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  1. Just shows you. If yer old enough yer good enough
  2. And Gregor Stevens looking to see who he can do next I'm assuming that is a Scotland B team for the 78 World Cup?
  3. A repeat of this will do nicely thank you COYS !!!!!
  4. Fakes fans on P&B are really not happy. And are extremely concerned for the season ahead. Good............. Feck them & Feck Tommy Wright, complete [email protected]
  5. I heard a rumour last night that we were looking at Kyle Lafferty. I believe that what this thread is for and put it this way I would rather have him than Eddie May, sorry Stevie
  6. We badly need a Striker. Any speculation on this front? Apart from White, May & Sanfranko. I'm assuming the last 2 are dead in the water but what about White I've quite good reports about him?
  7. Can we ask the League for a Postponement? We are a Brass Neck at present btw
  8. Different game / time from them but yes get it fecking moving forward, and into the box ASAP as long as someone is there and if the ball does break we can get back, basic fitness, I may be naive in game management but but as far as I'm concerned we need to get going. FFS WE ARE STMIRREN NO THE FAKES , NO HAMILTON AND CERTAINLY f**kING ROSS COUNTY PICK UP THE TEMPO COYS!!!!!
  9. In all seriousness we should not be selling for any less than £500k he is an asset. His value may drop but also it may go up. We tend give our players away for fcuk all because we are sh! te bags, look at McLean, McGinn,. Hibs, Motherwell, and most other clubs see their value but we panty it, take fcuk all or force their hands for more Kenny McLean £200k and ( which i'm lead to believe was less ) is a fcuking joke btw we need to toughen up.
  10. £250K??? get tae. If the boy from Motherwell was getting talked about for £3.5 mill then surely we could at least ask for £1 mill accept £2 mill
  11. Totally agree. GS obviously doesn't have the savi to maybe skirt a question when asked about the previous manager or anything else for that matter. In saying that OK should also move on but if someone came out in public saying something about you that wasn't true, i certainly would want to set he record straight. Let's get on with the job in hand and play fitba. COYS
  12. Get Big Duckens back btw, he scored the 1st and set up the 3rd with a phenomenal pass
  13. Is he just away back to Romania or have we lost out to 1 of our rivals. I am bitterly disappointed he's away, good defender, good at coming out of defence passing was a bit iffy at times but for me an all round good player
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