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  1. Speculation is rife that SG will be the next manager of the Govan club after Dave King is pictured enjoying the fabulous win by Liverpool over Roma just a few seats away from SG. Fans of the govan outfit have taken to social media to discuss his suitability. Now it would be nice to think that in these more enlightened times that his past playing record and coaching experience would be the main topic but you would be wrong. Govan devotees seem more concerned about whether he is or is not a Catholic, was born a Catholic, Attended a Catholic School or is A practising Catholic. Sad.
  2. St Mirren Blog From Saturday

    Enjoyed this Shull
  3. So many to choose from. Obviously winning the Championship. Cammie Smith goal at East End Park. Coming back to win in Dumfries.
  4. Fair point. My question was do you think that price has an impact on sales of season tickets / tickets?
  5. Renfrew. Average gates for Hamilton have risen this year. Are you saying that pricing is irrelevant?
  6. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Great initiative. Brings in revenue and puts the club front and centre. Could be a goal fest as Saint's have been confirmed as Champions and Falkirk are safe. 3:2 For Saints. Sutton to score the winner. Morgan to score 2 and leave as top scorer in the Championship. Maybe that's too much to hope for?
  7. Hubs have cut the ticket allocation for The Rangers visit to Easter Road as they can sell the tickets to home fans. The way to go. North Stand only. Sell out Main and West and keep families, kids, clubs and teams come to the South Stand. A guaranteed seat to watch the champions in action for less than the cost of Two Pints a week. Don't miss the next stage in our journey.
  8. Lets go route 1 and buy enough season tickets to fill MAIN and WEST stands. Price them right and provide finance for those who need it. Cost less than 2 pints of beer a week. Not much to be able to claim your seat at the home of the Champions.
  9. No....It highlights the interest in the team and our future opponents and our opportunity to maximise ticket sales to soak up the 5000 season tickets needed to ensure that away fans only occupy the North Stand. At less than the cost of 2 pints of beer a week....a season ticket looks good value.
  10. No....they are alternative...either United or Dunfermline. Also Bud...see my edit. ICT don't feature in either of the lists as they show the current top 12 compared to the same period for those teams from the year before......I know Hibs moved up.
  11. Apples. If you look ICT doesnt feature in either list. Now for next seasone Take away Ross County and Hamilton. Add St Mirren and either United or Dunfermline and there will be further growth. Getting close to the Optimal top 12 in my opinion. Take away St Johnstone and add in Dunfermline or Falkirk and we would be there. Bringing in kids is key to building a future audience.
  12. You are right that they seem to be assuming that they are not going down. Prices for the top league for walk up prices vary quite a lot ...from 18 pounds up to 30 pounds but most seem to be in the range that you mention for Dundee. 24, 26 & 30 Pounds. Season tickets look to be increasingly good value!
  13. Look at the website EAB Appears to be the case. News to me too.