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  1. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    12 points clear of Dunfermline - what has happened to them? Who cares Now we need Utd and QOS to go on similar runs to them, while we streak away into the distance... Good fight in us today and another clean sheet.. also great to see Mullen and McPherson getting into the action too..
  2. Danny Mullen

    SORRY Callum - I quoted you but should not have - it was a line of comments previously about folk wanting us to sign Dobie.. I just wanted the thread to get back on track and add some realism - like you I think he is a Smashing player for them but for Saints ? No thanks!!
  3. Danny Mullen

    Come on - he is hardly one for the future - great career but at 35 he is in his twilight and at his level. We need younger, hungrier guys who will give us plenty in the short term and either over many seasons or bring us in some cash when they move on.. Back to Danny Mullen please.. OR our next signing
  4. The Perfect Goal?

    I get where folk are coming from. During the first quarter we seemed to have nothing to lose and played with a mental strength that brought us great results, apart from the occasional defeat. Then as we started the 2nd quarter it has seemed that we have something to lose and, although we have tried to be a tighter unit, we have also lost a bit of the adventure we began with. This is no surprise in a campaign.. as the battles rage, we will some and get battered at times... every team will have their great spell and their off spell. BUT it is looking like Dunfermline have been off for a number of games and we need to help them keep that going.... we will do so by scoring and defending well.. Dundee Utd and us have a wee gap at the moment, though QOS and Livingstone could quickly catch up... this is a very significant period coming up. If we win the December games or most and do not lose, we could find ourselves back on top... I think beating Utd and even having one draw elsewhere would be very significant, but they are the current form team over the last 6 games.. We need absolute hunger for victories, goals and the real bonus of everyone being happy and optimistic about us staying up top for the rest of the season.. it won't be easy, but boosts like Mullen and hopefully a couple more could really make the difference.. guys who are Premiership quality and staying for next season in the top league... We have guys who can score - they need to be encouraged and to deliver...
  5. Welcome To The Club

    10 Goal target Danny - but we know that you will bring more than your own goals - Assist and work hard for the league winners medal and lifting the trophy..... All the best ...
  6. Danny Mullen

    I had a wee think about who had performed really well and very significantly in the games I had watched. I was surprised at how many have performed really well :- Fully agree on McShane, McGinn Samson, Eckersley Baird Morgan Reilly C Smith L Smith Others too have had decent contributions :- Buchanan Irvine Magennis (coming back on to it now) Davis - looks so composed and reads things so well. Stelios (I know lots of people like him and he did ok before Ecks was fit) Hilson and Sutton with few goals (but too few and not many appearances) McCart (When he was needed) That does not leave much of the squad who have not done so much Todd (too little but looks the part) Kirkpatrick Stewart Stewart Duffy
  7. Danny Mullen

    Utd might well wade in heavy in January, but their current wage bill must be stretching their budget for the year already.. Guys like MacDonald, King, Fraser, Toshney, Keatings, the Edgenguele, Flood and Fyvie will all be on big money.. So we will see - but it is not always those with the biggest wage bill that win the league.. not even in the big money league in England - LEICESTER for example "We can't splash ours quick enough" - would you prefer we were back grabbing who is left on the cheap at the last minute like we were during Gilmour's time? Getting a squad means that some guys role is likely to be in the background, to fill in for injury's and suspensions and every manager has to cut his cloth with whatever budget he is given. So Jack took a risk on Hilson and Davis.. Hilson has not really got injury free, but did score a winning goal and that is 3 precious points which we are glad off. Davis is just now back in to the team - he is a class act - he was a big risk, but if he stays fit, he is way better than we would expect in our team at this time. McCart was a temporary loan which gave us essential cover at the time and Todd is a good player who will be back fit and fighting after his shoulder op.. he might well contribute to us winning this league.. Duffy I will give you as a honker - cause we haven't really seem him, though his experience and record could surely have brought something too IF it had worked out better. DON'T be so scathing - the management and directors are taking us places we want to go - not so long ago it was very different..
  8. Danny Mullen

    Todd looked very good last time before his injury - the operation should fix him and he can contribute when he is fit. McShane has been very good in a number of games but does have games where he does not shine so well - has he been fully fit in those or squeezed in during those times? I also think Stewart is one for the future and needs more game time.. he has something about him - Jack obviously thought so too. The jury is out on Kirkpatrick too but like Stewart, he has not had much chance to get into a rhythm in the 1st team.. I'd let Duffy, McCart (only because the centre backs a re now fit or there abouts), Sutton and Hilson (due to Fitness problems) go in a flash.
  9. Danny Mullen

    This is of course very possible - but would be madness because he is on a big wage and can really contribute to the goals for column and Hartley and Falkirk really need that - they are in the play off relegation place at this time. I doubt we would be willing to take on his full Falkirk wages either.. as well as him choosing Falkirk over us previously. I think the priority now is in midfield
  10. Danny Mullen

    IMPRESSIVE - that is the word for me.. OK he is not Messi, but getting someone at the right level who brings something more to the squad and team is what has to be done if we are planning to improve... He is young, hard working and can score goals - the team/squad has been needing a boost recently - so along with Magennis and Davis returning (but perhaps still to get fully up and running) , and hopefully McKenzie before too long, this is a very decent bit of EARLY January squad work... as well as taking some strength away from a rival.. J & J have had very decent transfer windows previously... I know some will say that some guys have not worked out, but getting everyone to work out would require incredible luck as well as making informed choices which completely click perfectly into place. Bring on the next Signing - perhaps a hard tackling, goal scoring midfielder or one of each..? Then clear out and cut the wage bill on those who don't contribute or are not part of the planning strategy for the future.. Noticed djchapsticks wondering about the Loy rumour - but I think he has been injured for much of the season at Falkirk anyway... I don't think he would be a better all round package than Mullen either way. Don't get me wrong, he contributed much for us last time - but wages wise, he would be a much bigger burden and he is no spring chicken either (He'll soon be 30).
  11. Danny Mullen

    He hit 17 last season and has scored in nearly half the games he's played in this season - gotta be better than Sutton, and Duffy surely
  12. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Come on J & J - - get the players plugged in 100% for this game too..... Hard work, skill and 3 points please....
  13. Danny Mullen

    They are rubbish and a waste of money perhaps? (Sutton's case, he is not completely rubbish, but on far too good a wage. He is slow and doe not score enough)
  14. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Predicting scores is notoriously difficult. Predicting St. Mirren scores is even harder. I don't think we have been on it nearly as much as we could have been for weeks. Players are back but we have not been hungry enough, clinical enough or slick enough. This may continue - OR this could be the game that things click together and show that we do not lack belief. IT is a hard month ahead - we need to gain, rather than lose ground, and we need to play like we want it more than anyone else in this league.. Here's hoping - St. Mirren 4 v 2 Dunfermline Goals by Smith, Magenis, Davis and Sutton (or Stewart - whoever gets some game time)
  15. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Dunfermline and they have been rubbish recently - hope we don't help them back to winning ways..