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  1. I was too young to remember that one! But I do remember McGarvey and Torrance scoring a few
  2. My favourite Saints victory over United was the 87 Cup Final. (I suspect most Saints fans will agree). United were on paper the clear favourites, and had some really good players at the time, BUT what a team performance by us. The extra time made me late for a date.. but it was well worth it. The atmosphere was truly thrilling! We are no where near full strength yet and we don't know if Gary Mac will be fit, and if we are appealing Irvine's red card ; but home advantage, guys like Buchanan fighting for a start again, etc. and it could certainly go our way. Be positive, shoot on sight, shut them down, score the first goal (and all the others in the opposition goal), and keep their scorers at bay (Also keeping 11 of our team on the park might be wise too).. We can win this coming weekend and be level on points with the favourites for winning this league! Hunger, desire and committed teamwork, with a doze of skills and oodles of effort is what wins leagues. Jack tell these boys to go on become champions!!! COYS
  3. Injury Updates

    Great - that is helpful - I don't get the express - Also a bit worried about Gary Mac!! On song he is a fab leader. But having any and all of these players available will be most beneficial.
  4. Injury Updates

    It would be good to have updates on players carrying injury's. I realise that tactically we might not want to tell the opposition though. But it would be good to have an idea of where the injured players were at in their rehab . i.e. started light training, played 40 minutes in youth game or closed door friendly etc. How many more weeks they are likely to be out etc. I know that it is not always possible to guess correctly when they will be fighting fit, but just an idea would be an encouragement to the fans I am sure. It wouldn't have to be too onerous either - say a line or two on each of them every fortnight or so? Of course it would be better still if a fully fit squad were available... Nevertheless, we are already showing great promise.. can't wait to see what we are like if everyone, or nearly everyone is fit !!!!!
  5. Agreed, but consistency... as we've been a bit .... good result/ bad result/good result/ bad result/ so far ... and have conceded the 2nd most in the division.. (Though Utd not exactly banging in the goals either.. hope they manage none next week) So hoping we can be tight next week and score the goals that will bring more confidence, and results.. 3rd or 4th on goal difference .. a win next week and we could be in the top 2 and at least on level terms with Utd (The league favourites)
  6. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Jack Ross must go ..... Aye Go on and keep helping us progress after years of decline... I am happy that we are on a much better incline upwards after years of swirling the drain. We have a team, when everyone is fit and available, that on its day could beat anyone in this league and probably 1 or 2 in the top league (Like Dundee last year) We need to take a reality check after Murray, Teale, Craig etc... and I think that the Board/Chairman has improved likewise. It is still early days, less than 1 year and there is still room to improve and learn to work as a better team each week, but the transition is still happening. Lets be supporters .. even if we are miffed when the result or things are not so great.
  7. The secret is get the first goal .... then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Liv 0 v 4 Saints
  8. I have not weighed in on the Jack Ross management opinion before. I heavily weighed in on Murray for obvious reasons, (So I am not just a happy clapper) but these guys, Ross and Fowler, are doing a fabulous job. (PS I am no relation to either) In football management things move fast. Managers get sacked while they still have previous manager's players that have not performing for either of them. I think the statistics for Jack Ross since January, when he did a miraculous job swopping out and in about 10 players, with not too much time or budget scope, or the best window for choice, is the thing that sent us on the road to safety. And it was tight - but that gave us a fresh platform, having learned to win a lot more often and with a better team on the park than for too long. The transition of the team had to continue too. (It always has to) Players went for money to help the club in the longer term.. We then had a better transfer window opportunity this time - it is still open. So more guys who need to learn to work for Jack and the team have just arrived. Some are old pro's, others younger lads on the way up, and a few in between.. 4 injury's to good players in the squad is an added blow.. Jack has budget constraints and pressures every day, as all professionals do, but he really convinces me that he cares and has ability to move us back to the Premiership. The Morton result was horrible, but the sending off and the poor performance by our defence were factors, along with Morton's ability to exploit on this occasion. Last night's result was not great, but we are through to the next round, and a number of players in the squad were given a chance to improve their match fitness. This has got to be better than not giving them that opportunity, nor giving the usual first choice players any chance to rest and recover? We may or may not get a great result against Livingstone - but Let's stop judging the manager and individual payers on one or two matches at the start of the season - as if any of us could do a much better job - I sincerely doubt any of us could. I am more optimistic about our prospects at the moment than I have been in over 3 years. We will win plenty this season, and we will not be at the wrong end of the table when the prizes are being handed out. Let's fire in our opinions each week, but let's remember that none of the squad, management team or directors are giving less that they can. They want the fans to come out in good numbers and enjoy supporting a successful team. As always Jack and James will be looking to improve individuals and the team as a whole.. but so long as their is progress, it sure beats what we have been getting the 3 years or so prior to this. We are not the polished team yet, but we will be shinning more as the season progresses too.
  9. Steven Thomson

    Yeah we have all tried the beard thing - yeah it works for some folk - personally, I hated it and my wife is not fond of me looking like Harold Shipman. Shaving is a pain but so it being itchy and having food stuck to your chin - so we are all free to make our own choice on facial hair. Personal choice and opinion - but Steven T does look like Captain Haddock - and neither I, nor my good lady think it is a good look for this classy man with loads of money! (Captain Haddock driving an R8 - it does not work) I posted this mainly cause I thought it was a wee bit funny - not dying to have a go at the legend or anyone who dons a beard!
  10. Steven Thomson

    My wife spotted our x striker on Sportscene today with his beard! She said - "Is that Captain Haddock - from Tintin?" With His money - someone needs to tell him to buy a razor
  11. As Good As It Gets..?

    Sounds like the Newcastle Board are incompetent, just like other ones who do not spend wisely!
  12. Punt Or Keep?

    Soctty For any team, but certainly one of our size and means, going into the red voluntarily would be utter lunacy. Spending a wee bit more money doesn't guarantee anything. Spending a lot more money might elevate a team to promotion from the Championship, but we'd have spent money we don't have, which would be unsustainable, especially when interest payments are due on the debt. I'd rather still have a club, than mourn a former club whose last act was to get promoted to the Premiership before going bust shortly after. Response. Thanks for asking me to explain rather than calling me a nutter as the real nutters do. It is so easy to read into words things that are not intended. So invested as I mean it - putting "our money", (Not big scary loans which will spiral us into meltdown) into commercial ventures, players, management with the expectation/ambition of achieving a "gain". (By expectation, I mean having done all the homework to give the business the best chance of it happening - business decisions should not be taken too quickly or too late) Sacking Murray was far too late; no question - the stats prove that, and although we can appreciate the BOD giving him every chance, it actually cost us more in the long run. (No play off place and still the pay off) The BOD do invest to a fashion, of course they have to - Commercial ventures are things like the hospitality. I suspect there is more can be done in this area. (Guess that is Tony's arena to explore) The money invested or risked in players and management in recent years has not always been good (to say the least). Murray was very disastrous - in terms of results (which always keeps fans away), the cost us in his wages, his assistant who got paid off and in signing folk like Gow, Agnew etc.. Teale, Craig were "cheap in house options" that proved to be very poor decisions indeed. (Craig had previously failed as a manager - decent coach though) The level of financial risk on them might have been less than for a good manager and players, but the result was clearly loss upon loss. So if for example Rae was in at the start of the season and his record was roughly what it has been, we would have finished much higher in the league - the payment for finishing higher is significant (even between 8th and 5th it is tens of thousands of pounds). Finishing 4th or 3rd would have brought in even more (0ver £100,000) plus the play off games revenue added on to that. My assertion is that the BOD and many fans seem to want us to "play what seems to be so safe" that THE 1st priority is financial breakeven, not a penny over ever... I am not saying we sign 2 extra better players and risk going into debt £100,000 or something like that - but if we were a little bolder and wiser in who we were signing and in other areas of Directorship management, there is a good chance it would pay off. (Not sure we have the right directors for that though) Certainly what they have been doing with their supposedly low risk keep us financially safe, decisions has not been safe(flirting with relegation) or smart. So I think (just an opinion) Teale never got a decent enough chance to sign enough of the quality players that were available - the BOD would not take the risk and he was therefore just the short term, cheap option in stead of installing a decent manager in place of Craig. (i.e. Ross County took someone with experience in management, we did not and Teale was already on the books as a player - not sure what change was made financially to his contract - but he was a cheaper option - which failed miserably - and cost us playing in the Premier League budget wise for this year and next already.) I also wonder if Murray got the job on the proviso of blooding more of the development/young (cheaper players, but prospects). OK he did have a budget and signed some experience too - but the mix was wrong. He was also a bit unlucky with Naismith's injury, then Watson's too. But he did not have good management credentials (Last season at Dumbarton they won 9 out of 36 league games and lost 79 goals - yeah shocking isn't it? Promising young manager my ASS) I also think the BOD did raise their normal stingy bar when they brought in Rae. (I don't know what he is getting paid or how it compares to what Murray was on - however, He offloaded 5 players and brought in 4 - 3 from the Premier League). Again this is speculation, but I think the BOD, like the fans were in real fear of relegation, so I suspect Rae's budget to bring in the experience that the squad and team were so obviously lacking, was more than the BOD would have afforded him otherwise. (Just look at how our best paid players went away/off the budget each year, year after year previously.) I am not saying that should never be done, but year after year losing your best 1 or 2 makes life a lot more difficult. As an example look at Dundee Utd - they lost several of their better players in a couple of seasons, and they too are following in our footsteps. (They might yet survive, but they are in the black financially - yet they have been a top 6 side for so long - who expected them to be in bottom place at this stage in the season?) So does no one agree our pot of money, which could be bigger if we were more financially astute, could have been INVESTED in better players and management than it has been in recent years? IF you are happy with what has gone on, then maybe surviving as a club is all that matters? I think surviving as a club matters too - but not in isolation to being where we ought to be - surely that is not in the pack with Dunbarton and Morton? Lower than Hamilton and Partick to name but a few? I don't think any of us are poles apart in what we want for St. Mirren. Even the improvement under Rae already has lifted the spirits - but compared to where we were a few seasons ago, we will need some bigger ambition, wiser investment and a better squad that we currently have.
  13. Punt Or Keep?

    Yes absolutely correct - but there is somewhere in between these extremes also - whereby the team and management are invested in wisely, the performance/results are not mediocre and even a decent measure of success is the outcome.
  14. Punt Or Keep?

    I don't believe any top club or their fans would be happy being in the black with reasonable profits for the year, but getting relegated. Can you imagine old firm fans or directors saying, "Oh well we got relegated, but at least we made a profit" The main difference is the level of ambition and expectation is in a different league to what we aim for - I am not saying we can complete with them on their budget, but if we believe we are mediocre and try to be mediocre - guess what!!!!!
  15. As Good As It Gets..?

    Found this on - line - Scottish Championship Position Payment 1 £474,750 2 £400,900 3 £337,600 4 £274,300 5 £211,000 6 £189,900 7 £179,350 8 £168,800 9 £158,250 10 £147,700 Top 4 for the big money but also decent difference from 5th to 8th