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  1. Thankfully never seen it, but I feel for a couple of my mates who went an ABSOLUTE EMBARRASSMENT
  2. 100% Agree..............maybe more?
  3. Did David Vine ever present Film 84? It's either that or the theme tunes sounded sort of similar to my 13 year old ears. WTF I'm talking about????
  4. Why does Barry Norman remind me of Snooker?
  5. We need him against these " fully professional thugs " on Saturday. Is there way we can appeal?
  6. Lets get this pinned up on the dressing room wall. I hope come May we can ram this down this tadgers neck!
  7. I Love your optimism Ricardo and why not indeed. We've done it before.
  8. But we need to keep the high baws low
  9. Forgive me if this is somewhere earlier in this thread but my brother mentioned to me last night about a 6 ft 6" forward that we are looking at from Rosenberg. Can anyone shed some light on this or have I once again dreamt this?
  10. Billy Davies's Brother John played for Airdrie. Did he play for us as well???
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