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  1. Ziggy Gordon

    His character in those films was also referred to as Blondie and Manco(?) so he did have a name of sorts
  2. Billy Dodds - knows nearly as much as Alex Rae

    Billy likes fitba!
  3. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Who the feck are Dunfermline? Saints 3-0
  4. W7 Fans & Banners

    No laws were broken. Club rules perhaps, if looked at under the microscope. Before any future banners are made e-mail a copy of the design to the SLO for the once over. That might be a bit too much common sense though...
  5. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Slavia Prague DInamo Kyiv Ludogorets AC Milan AEK Athens Lyon FC Sherriff Lazio Nice Zenit All to win
  6. Aberdeen will be coming off their winter break so no reason why we can't look to win this cup tie, even if it takes a replay ;) Aberdeen 0 St Mirren 0 Att: 12859 St Mirren 2 Aberdeen 1 (aet) Att: 5058 COYS
  7. David Cassidy...................gone

    Roasted Partridge?
  8. The Funny As Feck Thread

    A pirate goes to the doctor to get the moles checked on his back. The doctor says, "There's nothing to worry about, they're benign." The pirate looks at him surprised and says... "Shiver me timbers! When I spied them in me looking glass this morning, there be only 3!"
  9. The Funny As Feck Thread

    How do you define 144 Morton fans? - Gross Stupidity
  10. The Cost Of Supporting SMFC

    Your mental health?
  11. The Funny As Feck Thread

    I was out at Dobbies Garden Centre at the weekend and I think I saw Michael J Fox at the flowers section. I couldn't be sure though as he had his back to the Fuchsias...
  12. Daniel Lennon - St Mirren Legend

    A tough gig but hopefully Danny can turn things around in Cumbernauld
  13. The Funny As Feck Thread

    This morning my neighbour accused me of stealing their underwear from their washing line! Shocked? I almost shat her pants...
  14. Antonio Carluccio, pan bried

    La dolce terminato
  15. Prices for cup tie £10 and £5. Sauce