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  1. My guess is that this is unlikely.
  2. Pretty good show from Kenny in the cup final...particularly in the first half. He continues to develop both physically and as a player. A credit to St Mirren, Aberdeen and I hope soon to Scotland as well.
  3. Tough league but what else should we expect? I expect a tight struggle throughout and hope that we will be in a top 6 mix of Dundee United, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Morton and ICT. Naturally hope that we come out on top but to be in a tight top group over the season would provide interest all round
  4. A good pro. Can chip in with goals and works his socks off.
  5. Great Jazzy version for the walk to Greenhill Road before cup ties.....
  6. 1 hr 15 min average. Depends on traffic approaching the Kingston bridge. Usually quicker going back unless The Glasgow Strangers are playing at home.
  7. The draw takes place next week. Games start in July. An opportunity to keep up our good for over the last few months or a banana skin waiting to bring us back to earth with a bump? Either way...I am looking forward to it. COYS
  8. This is clearly a contentious issue. I agree that our club has been able to bring through a number of young players but do remember that this is at championship level. Some have gone on to bigger clubs and others will in the future. In the freedom of contract era it looks like this is the only game in town for a club like ours and gives us a limited supply of Development Fees as players move on, allowing us to either reinvest in youth or bring in experienced first team players. As for the OF youngsters playing in Europe. .I am not fussed.
  9. Agree. Talented but doesn't like the hard work. Some players are like that. Some change, some don't.
  10. We all have them. Mine starts that morning when I put on my lucky boxer shorts (same ones since the team started it's great escape and yes they have been washed). Next..check on BWA for any St Mirren News. Check News Now for any St Mirren News. Next start to get nervous. Take my wife for a mid day coffee or bite to eat. Set off for Paisley at 12.30 arrive about 1.45. Diet Pepsi in 1877 Club. Move to West Stand. Buy Buddies Steak Pie and drink. Then wait expectantly.
  11. Before the game: "Dont stop me now" As the team walks on: "We will Rock you" At full time: "Don't stop believing. " And of course: If or when we win the Championship: "We are the champions" Optional When we score a goal: "Everyone's a winner babe"
  12. Kick off at 17.30 or put another way 16.00 + 90
  13. What a squad these would have made
  14. Must be worth consideration.