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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth Drew. Brechin will be no pushovers and deserve respect but Dumbarton are resolute and well drilled.
  2. I am in your corner with this one Barhead Teacher. Not an easy game. A win by 1 goal without conceding would make me very,very happy with our season to date. Targets Set - 21 Points - IF - IF we win this one we will be on 18 with 1 game to go to complete the first round of games. Targets Set - We have already exceeded the goals for target set of 14. Any more are a big bonus. Targets Set - Clean Sheets 4 - Clean Sheet against both Brechin and Dumbarton would mean we were at 75% of that target. I would say that this is good going!
  3. Harry Davis

    To answer your question on was it a risk worth taking. I believe so. He showed his ability when he was with us last season. Obviously you might have a different opinion.
  4. Ross County sack McIntyre

    Jings and help ma boab.
  5. Falkirk sack Houston

    I don't know the man. My comments are based oh his performance there and at Dundee United. Next man in - back to the future with John Hughes?
  6. Falkirk sack Houston

    Sad to see this happen but it is very much a results business. Falkirk have been there or therabouts in the Championship Top Teams over the past few years. Best of luck Peter Houston.
  7. Would it be shown on Alba? If so - might impact on the crowd!
  8. St Mirren Targets for the Season

    On target for the 21 Points. Exceeded the target for goals scored. Still a chance to reach 75% of clean sheet targets.
  9. QoS Game

    I was there. Fiercely competitive. Job done,
  10. Displayed on the video interview with Jack Ross before today's game with QOS appear to be our targets for the first quarter's round of matches. These were shown as: Points 21 Goals For 16 Goals Against 7 Clean Sheets 4 With 3 Games to Go We have achieved: Points 12 ............ still achievable. Goals For 14 --------still achievable Goals Against 11 ------ clear weak spot Clean Sheets 1 -------- still achievable. Summary Good overall performance to date - the table and these statistics don't lie (if I have them shown correctly) Defending from the Front is Vital to the Success of the team and 2 more goals for and three clean shhets might be enough to reach 3 out of 4 of the targets. Come on Saints. It can be done and this team is the one who can achieve this.
  11. QoS Game

    A win would be great with 1 point this week and 3 points next week giving us 4 out of 6 points. But hey.....6 out of 6 looks better.....so here's hoping. I will be there. COYS
  12. Jamie McCart

    Welcome Jamie. I hope that you will have a successful time at the club and that this spell proves to a good one in building your career.
  13. Darren Whyte Gone

    I wish Darren well and hope to see him back and challenging for a place in the top team.
  14. QoS Game

    Other posters have it right The league is tightly bunched at the top end. Each game is , of course, vital..including the QOS game. Four points out of 6 in the next two games would be good. 6 would be great. COYS
  15. QoS Game

    Statistically or realistically? One may be true.