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  1. Paul. Sure. I would like that as well but as a board and as a manager I reckon that what I have suggested (just my opinion ) is what might be acceptable to both the board and manager. My head tells me that this would be both realistic and achievable. My heart wants to win the league this season .
  2. There is that danger.
  3. Personally, I think that this is the most important game of our season so far .. short though it has been. 1. We are at home. 2. We are full time. 3. We aught to beat them. In other words...we need to start winning our home games, particularly those with teams from the Championship or below. Unlike some....I felt we should have got more out of the Livvy Game than we did.
  4. Chuckle. ...if only!
  5. After our escapades in the championship over the last two seasons, I believe that we are looking at a three season plan. Season 1 coming in top 5. 2 The next season in top 4. 3 The next season challenging for the league. If this was to be fulfilled then I would accept that. If we can get there sooner. Great. Not getting to that stage would be less than acceptable in my opinion.
  6. Makes sense to me. We have a testing start to the season in the first 4 or 5 league games and the transfer window doesn't close until the end of august.
  7. Midfield or centre back for me.
  8. Are we highjacking?
  9. Agree - I have seen the young guy play and he has played well. One game doesn't break or make any player. Learn and move on is the professional thing to do. Us fans find it harder to do that I think!
  10. I go with this view as far as the top end of the league and where we might finish. Livvy might do better than mentioned.
  11. Back to the football. Good to play a team we haven't met. Now managed by Billy Stark.
  12. This makes sense.
  13. You could certainly say that this is the team that Jack Built.
  14. Unfortunately, there will always be a few of those..