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  1. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Hopefully we'll see a solid defensive display with us hitting them with the sucker punch / punches. 0-2 will do for me COYS!!!
  2. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Never confident with this one and going on the ease in which the Falkirk forward line got in behind us on occasion on Saturday. I could see wee Quitongo causing us problems ( Hopefully he's unavailable ) I'd be delighted with 1-0.
  3. We need to match them for effort on Saturday, if we do that I think we have more quality than them to see us through. We cannot have a repeat of the Morton & Dunfermline performances. I love to turn them over in their own midden ( again ).
  4. Travelling to Dunfermline-a warning

    I think the X24 goes into Braehead
  5. Lewis Morgan

    According to Sky ( and they should know ) The Deadline in England is 11.00 but Scotland is Midnight
  6. As mentioned earlier. I persoanlly am comment on how good Saturday was. I thought we were absolutely excellent ( to a man ) it's the best performance I've seen in ages and I was go as far as to say ( again mentioned way early in this thread ) it was as good or better that the time we pumped Utd 4-0 at home 1 Tuesday in 1983 ( sorry it this has been posted by someone else ) I couldnae fecked going back and reading all the posts
  7. Is it me?

    Fingers crossed she's a Buddie
  8. Edgar Brolls is it??????? He should have got a boot in the Edgar Brolls for disallowing that goal itwas an absolute belter. Going back to The Sellick game. Does my memory serve me correct? Were Sellick 2-0 up and we came back with Frank McDougall ( Legend ) AKA Zico scoring a Hat Trick before half time? And then onto Scanlon scoring from the Race Course. I'm probably miles off the mark but I was only 12 and years of being MWI has probably clouded my memory.
  9. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Paul or Lambert or Dummet
  10. Darryl Duffy

    Welcome aboard Daryl here's hoping you bang in a couple on Saturday COYS!!! Let's get FECKED RIGHT INTO THIS MOB on Saturday
  11. Saints v Hearts.

    Probably for another thread but would you have Isma back>?
  12. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Hopefully another great victory for The Super Saints, I've heard it's to be p!shing down but feck it lets tore right intae them and with regards to The Norseman. I've been a few times before the game and never witnessed any bother
  13. Harry

    I believe in JR and in what he's trying to do. I think the weight of being 2nd/3rd FAVS in the League is playing on our minds. We have lost vital players who were very important for the run in we had last season. ( Mallan, Loy and all be it temporarily Magennis ) this is bound to have an affect on the players who are still there. Let the new players settle in, lets not panic but most important of all lets get behind the players who do turn out each game with the belief and gusto that we as fans showed to a man/woman like we did for last seasons run in. COYS!!!!
  14. Scott McDonald

    Going on last night's performance/result Scott McDondald would be perfect for us. With the half chances there were i.e balls being fizzed across the box and being pin balled about the box he is the type of player who could turn these type of chances into goals throughout a season and with regards to him having a nasty streak etc so what? I'd kick my granny for a StMirren victory and my Granny would want me to also.
  15. Lost Our Spine - Worrying Sign??

    I personally think the game that turned it round for us last season was Dumferline away. We managed to grind a draw out of a game where we probably should have been beat. The week after that was away to Dundee and the rest is history as they say.