !!
  11. Getting ready to head off from north Aberdeenshire. Long day but always great to see the Buddies playing, especially recently. Like a few others on here I think today will be very different from last week but hopefully we still get the win: 3-1 Saints (Loy, Smith, Mallan)
  12. 30mins til we set off from a very grey Aberdeenshire. Tickets in the West stand for a change and looking forward to the drum - cannot wait for this match. COYS
  13. Mallon and Morgan both playing well for U21s - watch live on YouTube
  14. Ayr one down at United