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  1. No other way of putting it. This is a big match for both teams but particularly Saints. As a fan, all that I can do is be there and back the team and I will. COYS
  2. Tough game. Team and fans gave everything. Mistake (s) by Referee and a "what was he doing" moment from our otherwise excellent goalkeeper did us no favours. Up and on to the next game.
  3. Tough game coming up. Will be there. Difficult to call in my opinion. As long as we play as we have shown we can then I travel in hope.
  4. I don't mind if they each score in the next 3 games... Am I asking too much? Perhaps.
  5. As a non member but one who might be persuaded to join...I welcome public discussion.
  6. ELECTION means OPPORTUNITY for SNP. Bad news for Labour in Scotland. Bad news for Tories in Scotland. Of course - I could be wrong.
  7. Plus one but my two sons and grandson won't be there.
  8. I love the optimism. Reality is that there is no doubt that this will be seriously important to both teams. Like Falkirk, Raith like a Rumble to put a team out of their I don't expect this to be any easy game in any way at all. We have to play as well as we have been doing recently and certainly better than we did in Kirkcaldy recently (although to be fair it was just 2 days after we had played Celtic in the Cup). COYS
  9. Well, well. Raith win. Dumbarton lose. Ayr draw. All to play for applies to both Dundee United and Saint Mirren for the upcoming game. Nervous? Sure! But...also looking forward to it. COYS.
  10. I wouldn't argue with those you have said you would keep. Largely too, I agree with those you would allow to leave or move on. I don't agree that Jack Bird should go however. Still growing, still developing. Unsure too about Josh Todd as we gave seen little of him so far and the same goes for Fjelde. Some, like Webster, Clarkston and Jamie Langfield have come to the natural end of their playing careers. Best of luck to all....this is a tough business.
  11. Is this not what Celtic and Rangers did in the past - buy up all of the best Scottish Talent? Did this not circulate transfer cash in the Scottish Game?
  12. I would go 1500 to 2000
  13. A "home" game for me as only 25 miles from where I live. Also like the Falkirk Stadium even if it only has 3 sides. A difficult to beat team and a real test for the Buddies. COYS