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  1. St.Ricky

    Alan's first signings

    Got to put our trust in the Boss.
  2. St.Ricky

    World Cup Russia 2018

    Got to agree with you. At least one or two of the refs have sussed it. Wish VAR was used for shirt pulling. Far too much.
  3. St.Ricky

    Alan's first signings

    No comment on the managerless bit Zico but Halkett was a player I would have liked. On signings in general I agree with AS that we need 2 good players for each position in order to build competitive squad and said so a few days ago on here. If it takes time to get the right people, it takes time.
  4. Nor can I. I hope for an exciting game and ideally a win but would take a draw.
  5. St.Ricky

    Speculation Thread

    Would like him at Saints
  6. St.Ricky

    Speculation Thread

    Kenny Miller meeting The Boss this morning. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/kenny-miller-set-st-mirren-12746966
  7. St.Ricky

    Photographs Of The Past

  8. St.Ricky

    Photographs Of The Past

    My first car was a split-screen Morris Minor
  9. St.Ricky

    Football Photos Of Interest

    Was this Dens or Tannadice? Tannadice perhaps
  10. St.Ricky

    World Cup Russia 2018

    And now 3_1 Penalty Salaah
  11. St.Ricky

    The Sin Bin World Cup Thread

  12. St.Ricky

    World Cup Russia 2018

  13. St.Ricky

    World Cup Russia 2018

    Russia 2 up
  14. St.Ricky

    World Cup Russia 2018

    Own goal puts Russia ahead.