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  1. I'd rather not rush him back, but do hope he'll be available for United next week.
  2. Stick on for a goal today then !
  3. Interesting. I hadn't noticed that. Hopefully just resting him for today. I believe Buchannan will be an able deputy for Baird.
  4. QoS Game

    Absolutely ridiculous time for a game. No way I'll be making the 9hr round trip for this, but admit I'll suffer the Gaelic commentary and watch it from the comfort of my own living room.
  5. Going forward we can hurt teams , and I think we will do so tomorrow. Unfortunately, we are still leaking goals at the back , do I'm going for 4-2 Saints. Reilly, Smith, G Mac, Morgan.
  6. Just watched the highlights and have to say we looked much better than I'd thought after reading this thread. If we make half as many chances on Saturday we'll come away with the three points. ( I expect we'll manage to convert few this time)
  7. That's exactly what we did last year. My wife took our daughter shopping and I took the boys to the match. No issues with parking at the outlet.
  8. Agree, but surely we should be expecting to win, and win (more) easily, despite the opposition making a good fist of it.
  9. I have no doubt McShane will come good for us, and he will produce the killer deliveries we're expecting - it just ain't happening yet. Unfortunately, patience is a virtue few of us possess.
  10. Again ? That's a few games in a row now. Let's try some else - Morgan ?
  11. Morton were crap on Saturday, it was only us and the referee that made them look good.
  12. Notice QoS are 3 up on Airdrie. Are we playing as bad or worse than Saturday?
  13. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Filling up nicely in the ground but can't believe all the buses are here yet. Drum.has just arrived though